Damn this blog was stupid xD

I see a lot of people discussing if Irene's real name is written as Joohyun or Juhyun. To be honest, Joohyun looks prettier to me that's why I use it BUT, I actually went to Google translate and wrote it both ways. 

Of course Google translate is not reliable but that's the best I've got. Anyways, it turned out that both Joohyun and Juhyun are correct and here's the proof. 

Proof 1

Proof 2

As you can see, the result is the same tho when you type it in Korean then translate it it turns out like this.

Korean - English result

But I still basically think that you can write it however you want. My preference is, as I said, Joohyun because it looks prettier.

Damn this blog was stupid xD

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