15th anniversary

Happy 15th anniversary to our 5 boys <3 

Thank you for brightening the sky on my dark days. Thank you for being an inspiration to not give up.

I have so many things to say and to thank you for, things I can never repay, but I'll just say this: Keep shining bright, never lose the focus on your dreams and on what makes you happy. 

15 years ago you were only kids. And even though I'm younger than all of you, it's still so hard for me to see how much you've grown up lol like, I listen to "Closer" and think "Omo, what's Changminnie singing?? He's too young for this" Lol. Then I remember that he's a grown man LOL

But the truth is, since I met you, almost 11 years ago, you all became such an important part of me. Thanks to your voice, music, passion and friendship I could go past many hardships. I'm not sure you know how many people out of there you help through your music, but I think we're many. Thank you. Just thank you so much.



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