I really should stop here...

When I read the hiatus chapter of The Change by mery17, it made me think about my own stories. Not all of them were read that many as I had hoped. The only stories that were popular are Chained Up, Tamed, Turned and JADE, but none of the others is as popular as these ones. And when I recieve comments on chapters, it means to me that people have read it. But also when people leave a bookmark. Unfortunately, not every story of mine is that lucky and I don't want to delete them due to failing success.

It also made me think that it would be better if I leave AFF. I've said this many times, but maybe for good. I love to write since 2012 in order to please people, but I can't seem to give you all what you like. Whenever people come up with an idolxoc story, it's a popular one. Mine ,Chained To Love, turned into a big disaster and I consider to delete that one. And it doesn't even matter which idols contain in my story, none of them are that popular as the four mentioned earlier.

So I'll stay here this month, but I might leave next month. I think it's better for me to let this writing stuff go, because I can't seem to be noticed by people. I started on a Dutch website, before I moved to Wattpad in 2014. And even there, my stories weren't successful. And right now, my stories are here on AFF. 

Also, I miss some people that I talked to when I just got here. Some haven't even been online for months and some are online, but don't update stories or whatsoever. I really miss those people and I feel lonely here.

From now on, all the stories are discontinued and new chapters will be left in draft. But I will stop working on some very soon due to lack of inspiration. Until January 2019, I'm here. After that, I wanna be gone here.

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