Random scribbles #1

*Based on real life events, not.*



Nayeon: W-where are we? Why is it dark? I can't see........


Jeongyeon: Don't worry Nayeonnie, I can give you something that will surely light up your world.



Nayeon: Is it your love? Yieeeee *gigles*



Jeongyeon: Hell no. What do you think of my love? Streetlight? Here, take your eye-glass. Wear it so you can see. Tsk. 


Nayeon: Ohhh.


Sana: But seriously, where are we?


Momo: Are we still on Earth?


Chaeyoung: Unnies, I'm scared.. :(


*Mina hugs Chaeng*


Mina: Don't worry, Mina-unnie is here.


*awkward silence*


TWICE: ......


Mina: What?


Tzuyu: Ehrm, I think we're no longer in Earth..


Dahyun: How can you say that? (Paano mo nasabi?)



Tzuyu: Simple, look.. *points finger*



Jihyo: Oh! Oh! I got your point. There's no traffic, air is not polluted, politicians are not corrupt, no garbage around, no crimes, no killings, no-----



Dahyun: Eeeeeeeh stop!

Nayeon: Really Jihyo?

Sana: Are you high?


Tzuyu: You said too much Unnie. I was only referring to that sign board which says, "THIS IS NOT EARTH, MORON."


Jihyo: Ohh.



Then Chaeyoung started shaking (NP: Harlem Shake XD). Shaking intensifies.


TWICE: Chaeng, are you okay?


Mina: Let's kneel and pray for Chaeng!


They all kneel down. Bright light came out of Chaeyoung's eyes. She float in the air with her arms wide spread


Chaeyoung: (In a man's voice) Paper...



They all panic.



Jeongyeon: One whole?


Jihyo: Maybe just one half?


Sana: No, just one fourth. Let's save trees!


Tzuyu: Crosswise?


Nayeon: Lenghtwise?




Chaeyoung: (In man's voice) ANY PAPER!!!


Dahyun: We don't have a paper, are we gonna have a quiz?


Mina: I have tissue here. It's still paper, right?


Sana: But it's just a tissue. I think tissue is just a tissue.



TWICE: ....


Sana: What?


Chaeyoung: (In man's voice) Tissue will do..



Mina gave her the tissue.


Chaeyoung: (In man's voice)


In my eyes I can see the future

But this I can only feature

By drawing you a picture

(She bit her thumb and it bled)


And now I will begin

But before that do me somthin'

Silence is all I'm askin'


She started writing


Nayeon: 🤔

Jeongyeon: 😐

Momo: 😑

Sana: 😶

Jihyo: 🙄

Mina: 😥

Dahyun: 🤐

Tzuyu: 😪














And after 1234567890 years, Chaeyoung fell down and the light in her eyes were gone. They helped her up.


Mina picked up the tissue.


Mina: *gasp*


Nayeon took it from her.


Nayeon: *inhales sharply*



Momo and Sana peaked


Momo and Sana: *shocked*


Jihyo rabbed the tissu

Jihyo: *speechless*


Dahyun look at it


Dahyun: *fainted*


Finally, Tzuyu took the tissue



Tzuyu: Really? A straight line?? -_-



Chaeyoung: The man who possesed me was left handed, I am right handed. We were fighting inside



TWICE: ....



Chaeyoung: What?.....But this is not just a straight line. So we can go back to Earth, we need to find a legendary blue bird which always tweet. It's rare a hard to find but we have to if we want to go back.



Jeongyeon: Wow, so much for a straightline.



Jihyo: Yes, sometimes there are things that when you look at were just irrelevant but you'd soon realize that they are very impor---



Tzuyu: Sooo let's go find this blue bird that tweets, I want to go home.



Jihyo: Guys, I still talk---



Nayeon: Yes, let's go!!



Jihyo: Sometimes there are little things that we take for granted and we--



TWICE: Where are we going? 


TWICE: To the blue bird that tweets!


TWICE: Where are we going?



Jihyo: Guys wait! Dahyun still unconscious here











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