Breathes. I've heard of Monsta X for years now but I've never really properly checked them out. and wow- I AM BLOWN AWAY. DJHBHBFSD im into most of their music, I thought they fit each other so well- like filling in the gaps so there is no loopholes or whatever. boi- I could talk about these boys for hours! Literally- they will be my remedy for every stress I have whenever I dont have anyone to talk to. Each of the members plays a different role and it makes them better together :'> my boys. 

also, my favourite moments of all time is when Hyungwon scolds Monbebes HAHAHAH ITS JUST SO CUTE!! Also funny when everyone- like literally every single human could bully him hahahah, I love him so much <3 

And JOOHEON!! istg that man drives me crazy! by both personality of his- on stage and off stage, I just want to squish him in my arms huhu. 

Shownu is just a great great great papa bear, and I predict he'll be the first to get into a rs, but well! that's just me. 

I.M is just, the sunshine c: it's great to see him being so close with his brothers and knowing that he's taking things in a positive way- for instance, the mercy. Monsta X wouldnt be the same without our Changkyunnie, also the rest tbh. Can you imagine Monsta X without even one of them? Because I can't. 

aaaah I love everyone. and I hope they'll succeed more and reaches all of their goals. One day, they'll get recognized for their talents. And I know they can't do it. I may not be able to purchase their albums like most of others could.. but they have all of my supports! I do stan other groups too but for now, my heart's leaning towards these talented dorks! 

p/s : im so behind time i didnt even know hyungwon's a dj!! 

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