K-Fiction Amino

Okay! Hi~

First things first, here’s the link! 

If that’s not working then click here: http://aminoapps.com/c/KFicA

K-Fiction Amino is the place where you can write, edit, and read kpop fanfictions. You can also promote your Asianfanfics or Wattpad story anytime! 

We are a new community that wants to support every author or reader, make friends and share good stories! 

We also want to help our authors gain subscribers and comments, meaning you can create a blog with your account and share it with us, that way, we’ll take a look through your stories. 

This is also a multi fandom community, so everyone is more that welcome! You can also RolePlay in there :3


Once again, here’s the link : http://aminoapps.com/c/KFicA

Hope to see you around! ❤️


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