This is my first-time ver writing a blog and I have got close to no idea as to what's supposed to be in it :)


So I will just use this opportunity to tell anyone who is reading this about meself~


Welp!! Me is Marlene :) hi 

I'm currently 15, although I am close to turning 16 so... thas good. I'm excited to be able to drive. Next is that I live in all glorious pay thy respects AMERICA. I was born in Mexico (grew up there) and about 3 years ago moved to the U.S. I had to learn Engrish as I like to call it since I'm not capable of pronouncing it correctly... I at math but that's alright cause I have a more than perfect grade on my favorite subject. Lunch. Yes indeed, I excel in that subject.


I go to high school like the average teenager and fail one or two classes, then again, like the average teenager. 


I actually started to write about two years ago and used it as a stress reliever. My first story actually has a LOT of my feelings poured out into it so if you've read it it is very probable that you might have been concerned by how sentimental and sensitive those characters are... yeah... not the best.


But hey! I'm getting better at controlling how much emotion goes into my stories so that should be good. I mean until something happens and I just pour everything out and kill one or two people... (spoilers...? maybe...)


LOL but yeah...                          RANDOM FACTS


- I shall never disclose my first name (it's very Mexican) cause me is scared of it.

- Almost no one calls me Mimi but I like it so I use it here :)

- I've had 4 dogs and they were all taken by my grandma

- My sister (who by the way is younger than me) checks over my work

- My best friends make appearances in my books

- I'm little [if u know wat i meannnnnnnn ;) ]





P.S. yes I am aware of the grammatical errors in this, they were meant to be there ;)


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