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Viola bennet


taekjongjin : winnie


⟪ FULL NAME ⟫ Viola Bennet

⟪ BIRTHDAY ⟫ 09.11

⟪ AGE ⟫ 18

⟪ ETHNICITY ⟫ british

⟪ FACE-CLAIM ⟫ Danielle Campbell
⟪ BACK UP ⟫ Nina Dobrev

⟪ FASHION STYLE ⟫ BLACK.BLACK. and MORE BLACK. Everyone else would decribe her fashion style as goth but she'd just roll their eyes at being so ignorant. Liking black and witchy stuff, doesn't automatically make her goth. She wears normal casual clothes, sometimce a lace top, but all in all really laid back.

⟪ APPEARANCE ⟫ Apart from her aura that screams "Come here and let me sacrifice you" she looks actually pretty normal. Hair, face, limbs, everywhere where they should be, but people would still call her out for looking weird. They won't see her green eyes, only her occult book under her arm. They won't see her wavy brown hair, but the tarotcards in her hand. But she's okay with that. 

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 57 kg


 ⟪ SUMMARY ⟫ If you ask anyone in this school who would be more likely to be a witch, you'd get one answer : VIOLA. She is all into that occult stuff, running around reading old magic books, smelling like an incense stick. She gives people the creeps and being a bossy bad doesn't really help.


Bildergebnis für witch aestheticBildergebnisÄhnliches Foto                 "People are scared of witchcraft, because it's rare. But exeptional things aren't scary, they're beautiful!"


⟪ PERSONALITY ⟫ ambitious - bossy - productive - sarcastic - confident - inconsiderate - intelligent - realistic

Violas personality is more like, living and letting live. If you don't bother with her, she's not gonna hunt you down. And everyone in the school knew. She wasn't really an outsider, since everyone was actually really nice to her, but she knew they are just scared of her. In terms of power over people, she was definatly the schools queen. She was a born leader and she knew. Nobody messes with her. But all those stupid cheerleaders and drama queens were so eager and needy for attention, that Viola stood low and let them have all the glory. She didn't need the title, she was satisfied with the power. She'd focus on more important things in life. She was extraordinairy smart, part of the schools leadership commitee and busy finding her path through spirituality. 

She was and is an ambitious one. Her teacher were only accepting her creepiness, because she was smart and purposeful. When she was younger she wanted to open a tarot reading company, she'd spiritually guide everyone into a better future and produce a better world. Then one day, she realised she hated people, she was far too smart to just throw away her gift and let's be honest, she would not earn enough money. So the realistic self she'd become set a new goal and that was a criminal inspector. 

Being Haneul's vice president of the leadership commitee was very fuffilling for her. They were a great team. Haneul was creative, she has all those ideas how to make the school better and was a very empathic person. Basically everything Viola was lacking. But on the contrairy she had the bossy personality that Haneul was missing. Haneul was all about being nice and having harmony, but people were not taking her seriously if she's not gonna stand up and tell them to freakin' start working. So Viola supports her while busting some asses and yelling around. She loved it.


Bildergebnis für davina claire gifBildergebnis für davina claire gif

Well, to put it straight. She wants to use magic for her own good. Yes sure, magic always comes with a price. She knows, she reads it in every book about witchcraft, but seriously? She doesn't care.

Plus. She's a . She's bossy, hates people and never knows when to shut . She'd be inconsiderate to people, calling them out on their flaws, rubbing salt into the wound until they cry. She will not realise, that she's gone to far and not apologize to them, but demand an apology for making her look bad. 



                      Bildergebnis für witch aestheticBildergebnis für witch aestheticBildergebnis für witch aesthetic

"The night has come, the moon breathes in, show us the way to the people we've seen"


Olivia was born into a normal middle class family. She had a normal childhood and a normal life until the age of 11 her when her dad died. He was in the military and during a service he was shot and died right on the spot. Her brother and her, left without a father and her mother without a husband. That was the time where Viola found a witchcraft book in the school library and from there on she was obsessed with it, hoping one day she might be able to get back her father or just communicate with him. In the beginning she was still unsure, whether she was going to be successful, but one day, as she was performing a ritual she had an encounter with her fathers ghost. How she knows you asked? 

The lights flickered and my window opened with a crash. I sceamed and cowered on the floor. I was scared but at the same time happy that it worked. "Dad? Is it you?" I yelled into the room and suddenly something landed in front of me. It was the bracelet my father gave to me on my 9th birthday. "Dad, it really is you. I have so much to tell you. Please hear me out!", but the second I finished my words the room was quiet again and the light went on. I heard my mother running up the stairs. "Viola, is everything okay? There was a power outage. Viola?" I couldn't answer. Tears were streaming down my face and she noticed. She came up to me and pulled me close to her embracing me in her warm hug. I let go and cried. I didn't care what she thought of me. I usually don't cry. Even as a kid, I nearly never cried. But here I was, standing in my room, drenching my mothers jumper. But all due to happiness. To relieve. To knowing that I've found my path. She padded my head. "Shhh, everything is okay. Were you shoked? It's okay, darling. I'm here."

After that accounter Viola was even more confirmed in her believings. When she entered high school she soon made her image as the creepy one. People really didn't understand how someone so social and happy like Josh could have a sister like that. She was often confronted as "Josh's creepy sister" and not as Viola. She was everyday compared to her brother and she hated it. She was her own person and not THE SISTER. So she had some issues with Josh in her freshman year. She hated his guts for existing and making her to be compared 24/7. But after a long time and many talks they came to a peaceful ending. And they were loving each other more than before. 

Knowing that her image will not go away anyways, she decided to embrace it and accept her faith as the creepy witch of the school. She had fun though. Seeing people taking another way as she approached, dialating human eyes drenched of fear. Like wonderful Blair Waldorf once said : "You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you."


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                       "My room is my sanctuary"                    "If you believe in yourself, you can do anything."

At home she is at peace the most. She has a family she loves and respects and her bedroom which gives her shelter. Most evenings they would all three stay together at home, cook together and watch old Horror movies, while making fun of them. She never felt weird or different at home. They usually have no secrets before one another and respect each others personalities. Her mother and her brother were also a fan of Seth. They liked and trusted him enough for them to close the door if he was there. Knowing that he won't do anything inappropriate. 



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Mother, fc. Holly Marie Combs ⋮  Holly ⋮ 40 ⋮ florist ⋮ loving, caring, happy and positive ⋮ People always joke about, how Viola could end up so ... different than her mother and her brother. But even though they are completly different, they really love each other and have a very strong bond. Her mother always cares for her daughters health, cookes only fresh food for her and hates those stupid incence stick, that will one day bring Viola lung cancer. Since Violas mother is a florist she is the perfect provider for Violas love dried flowers. At first her mother found it somewhat weird that her daughter requested bringing home dead flowers that were left, but with time she was proud of her daughter, that she even cherished the beauty of flowers that withered.

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Brother, fc. David Henrie ⋮ Josh ⋮ 19 ⋮ college Student ⋮ charming, funny, romantic, loveable ⋮ She really loves him. Seriously. Well, she hates him, but she also loves him. When he was still in school and she was just a freshman, she had one year where she hated his guts, but they talked everything out and now they were one heart and soul. Viola would sometimes be grumpy to him, saying him to shut up, go away or get a life, but he knows that this is her way of saying "I love you".


Bildergebnis für nayeon twice

Friend Head Girl, fc: Im Nayeon ⋮ Kim Haneul ⋮ 18 ⋮ Student ⋮ loud, funny, quirky ⋮ She wouldn't really call Haneul a friend, cause she really doesn't do friends - but from everyone it the school, she is the person that's the closest to one. Haneul knew when it was okay to talk to Viola and when to leave her space. She was very considerate of her and didn't feel attacked when Viola had one of her mean bickerings.



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→believes she knows everyting best and she was born to be a leader

→loves watching crime documentaties and tv shows (espeacially N:CIS)

→loves cats

→has an unhealthy love for Blair Waldorf

→loves the smell of old books

→believes in ghosts and supernatural beings

→hates naiv people

→is good at dream interpretation

→she loves graveyards

→always brings along her tarot cards

→is basically blind without her contacts

→loves dried flowers

→has the musicalitty of a rock

→writes bullet journal

→loves harry potter (she's a slytherin)

→she is lefthanded

→she is a vegetarian






Bildergebnis für witch aestheticBildergebnis für witch aestheticBildergebnis für witch aesthetic

"You say witch like it's a bad thing."


I heard a knock on my door and when I lifted my head from my books I saw Josh leaning in my doorframe.


I looked back to my book and continue wirting my homework. "Are you asking me that as former headboy or as the guy who is desperatly in love with Haneul?" I ask him calmly and hear him  nervously going on about how this is so not true and how he just wanted to be nice. SURE THING "Don't try to act all innocent. I have you figured out. Man, I had you figured out all those past years. But to aswer your question." I changed the page of my book and scribbled down another note. "If you ask as the former headboy, everthing is going great. We managed everything perfectly." I made a dramatic pause. I looked at him again, there were so many insecurities in his eyes. "But if you ask as the dude totally in love.. No. Haneul does not have a date, yet. And now get out of my room I need to finish this."


"If I was indeed intelligent I would've kicked you out long ago." I closed my book , defeated and rubbed my eyes. "Ok, fine. I'm gonna think about something. Now leave."

THANK YOU, VIOLA. I REALLY DO LOVE YOU SOMETIMES." He made his move to go but turned around again to face his sister "AHH WAIT. I HEARD THAT YOU MISS ALOT OF CLASSES THESE DAYS. I HEARD MUM TALKING ON THE PHONE WITH YOUR TEACHER." He moved into the room and sat down next to me on my bed. Slowly he placed his hand on mine and waited until I looked at him.

. If they were already calling her mother it means she is in trouble. "So?" I asked and stared him dead end into the eyes. He will not get any emotion from me that could make me slip my cover. He sneered at me.


I shrugged my shoulders at his question. "I have some new incence sticks and they give me a headache sometimes. You know teachers, they overreact in everthing." I lamely said, reading the same paragraph now for the third time. 


"Warning accepted. NOW GO." I saw him walking away and focused my eyes back on my homework when I heard him coming back

"YOU GOT ANY IDEA OF WHAT I CAN WEAR TO THE PARTY?", he asked and ducked immediatly as I started to throw pillows after him. "GET LOST JOSH, I MEAN IT." I hit him on the head with another one and he retreaded screaming into his room. My lips curve up in a smile. "I love this er."



Seth Parker


⟪ FULL NAME ⟫ Seth Parker

⟪ FACE CLAIM ⟫ Daniel Sharman (I know he's like way older, but look at him, he could totally pull off a 21 year old) (+ Austin Butler )

⟪ AGE ⟫ 21

⟪ DATED FOR  ⟫ 1 year 3 months

⟪ PERSONALITY ⟫ Seth is a guy with good intentions, though sometimes he does somethings the wrong way. He will do everything to protect his loved one, but sometimes for a price. He will lie and manipulate, all with good thoughts in mind and justify his doings by his intentions. Viola is his soft spot. Especially she is the person, he wants to protect the most and does everything to do so. 




Funny thing, and really don't tell Viola, but he actually approached her as a bet. He and his boys bet that he won't be able to seduce the witch and Seth said otherwise. But halfway through he actually started to like her. He figured that she was highly misunderstood and only wants to be accepted like she is. They had a rough start, Viola not being interested and turning him down several times. After school one time, she saw him in a alley feeding street kittens and that was the moment where she thought he couldn't be so bad. She gave him a chance and they go strong ever since. Just like Viola is Seth's weak spot, he is Viola's. She may be a to other people, but to him she's pretty okay. 



I hope this is okay and I hope that I meet up with your thoughts on Josh. If fc and personality is okay and everything. 

I really hope she is meeting up to your expectations. If you need more information, tell me and I'll do more :D


Viola fangirling over Blair Waldorf

Viola going into NCIS mode and reenacting/explaining something that happened NCIS style while the others stand beside and mutter something about "She really needs to stop watching those series"

Viola finding out that Seth started dating her as a bet

The girls going to her house and are deeply creeped out of the things in her room


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