MAMA Japan was blahhhhh

I should start by saying that MAMA & MNet in particular is at the end of the day, the winner. They wanna be the future Korean/Asian Grammy. Bull. At the end of the day, they are just a money making organisation. They made money out of the votes casted which was by the MILLIONS and by the concert tickets they sold.

So much controversies. Votes not counted. THAT in itself created way too much animosity between ExoLs & ARMYs that was unnecessary. N y bother voting when in the end, they'll just give the awards to groups that they like.

Yes. Twice won for Song of The Year. I'm not a big fan of Twice (I don't like the cute concept) but hey, truthfully the song Signal wasn't that good compared to Cheer Up. N lets not even compare to the other nominies. I should have known. Only those winning will be attending. 


I say we boycott MAMA next year. Seriously. After all that drama with Big Bang n YG last year, they do it again. Its like there's an idiot in the committee that is thinking who the hell / which company/ group/ fandom should I pissed off this year. 

N the technical glitch during CBX performance -_-   The song stopped for a while b4 starting. I know, glitches happens all the time but I seriously think CBX was invited just so they can be used for promotion and to beef up tix sales. N since CBX was there, let's just give them an award. Best Asian Style. Oh common, those EXO boys just looks good EVERY SINGLE TIME. Are u ing kidding me? Those 3 could have been resting after their concert. #notimpressed

Shame on u MNet. I am not gonna watch your damn award show anymore if this continues. Toodles. I'm gonna be watching Melon Music Awards coz there's more transparencies in winning criteria, more celebrities (even those not winning anything comes), more performances n no snakeu 🐍


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I can't believe it you know? Yes I did expect their s coming but I thought they'd push all the Daesang prizes tomorrow in Hong Kong when SM Town attends.
Ikr.Twice's dance award is funny somehow. I feel sad for talented but never known kpop groups again tonight. Gdragon didn't received male artist award.I only watch this for Monsta X lol.