Violet Entertainment (Apply Fic) [Open]

A fictional South Korean entertainment ran by Ishikawa Jirou, Go Youngguk, and Go Youngjae. 


Violet Entertainment has a big secret. Will they be able to stop the PPA from taking away the boys?


Rated M for sensitive topics.


story is on Wattpad called 'Violet Entertainment'.


Birth Name: 

Stage Name: 

Birthday: Month/Day/Year (Has to be between January 1, 1990 to December 31, 2005.)

Born In: 



Position: Has to be a Dancer and vocalist or rapper or both.

Power: Can be telekinesis, elemental powers, etc.


Background: Can be as dramatic as you want.





Random Facts:



Rules For Character:

Has to be male.

Has to be either gay or biual ('Cause it's a boyxboy story).

Can be a transgender male (female to male).




Private Message the form on here or on my Wattpad (@LimKiYoung). 

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