More Updates!

A brand new chapter of JongHyun’s Base has been released! You dedicated readers have waited so long for me, and I’d just like to thanks every one of my subscribers for sticking with a lazy author like me! I know the wait seems interminable, but imagine having to write past my overwhelming need to procrastinate lol. No seriously, I love you guys and look forward to more updates!


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Yay! I'm happy! It's okay, I totally understand, because I'm in the same boat. It's hard to keep track on these stories while trying to finish school! Fighting! :)
phippi92 #2
it's not laziness, you're just busy! your real fans are ride or die and will patiently wait for your return. it's no different than waiting for our groups lol but if you still feel really bad, just make sure it's a good/long chapter.