My Prayer for B1A4

I think i remember that i like this group since Tried to Walk era and i know this group is amazing..  And it proved!!! 

The release after Tried to Walk, B1A4 is always good and great..  Even their new release, Rollin!!

Rollin is L I T!!!!  I loooooovvvvveeeeeee ittttt..  

And I wish they can win even just in one music show I want them to win!!  #B1A4Rollin1stwin 

They have the quality and I expect that Quality can win against popularity..  Maybe they aren't popular as other groups who did comeback with them.. But I think B1A4's song is better.. 

I want justice for B1A4!!!! I will be pissed off if Rollin becomes a flop just because of a comeback from more popular group!!

I want justice for B1A4!!! How come their beautiful MV only gets less than 500k viewers both in 1theK and B1A4+ channel!! 

Come on guys..  Stream their song, Rollin..  Watch their MV, oh don't you see their attractive live stage?? The choreo, their smiles... Ugh..  Soooooo greeeeaaattt!!!  

Even lots of music sites give this song a very good score!!! 

One more prayer for B1A4.. I do always pray for them not to get that 7-years curse like other groups..  I wish they can be like SHinee or even Shinhwa...  



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