Writing styles?

As i work on my stories and read other stories I wonder something; how does everyone handle thier work? Do they write a chapter at a time and update immediately or do they write a few all at once and post them at a certain time? I tried a posting schedule on one of my stories and it got to be way to hectic cause i was writing and posting three chapters a week. I decided that i would never do that again but I also find that I have a hard time posting consistantly because it can take me a few days(or 10 lol) to get a chapter written with life distractions and such.

So I guess what I'm wondering is: what method do you guys use and why does it work and what hasn't worked in the past?


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Well, like Foxilady down below me has stated, everybody's way of writing, their styles and methods, are different.

To give an example of how I go about it, say I have a new story that I want to put out. Now what I'll do is write a bunch of chapters in advance, say around 10 or something, when then when the time comes to start posting, I've already got a good start and don't have to worry too much. Then for those stocked up chapters, I tend to put out one update per week, usually on a day and at a time where I know most peeps will most likely be on and free to read (seeing as how the school year has begun again, I'd choose a weekend day, or say, Friday afternoon). So then, while those go out, the plan is to continuing piling up future chapters one by one so that they are ready (which works when I'm not lazy, distracted or procrastinating lol) and the cycle would go on like so.
hi! i am currently writing a story, but i plan to release the foreword when i have prewritten at least 6ish chapters. that way i always have backup chapters if i can't update. also, i don't really schedule updates, just when i feel like it.

i always put off writing, so recently i've been using a website called WriteTrack. it's completely free and lets you know what your daily word count should be if you want to reach a certain amount of words in a certain amount of time.