any mxm/brandnew boys fan here? o n o

hello! I really love MXM. Kim Donghyun and Im Youngmin..not only them but the other two Brand New Boys (Daehwi and Woojin) whos in Wanna One..

Can anyone recommend me a good stories of them? I prefer IdolXOc..

but if you also know a good WoojinXJihoon fic omgggg I would glad to read it ;; as of now, they're the only boyxboy pair I wanna read XD

if you can write a one shot (brandnew x OC, and 2park) of them for me, then please hit me up!! I'll give you karma in exchange or advertise your stories.. <3 

If you wanna spazz with me too, don't be shy to hit me up!! I'll give you my messenger ono



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This is kinda late but ME ME AKCJSJDHJAJDE