Cut some slack / exo m rant

Cut me some slack please sorry if i hurt you i was 15 tho when i just came on here and didnt know who i was. My rep isnt so good. 

Also btw anyone kinda pissed how exo ms line distribution like i watch the exo m version for a reason sm your ing up even since the start. If your promote them proporly in china they wouldn't have had the members leave also giving away there lines to exo k members da fuq what was the point in making the two groups. Also about how theres just three those three kick asf love them but if they were to put a member in wxo m sehun please he cam be the rapper xuxu has started sining and he has the voice and sehun can rap for suure so doo it sm erammmmmm


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I don't think it works like that anymore. Nowadays, EXO-K and EXO-M only refer to the language they're singing in so there's no distiction between the members themselves, but between korean and mandarin only.