EXO's comback

First, before I say anything about it let me just clarify I DO LOVE EXO, I AM AN EXO-L AND HAVE BEEN SINCE DAY ONE FOR THESE DORKS. Now that, that is out of the way lets get started.


So my thoughts...I actually don't know how I feel about this comeback, it's--different to say the least. I might like it once I hear the whole thing but right now it's just not doing it for me. Then there are the looks, not everyone's just a few people. I mean Baekhyun has a mullet people. a flibbin' MULLET, I'm crying. It looks like Jongdae stuck his finger in a socket or they fried his hair...not a good look really. Now I do like Chanyeol's cotton candy hair and I do like Kyungsoo's cut also, it kind of reminds me of the style they gave him back in wolf era, but just kind of.

Remember this is just going off of the teasers, opinions might change once I see pictures and other fabulous stuff but that might be a while the library I go to has blocked everything
*flips off library and sets the world on fire just to make myself happy*


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I feel you about Baekhyun's hair but fortunately it's just an extention and I hope he won't always wear it during their promotions *fingers crossed*
As for Chen's hair, I feel that his hair has looked fried ever since Call Me Baby. He always has that kind of style (which I'm definitely not a fan of) but idk what SM is trying to do...