REQUEST NOW! IT'S FREE!! *PetiteDream Gallery*


Hi, there!

Are you possibly looking for a shop that can assist you with graphics from variety of choices of genres — and sizes?


Yes! You're reading it just right!

PetiteDream Gallery could make your dreams come true - the graphics for your story, exclusively made; just for you <3's for freee!!! \(^o^)/

And....another thing for sure'll stand a chance of winning something special as a prize from PetiteDream Gallery for it's 2nd Year Anniversary!

It's a hidden prize, yes, but why not?

More surprises, the better it is!


You're welcome to drop your request anytime; before July 25th!

Don't miss out!!

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My dear, if i wanna just request for a desktop wallpaper and a phone lock screen but its not related to my story isit okay?
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Happy 2nd Anniversary! I wish you luck with requests and keep designing! :)