Me (The Man Behind the Hooded Eyes)

Blog 3 
June 18 2017
10:13 pm
I was a boy who had a wonderful future.
I am now a boy ruined by nature.
I was a boy enjoying my childhood
I am now a boy cut into the flesh.
I was a boy a young boy who had a beautiful eyes.
I am now a boy with a bloodshot eyes.
Weren't you afraid of me?  
I almost beat yourself. 
I nearly kill yourself. 
And I can always will. 
Are you still not afraid of me?  
The lovely boy that was me before.  
I still want it today. 
The little boy that wants my moms pancake. 
Am I still like that today?  
But for you the other me. 
I'm thankful for your kindness. 
You never leave me. 
Than you for trusting me. 
For even I almost crash your world
You still believe in me.  
To the man behind my hooded eyes. 
Thank you brother.  
Thank you. 


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