TaeNy fans out there! Help please?

I remember this part of its story but not the title also the dialouges so just phrases here but it has dialouge in the story I just dont know the title.


Tiffany made a dinner for her and Taeyeon to make it up for Taeyeon. But Taeyeon ignored it and stays at her room. Tiffany has been waiting for her for hours and silentlh waiting while sitting at the dining table with beautiful decoration and candles.

I think sh got lots of cuts in her hands because she tried to make a dinner.

Then suddenly after few hours again... I dont think Jessica came or what but she shouted at Taeyeon saying that even though i its Tiffany's fault that (something I dont remember) Taeyeon doesnt need to be a dumb (i think) for making Tiffany wait at the dining table with foods beautiful flowers and candles on it. I also think Jessica said that Tiffany have lots of cuts in her hands...soo please help me! Help me find the title. 

I'll Pay100kps please I promise you to you who get the Title. Pleaee I really need your help thank you!


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I remember this scene too but I'm really not sure, I think it's in one of Nefrofer13's story, either Home or Arms of Angels. I'm not sure... I guess it's not that
taenyxotaelovesfany #2
I think I read this before but err can't remember the title. I read to many fanfics that I can't remember each one... I'll try to find it :)