June, why?

long story short, I ing lost the new chapter of Aphasia


I swear I almost done with it and scheduled it to be uploaded by this week, let me just tell you it was a very long one.

usually when I write, I always do it on my mom's macbook since it's a new one and unlike my macbook, my mom's battery is still fine, so I can write while lying down on my bed just before I go to sleep just the way I like it hehe (here's a thing: my mac's battery is ed up and the charger is barely working so I had to put a certain set up just to charge it and it's a little bit uncomfortable to stay in that place for a long time and I always write in a very long time)

don't really know what happened to my mom's mac, I really don't I swear, it was just working fine early this morning but when I turned it on later in the afternoon the monitor glitched and that's when I know I'm very much doomed

ha.... I'm sorry guys you have to wait a little bit more longer to read the next chapter, to be honest whether you guys anticipate it or not, I was very excited to put up the new chapter...

anyway, so many sad news in one day, from kaistal break-up to top's scandal, what a way to start the month.

let's just hope for better days.






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