practice free-write

— just a little something to sharpen my au abilities. I really love fairy tales and once upon a times, so what better idea than to practice my writing on my ult? enjoy


The fragile ripples of the little lake gently choked the girl as a sweet revenge. She asked for this — and so she got it. For all the sins she had committed in her life and, even in her past, she deserved this. Sighing, she lifted her body weight from up the waters.

The gripping sensation of the liquid calmed her down most often; the idea of being yanked into the enormous lake struggled in her mind. A pleasant, delayed death.

Distancing herself from the pond, she pulled on her clothes and gathered her scattered belongings. Her hair claimed a wet, soggy feeling but it was the least of her troubles. She scanned the gruesomely silent forest before her and frowned. Fliers with her face printed on them were hammered into each and every tree.


Name: Choi Yuna
Age: Nineteen
Crime: Theft, rebelry, murder.


The word stared back at her in mischief. Sighing heavily, Yuna threw on her hood and stomped through the forest. She gripped a dagger in her left hand with anger and forcefully ripped off every flier on trees that she had passed. The dried, dead leaves that had fallen to the ground crushed beneath her boots with every step she took.

As Yuna neared a certain tower, the hostile look on her face deepened. Foul play... she thought. “This was all your fault.” Choking back the lump in , she looked up  at the building before her. True, she had committed theft, rebelry, but definitely not murder. And if any case she did kill someone, it would be her that she’d killed.

Once upon a time, she had danced across the halls of her castle, balancing the crown that once belonged to her mother, the late queen. She had worn tight-fitted corsets and gowns that fell to the floor. But now, here she was, running for her life as a murderous fugitive.



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