Minho fans - flamers comment please!!

its been some while now that i have joined asianfanfics and due to some unknown reason i really feel kind of lonely here now.

So i have decided to meet and talk new people ,,,, basically those who have the same interest as me.

So firstly i would request all the flamers to comment and recommend me some good stories of minho here.... and to them ...I also have some stories to recommend (which are mine /evil laugh/).

Anyway this post makes no sense but honestly i am looking for some friends with common interest and also others who would want to be friends with me.... i would be glad if you people don't ignore me ..... :(


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hii~haha.me too.i also dont like people ignoring me but for your request which is you want minho story ,i am truly sorry bc i doesnt have one.so sorry dear.dont worry about the thing ignoring you ,im your friend right.
MysteryNeko #2
Hey flamer here as well! Don't really keep tabs of stories cause I read whatever I feel like at the moment! But a friend always round the corner! Ping me if you need just someone to talk to! :)
I'm a flamer too as mucb as you can say. And Do you happen to know the story, 'I don't , I prefer to be in it' by loveyah? And his/her 'Mensa: Off Limits '? They're good stories of Minho x OC. And also... try reading some good 2min stories. Like 'I Never Noticed You'.
hi there :D , haha, i'm a bit of a loner too. i don't really talk to anyone on this website so feel welcome to talk to me, i'm not minho biased but i love shinee and anything to do with them. feel free to msg me in my inbox if u feel bored or lonely ;)
Hello dear ^^ I am a flamer, nice to meet you
I would love to be friend with you.
Also I can recommend you an amazing 2min fic, Minho's character in it is the BEST EVER in all the fics I have read as far in aff.
I can't claim to be a flamer, but if you'd like I do have a fluffy 2min one shot and an ongoing angsty with fluff and a bit of Onho.