Anyone else a family joke?

I know no one will read this I just need to get it out somewhere...I'm so sick and tired of being the family joke I swear everyone thinks its funny to treat me like I'm some kinda monster... I'm mean and a for no reason at all according to my family especially my mom.. This lady treats me like and expects me to be ok with it... She had 6other kids and I think I just need to accept my place which is the very bottom so I can stop feeling hurt when happens...they act like I have no feelings at all and it's a running joke to them god they even tell it to strangers Sheaka is the mean one don't be offended she is that way to everyone she doesn't have feelings so we can walk all over her cause she won't care and god forbid I do show feelings or get mad then I'm being too sensitive and need to it up.... maybe I should just stop caring ugh I'm not making any sense I just want someone to ing care enough to notice I'm not ok but they are too busy laughing 


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shineeinfinite #1
I can see that you're having a rough time and I'm sorry for that. Sometimes I am being a family joke. But they do stop when they think it's over the limit and I'm very grateful for that at least my brother is here to cheer me up. My parents never really care on my feeling. That's why I never really tell them anything... I hope things are going better for you soon. I'm sorry that I cannot help much except sharing this experience of mine but I want you to know that you can always tell me anything and I'll keep my mouth shut and maybe I can cheer you up a little.
Hey there! It must be really tough being in that situation. I feel you, been there before. Feels like you're in a hole and dirt just keep pouring into it, burying you alive. (at least that's how I felt)
Good news! You can get out of that hole :)
It's like building sandcastles, give the sand a few good taps to harden it and build your way out of the hole with the platform you've made.
Ignoring it won't do a thing, you'll just get stuck there. Of course you care, that's why you're upset.
As you go on, you'll realize that there are just some people you can't connect with; no matter how hard you try. It hurts even more when its someone close. What I chose to do was to let go. Not abandon them or pretend they don't exist, but let go of the strangling desire of wanting to connect with them or wanting them to understand you. Once that's done, find other people outside that circle and try connecting with them. No doubt, over 7 billion others in the world, at least one of them is bound to see you for who you really are. But first, you need to brave enough let go and open up to others. Then hopefully, you'll be happy enough to the point which these things don't bother you.

Ok, this got long. My bad :P
I'm not trying to sound pretentious or anything. Just speaking from experience.
Hope it helps.
I feel bad and sorry for you . I hope that you'l be stronger and hopefully things will be better for you in the near future .