Hey all^^ So like what the title says, I need your help!! But firstly, thank you to everyone who even clicked into this blog post, I'm really grateful so even if you can't help me after reading my problem it is okayy :)

Now moving on to this actual some of you may know, I recently came back from a hiatus and has started writing stories again and I'm not limiting myself to one shots. But the problem comes in here, I actually make my own posters as I find it quite troublesome to request it and wait a few weeks for it, so I prefer to do it myself. But as I'm using this Facebook app 'PIZAP', it is actually not as nice cause the app isn't that good. For example for cutting out of a certain part of the picture, there would still be some parts of the background be cut out because it's like using paint to cut the picture. So I was wondering if you guys know some free and good editing apps you using that is able to do stuff like cutting out a part easily and others cause I know quite a few of you actually edit your own posters. I've used adobe photoshop when I was in infocomm in my previous school and it's really good but it's pretty hard to download and I don't think it's free either. So any other free apps you guys use to make your posters do comment below, thank you^^


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As an Adobe client, I use photoshop CC. Unfortunately it's not free but I have heard plenty about GIMP. Apparently GIMP is a free editing program with many photoshop-like features. Many talented designers on this site who can't pay yearly Adobe subscriptions actually swear by GIMP.

Hopefully I helped and good luck with your poster :)