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HeartB (stans for Heart Ballad) is a ballad vocal group which consists 4 members. Their agency is Marble Pop Entertainment and debuted with a digital single "선택해줘 (Shine)" in December 3rd 2014. 

HeartB official Website: http://heart-b.com

HeartB official Twitter: @HeartB123

HeartB Twitter (Used by members): @HeartBallad

HeartB official Youtube: Official HeartB

HeartB official Facebook: HeartB123

HeartB official Instagram: HeartB123

HeartB official Fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/HeartB

Left to right: Jinwook, Dojin, Byulha, Chanyoung


Name: Dojin

Real name: Lee Duryeot

Position: Leader, vocal

Birthdate: December 28th 1995

Height: 181 cm

Weight:62 kg


  • The most athletic member (he has good abs) 
  • Previously a member and vocalist of pop rock band Iconize
  • Takes role in MV 혼잣말 (Missing You) because he is the best actor among all
  • Good in calligraphy
  • Laundry folder
  • Writes lyrics for 널 사랑해 말하면 (Love Letter)

Name: Jinwook

Real name: Kim Jinwook

Position: Vocal

Birthdate: February 3rd 1994

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 67 kg


  • Does kendo and study Japanese
  • Used to be a Jellyfish Entertainment trainee
  • The tallest and oldest
  • Laundry folder
  • Often cooks but doesn't know what he is cooking. Just adds some ingredients until it tastes good (and the members said they love his dishes especially dumplings)
  • He admits as visually-pleasing member

Name: Chanyoung

Real Name: Kim Seokgyeon

Position: Vocal

Birthdate: February 5th 1995

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 65 kg


  • His voice is so soulful that is why it is the most distinguishable
  • He speaks English because he is from English speaking country
  • Lost 40 kg before debut
  • The most awkward member but he thinks he is cheerful
  • Laundry hanger
  • Nags too much

Name: Byulha

Real Name: Im Gyeongman

Position: Vocal

Birthdate: July 13th 1997

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 60 kg


  • Self proclaimed rebel
  • Eccentric and unpredictable
  • He plays piano for 밥 한공기 (Remember) and 널 사랑해 말하면 (Love Letter)
  • He plays guitar too
  • He plays badminton
  • Enjoys tormenting older members
  • He is delinquent
  • Laundry hanger


밥 한공기 (Remember) MV

혼잣말 (Missing You) MV


NAVER, Tumblr: gunwoah, han-sanghyuks-nose

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