Bye guys! I am going to a boarding school so I won't be writing for about two years until I graduate. Bye bye!

I feel sad though. I have to leave this lovely Kpop world for a while to focus on my study. T.T

I have to make my mom proud. She went into trouble just to see me in a boarding school.

I don't wanna leave. I have to leave my friends behind. I don't want.

But I have to. -_-

I already saved money just to see SHINHWA concert if they do any asia tour. T.T

Now I have to buy many items for my new school. T.T

And bye bye again guys.


Till we meet again!


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Two yrs had passed... how are you authornim?
balicucha #2
Authornim that's the spirit because our oppa will be proud of you because your studies top priority. Good luck and so long we will be waiting for your comeback. Figting!. :) :*
Fanyandy #3
Oh no! First of all thank you for all lovely fanfiction. Your writing makes me happy. Good luck for your study and hope to see you again. Once again thank you. It is sad to let you go but this is for your own good.