Long lost moment

I just found this but i think it was from 2011

I just found this but i think it was from 2011


Guys i just wanted to tell you all some information that ive seen with my own eyes and hear with my own ears....


When key was still in korea, i was with my friends and we were having a shopping madness thingy for fun time then suddenly i saw key's manager walking then i thought of maybe key was here, we started searching then KABOOM!!!

I spotted key with...... WITH!!!! amber together in a mall. But aparently i didn't brought my phone nor my camera and i forgot to tell my friends to take a picture of it!!!

but, i's still happy because i got that chance to go near with them and say hi.

They just smile and say hello at me then when they walk away, key and amber got to a store named. LOVEBOOTH, were there is a lot of valentine shirts and things...


Oh please forgive me  for not getting a picture!!

I swear to god that if i'll see them again, I'll take not only pic, but a vid!!! I SWEAR THAT!!


Still keyber shipper t'ill my last breath!! :)))


So that was  what the witness said. I think this was what made me even a stronger keyber shipper back then. But now we dont even have any slightest moment. Hoping for it on the nxt smtown concert. 


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keyber is still alive.
key's gonna be the new mc of mcountdown starting mid-march. hopefully, amber's still promoting shake that brass :)
are you for sure?
just the two of them?