You and Me : The life of an Executive


This crossover is between Ex Girlfriend's club and The Heirs. This especially features Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo) from Ex Girlfriend's Club and Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk) from The Heirs. What will happen when they have to work together, to make sure they achieve their goal. And will the fake relationship they get into together be discovered, putting them at risk? Especially by Kim Won's father? Or will they succeed?


The life of an executive is tough, since you have to make all the decisions. But for Kim Won, that's all he has ever wanted. All he has ever wanted was to be the head of Jeguk Group. Now he has made it, sort of. Of course, his father stil runs the show behind the scenes. Finally, his father has one last task for him before he takes over for real. Why not? Make his father's wish come true and the company will be his. Kim Soo Jin is a producer turned president of Jung In Films. She has been running the company ever since it almost went bankrupt and the former president ran away. So far, everything was going well. She even managed to pay all the debt and also make enough that they can hire back all the workers. Now, Jung In Films is on its way to the top. All they need is another big hit. They may have found just that, and it's the work of Soo Jin's ex, Bang Myeong Su. Kim Soo Jin always tried to remind herself that she just wants the movie to be a success for the benefit of the company and not because she still has feelings for Myeong Su. And now, not only does she have to work with her ex, but also with Kim Won, who she goes into a fake realtionship with. Will Kim Soo Jin and Kim Won succeed in their scheme? Or will their plans be a major flop? 


Okay, so this crossover was inspired by the characters of Kim Won and Kim Soo Jin in both dramas. The story line will be totally different from the drama, as in, don't ask me why it's so different later on. This is how I would imagine it if the two dramas would clash. Also, I was inspired after watching Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo in Emergency Couple. They look so cute together! So, this fanfic is dedicated to the both of them and it would be cool if this was turned into a drama starring the both of them. 

The characters will remain relatively the same, like Kim Won will still be distant and Kim Soo Jin will still be quirky. But, some new sides to the character will be added, like we'll see the warm side of Kim Won and the more composed, distant and professional side of Kim Soo Jin. And the supporting characters from both dramas will surely make it more interesting and fun. *fingers crossed*

The first few chapter are just basically background, I mean, we need that right? And also, some of Ji Hyo's and Jin Hyuk's personality and hobbies will be added from time to time. 

Anyway, enjoy this fanfiction for entertainment purposes only. 

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zourmz #1
Chapter 17: Welcome back author-nim.. Miss u so much.. Thanks for the update.. :D :d
Ann020 #2
Chapter 17: Welcome back and thanks for update.
poiplm #3
Chapter 17: Long time no see!! :)
Chapter 17: what is his father next moves? I didn't know why but I kinna like the idea of them being together.. just hoping that they will fall for each other sooner.. anyway.. thank you for the update =)
gigiright #5
Chapter 16: what happened please continue dont give up is really interesting is one of the few stories with emergency couple cast i love it , please continue
neweldi #6
Chapter 16: Please update soon, I like this pairing. :-)
sitiasma #7
Chapter 16: Still waiting...please update soon authorNIM
giulie #8
waiting your next update.

love it
gigiright 1 points #9
Chapter 16: authornim i love it please continue :)
baybiena #10
Chapter 14: whoaas love ur story pls update soon authornim :)