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Flirting is never easy, especially if both individuals are socially inept.


Genre: Romance, Fluff, Humour

Pairing: XiuminxOC

Length: 3.3k


This fic was born from being awake at three o’clock in the morning because of caffeine (the irony or inspiration?) and needing more Xiumin in our lives.

I also have no life.

Hope you guys will enjoy it. ^^

Also I'd appreciate it if you guys check out my Kyungsoo one-shot, as it has the same genres. o3o

P.S. the other places I haunt - x


Automatic • Ice Cream Cake [Writing Contest] - 3rd place winner under the "Ice Cream Cake" category


Thank you to IIKOOKIEII at First Snow Graphics for my poster ^^


Thank you to YeollieRancher at Chanyeomile Tea's Graphics for my current poster and background ^u^

Also thank you for the recommendations of this one-shot here, here, and here.

I'll answer all the comments when I have time to spare, but in the meantime thank you for all the support and the first ever feature as well! ♡ nov.4/17

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EXOticELF782 0 points #1
Chapter 1: THIS IS SO CUTE OMG!!!! CONGRATS!!!! ?
Chapter 1: Boy, I highly recommend waterproof pentel pen XD and maybe I dunno, write it on her forehead haha!!!

Eventhough some boys don't show that much uhhh I dunno spazzing, deep inside, they're fanboying whenever they have an interaction with their crush!!! Some boys are just protective of their image towards their crush which is why they're all in the mode of i-am-not-affected-i-am-macho-must-act-macho haha
Chapter 1: This is amazing! I couldn't help but laugh out so loud that my mum wanted to know what I was laughing about.
So I read the story to her and she also couldn't stop laughing! :D
You writing style is so hilarious! Thank you so much for making my evening such a fun one <3
I'll definitely recomment this to my cousin she's gonna love it!
Thank you again <3
(Love the part with the cue cards!)
Gosh, i’m in love
Marshmallow3424 #6
Chapter 1: Iii loveeee thissss!
Congrats on being featured!
Chapter 1: Even you didn't mention chanyeol and kyungsoo but I know those were them haha
Chapter 1: I'm in love
Chapter 1: wow. this is the first xiumin-oc fic i've read and i love it ^3^ very well-written and enjoyable read. realistic and funny. xiumin being a barista is not hard to imagine. i'd feel the same as jung hee, i'd have a crush on minseokie. thanks for this wonderful oneshot. btw, i also like chen, chanyeol and kyungsoo being part of the story. congrats on being featured; it was well-deserved :)