Why So Rude


In which Oh Sehun, the boy next door, dreams of marrying Luhan, the prettiest boy on the block. Except Luhan’s father, Kris Wu Yifan would prefer to jump off a cliff than let that happen.






A/N: The result of my love for Magic!'s Rude and Archie comics. Small mentions of and mpreg so please take note!


                “God, that’s probably because he likes you.” Kris groaned as he handed the boy his juice.

                “Perhaps you’ll learn to like me too sir. He he.” Sehun joked.

                “Shut up.” Kris poured himself a shot of vodka.

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Chapter 1: Awwww This is so sweet. Hunhan's love started at 10 and they got married at 27 . I'm really weak to those growing up together stories and the love of a father toward his son ,make me teary. Very well written fic, You did a very good job author nim :)
Congratulations on getting featured!
Chapter 2: Im so glad I found this fic
hunhen #4
Chapter 1: Kris was so funny !! And he was such a good father :") I really loved the story
eddywang #5
Chapter 1: I'm really touched when i read this. I love how pure n melancholy beautiful the love of a father towards their son. It is so beautiful and i bet if i'm not being a real man, i might teared up man. Kinda reflect on the relation between my dad n i.
good job!!
I dream of marrying LUHAN TOO
Chapter 1: This was so funny XD so glad it got futured!!
Chapter 1: BLESSSSS It was so adorable how protective Kris was hahaha
That thing about sehun moving into a trash can and lujan dragging his 3000 dollar Gucci clad over cracked me tf up!! It was hilarious and this was very cute overall