almost like being in love




title: almost like being in love

pairing/s: baekhyun/chanyeol, side!jongin/kyungsoo

genre: fluff, romance, au

rating: pg

length: oneshot; 17,238wc

warning/s: the copious amount of dumb. and the fluff. but mostly the dumb (some, uh, ual content)


summary: walking home together: check.

                   cooking food for the other: check.

                   cuddling and forehead kisses: check.

                   they do just about everything a couple does but no, byun baekhyun and park chanyeol aren't dating.







author's note:


-  This was supposed to be written for michi's birthday and then 2 years and two christmases and two new years have passed since then.... also, hi steph, my bebs, belated hbd. im sorry. ;;

- baekyeol. baekyeol forever of course.

- this fic (and baekyeol) will frustrate the living daylights out of all of you. you've been warned.

- it took just about 98756373894323572382438 years before this got done. I'm so sorry.

-If you're looking for a good fic. Stay away from this. I am serious.




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subtitler 0 points #1
Chapter 1: This is so beautiful...
halfbloodworthy 0 points #2
Chapter 1: I will not hide the fact that I am shamelessly sobbing on my bed because this was beautiful and my heart stopped beating at 'if happiness had a shape, it would look exactly like those lips'.
EstablishedCG 14 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 1: This story was beyond perfect. In all levels. I loved it so much even though I suffered as well.
kt-cyexo #4
Chapter 1: I wish this story was a person so that I could always hold it to my chest and give it the biggest, warmest hug ever ㅠㅠ thank you for such a beautiful story! My heart fluffed up (if that's a thing?!) and my my smiles didn't stop throughout. <3
Chapter 1: this is so beautiful! they're both stupid at time but i can feel their struggle.
choheelee #6
Chapter 1: So much fluff! So beautiful!!
Chapter 1: i don't get tired of rereading your fics :3
92 streak #8
Chapter 1: So sweet, so cute, so perfect, I love it < 3
Chapter 1: i love this, u author-min, and chanbaek!! :>>>
Chapter 1: so sweet~ i'm glad that they're finally dating. ang congrast dor getting featured! u worth it!