The Fallen


"If there is one thing I remember vividly from my vague childhood days, it's them. Twelve amazing stars that shone so bright against the backdrop of the velvet nightsky. I loved watching them, loved to see how they shone. Even though it made no sense, I felt like they were somehow a part of me. How familiar they felt. How warm those stars made me feel. Almost like being home. Pathetic, right? It's ridiculous, I know, but that didn't prevent me from crying when I witnessed the stars fall. One by one..."


Ordinary Jae has lived an ordinary life until her parents dragged her to an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. As if having to move miles away from her home wasn't enough, she goes through a rocky start at her new school. It totally doesn't help that she keeps bumping heads with twelve peculiar students whom seem to harbor a secret, tied to a shared, mysterious past that she's adamant to unravel. She always did want to have an exciting life, but once she realizes that her wish actually came true, going back to her mundane existence isn't optional anymore, and those twelve mysterious guys are exactly the ones to blame for that...


Whoa~ I can't believe you've stumbled upon my story- sorry about that ^^; 

This is my very first attempt at a fanfic, inspired by the amazeballs music of Exo, shaped into a parody of some sorts. It's been floating around in my head for some time now, so hopefully I'll get to write all of it out, though it's probably been done to death by now hehe. Naturally I don't own anything Exo, just my OC. I hope I'll be able to update regularly. 

I don't know what's going to happen from here on out, but expect lots of fantasy, adventure and random Exo craziness (+ possibly some bad English as it's not my first language, soz). Story features an OC (could be you if that floats your boat ;) ) and I generally at writing romantic/fluff/ stuff, but hey- this is fanfic, anything could happen! 

Hope you'll like it!

<3 - Nin-Nin

(Amazing poster was created by the awesome HiHiCutiePie <3) 

EDIT - Quick personal message to all readers, old and new:

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry for my lack of inactivity at the moment, but I'm seriously considering this writing-thing to become my source of income ^^; I'm currently working on several original projects, and I hope I can count on your support and understanding for the lack of new exo stories. However, I do have some story ideas to post here, but I don't know when I'll be able to get them just yet, so keep a weather eye out on the horizon!

Also, I've set up an instagram account (even though social media is still beyond my comprehension OTL) if you'd like to follow, look up @myth.hikari! I'm hoping it will be a nice platform for direct communication with those who enjoy The Fallen as well ^^ 

Thank you <3


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Congratulations dear for the feature :D
mira-boo #2
Chapter 109: Can't express how much I LOVE this story!!! Came across it by chance and from the start was hooked on to the story line, the characters and the overall creative flow it had.
I'm so happy that Jae was able to return to her human form for the boys ♡
Have to say this was my guilty pleasure for the last few days.
Thanks so much for sharing this story!!!
Chapter 109: Omg this the best story I ever read and I really happy to see Jae happy again to be in a human form and stayed with the boys. This story made me laugh, cry, and excited. I hope this is not the end and have a second book soon ;). Also congrats on being feature author-nim !!
XxEllahxX #4
Chapter 109: This is a 109 chapter masterpiece, your writing is just so intricate and eloquent- of course there were a few little things but no one is perfect :)- so can we just- for a moment- take in the whirlwind of a ride this was? The slight confusion, hilarious misinterpretations and interactions, immense melancholic angsty sadness that really seeps into your bones and the bittersweet goodbyes that had -I'm sure- most of us reeling in happy yet slightly sad tears. I was excited to finish this to fully understand everything but now that I have, idk what to do; ppl don't come across a good read like this often.
Anyway thank you for sharing this amazing story with us, I couldn't have asked for a better epilogue or for a better fic for that matter <3 <3
XxEllahxX #5
Chapter 98: effin knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 109: I have read this over the span of three (or was it four?) days and I really liked it. Although some things were really obvious to me. Was Jae being the tree/butterfly/voice supposed to be a surprise? Because I knew that basically from the get-go. It was really obvious. Also, I wasn't surprised at all when Jae stabbed herself with the dagger. I had literally been waiting for it too happen. I was like "so when is she gonna stab herself with that dagger, 'cause I know it's gonna happen at some point"'chapters ago. :') And when it happened I was tense and emotional but there was also this part of me that was just screaming "FINALLY!"

Anyway, here's some things I didn't really like:
1) The term 'that woman' was really overused. It really started to bug me and it just sounded unnatural that they'd call her that every. single. time.
2) Korean words sprinkled over the story. Yeah, I'm one of those people. I just really dislike it when I see things like wae or jinjja when there's a perfectly usable English translation. Honorifics like hyung or noona I have no problems with, but other than that...
It just makes it harder to read. It ruins the flow of the story and if you don't know a word you can't even use Google translate because it's romanised. Also, it just seems a bit disrespectful..? And really unnecessary.

But yeah! Overall, I really liked this! ^^
Oh! And that breaking of the fourth wall you did with there being no school was great. :')
Chapter 109: So thankful I discovered this story when it was featured. This story gave me all the feels!!! I felt tears trying to escape when realization hit that she was actually in all the boys' memories even if they didn't realize she was the butterfly. (that's so beautiful) So glad Jae gets this beautiful happy ending she deserves <3 thank you for writing such an amazing story!!!
Chapter 109: Okay, i take back what i said. Obviously, i did not read the last chapter wtf... but anyways yeah... thanks for being a tease... whoever you are...
Chapter 108: That was one hell of a rollercoaster ride istg. The way you described your characters, the scene, the emotions, everything was beyond ordinary. This story was beautifully written and I'm glad it was featured! tho the ending was perfect, i was kinda sad how Jae couldn't be with the rest in her original form, but reading the reasons why she couldn't do so makes it understandable i guess. looking forward to more of your works!