The Fallen


"If there is one thing I remember vividly from my vague childhood days, it's them. Twelve amazing stars that shone so bright against the backdrop of the velvet nightsky. I loved watching them, loved to see how they shone. Even though it made no sense, I felt like they were somehow a part of me. How familiar they felt. How warm those stars made me feel. Almost like being home. Pathetic, right? It's ridiculous, I know, but that didn't prevent me from crying when I witnessed the stars fall. One by one..."


Ordinary Jae has lived an ordinary life until her parents dragged her to an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. As if having to move miles away from her home wasn't enough, she goes through a rocky start at her new school. It totally doesn't help that she keeps bumping heads with twelve peculiar students whom seem to harbor a secret, tied to a shared, mysterious past that she's adamant to unravel. She always did want to have an exciting life, but once she realizes that her wish actually came true, going back to her mundane existence isn't optional anymore, and those twelve mysterious guys are exactly the ones to blame for that...


Whoa~ I can't believe you've stumbled upon my story- sorry about that ^^; 

This is my very first attempt at a fanfic, inspired by the amazeballs music of Exo, shaped into a parody of some sorts. It's been floating around in my head for some time now, so hopefully I'll get to write all of it out, though it's probably been done to death by now hehe. Naturally I don't own anything Exo, just my OC. I hope I'll be able to update regularly. 

I don't know what's going to happen from here on out, but expect lots of fantasy, adventure and random Exo craziness (+ possibly some bad English as it's not my first language, soz). Story features an OC (could be you if that floats your boat ;) ) and I generally at writing romantic/fluff/ stuff, but hey- this is fanfic, anything could happen! 

Hope you'll like it!

<3 - Nin-Nin

(Amazing poster was created by the awesome HiHiCutiePie <3) 

EDIT - Quick personal message to all readers, old and new:

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry for my lack of inactivity at the moment, but I'm seriously considering this writing-thing to become my source of income ^^; I'm currently working on several original projects, and I hope I can count on your support and understanding for the lack of new exo stories. However, I do have some story ideas to post here, but I don't know when I'll be able to get them just yet, so keep a weather eye out on the horizon!

Also, I've set up an instagram account (even though social media is still beyond my comprehension OTL) if you'd like to follow, look up @myth.hikari! I'm hoping it will be a nice platform for direct communication with those who enjoy The Fallen as well ^^ 

Thank you <3

Hi Guys! Make sure to check out OVA stories from the Fallen Universe when you've the time! Hope you're all doing well <333 and thank you always! xoxo

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Chapter 109: This was the most interesting story I ever. T had goosebumps while reading this amazing imagination's of your. It felt absolutely fantastic :)
Francezkapaula #2
Chapter 84: Its because you shouldve transformed infront of her .. lol ..
But the again..where's the drama in that
luvyuh4evr #3
Chapter 109: OH gosh this was such a wonderful story! I love it! I'm extremely satisfied with the ending as well!
luvyuh4evr #4
Chapter 98: I can't even OMG I knew it!!!
luvyuh4evr #5
Chapter 91: LOLOL Sehun's dream of bubble tea
luvyuh4evr #6
Chapter 90: Hahahah yaaay sleep over lol. But wait, I thought Jae gave Mr.Tabi the dagger? So how does she have it now? Unless I read too fast last chapter and mr. Tabi doesn't have it?
luvyuh4evr #7
Chapter 87: Mr. Tabi seems so shady to me! Gosh I don't want another bad guy tho. Can't believe her mom didn't believe her and even stated she could see why that Kumihos actions were understandable!
dokyungsoolabb #8
Chapter 109: Thank you for this very wonderful story miss author!!! The story was really different from what I first imagined.. Always blown my mind from time to time. You did a really awesome job and I really enjoyed it a lot... Makes me realize its been soo long since I read a worthy story in aff. Clap clap clap for your efforts!!!
dokyungsoolabb #9
Chapter 87: I dont know but I think its too good to be true to trust Mr. Tabi
dokyungsoolabb #10
Chapter 85: They should have just showed them their powers