Mini Concert and Heartstrings Watching at the CN Blue Dorm

by EmotionalStar (subscribers-only)
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Shin Hye tweet about going for sports (baseball game) Min Hyuk tweet a photo with his father while watching baseball Shin Hye and Yong Hwa both have maltese dogs CN Blue just got back from Japan


YH’s POV: Where is that thing? I remember its here.

Jong Hyun: Hyung, what’s wrong? It’s now your turn to give Shin Hye’s gift.

Yong Hwa: Ne.

YH’s POV: I’ll just give that to her later.

Yong Hwa gets the guitar and starts to play his song for Shin Hye.

He sings “Lucky”, the song that Lee Shin sings during their MT in Heartstrings. While singing the song he keeps on looking at Shin Hye especially when he sings the part “Lucky I’m in love with my best friend”. Shin Hye on the other hand smiles and listen to him attentively.

YH’s POV: Shin Hye I hope you’ll also remember me as Lee Shin and not Shin Woo only.

SH’s POV: I miss my Lee Shin.

Yong Hwa sings the whole song, unlike in the drama where he only sings a few parts.

Min Hyuk: Hyung, whenever I hear this song I will always be reminded of Heartstrings.

Yong Hwa: Wae-yo?

Min Hyuk: Because this is Lee Shin’s secret confession to Kyu Won.

Jung Shin: Secret confession? How could that be? I watched the whole drama. And as far as I can remember, Lee Shin and Kyu Won are not best friends. So how can this song be related to them.

Min Hyuk: Oh yeah ah. (He then asks Yong Hwa) Hyung, why did you choose this song to sing during that scene? I remember the director said you sing a song that will relate to how you feel towards Kyu Won that time.

Yong Hwa: Ah… Because…

YH’s POV: Omo, what will I tell them? Actually I choose the song thinking of Shin Hye and not Kyu Won.

He looks at Shin Hye who looks eager to know the reason why.

SH’s POV: Yong, I’m also wondering why you choose this song. When we’re filming that scene I felt the song like how I will feel and not as Kyu Won.

Yong Hwa: Because… I like this song. You know that I like Jason Mraz.

Jong Hyun: I like Jason Mraz too.

Yong Hwa look at them and felt relieve that they believe in his explanation. But he noticed that Jung Shin is smiling mischievously.

JS’ POV: Favorite song? Hyung, I know that’s not the real reason and you can't hide it from me.

Yong Hwa knows that among his three fellow band mates it is Jung Shin who is very observant when it comes to something like this. He is about to get his gift for Shin Hye who’s been quiet when suddenly she said something.

Shin Hye: Yong, I really love that song. It reminds me of Lee Shin. But…

Yong Hwa: But what?

Shin Hye: I also miss Shin Woo Hyung. Can you also sing “Song for a Fool”?

Yong Hwa: Mwo?

Shin Hye: Please. 

YH’s POV: Yah, how can I say no when you look at me like that?

Min Hyuk: I agree with Shin Hye Eonni. It’s been a while since you last sing that song. And this song was really loved by a lot of people.

Yong Hwa: Araso.

Yong Hwa sings “Song for a Fool” as requested by Shin Hye. He doesn’t know why but when he sing this song today he feel different. The same feeling when he first sang this song for Shin Hye during Minami Shineyo days.

YH’s POV: Why do I always feel like this when singing this song in front of Shin Hye?

Shin Hye is so happy to hear this song again.

Shin Hye: Gomawo Yong. (She smiles at Yong Hwa)

Then Min Hyuk, asks something to Shin Hye.

Min Hyuk: Shin Hye Eonni, if I will ask you now. Who do you like most, Shin Woo or Lee Shin?

Shin Hye: Mwo, Lee Shin or Shin Woo?

Min Hyuk: Ne. As Shin Hye, not as Go Mi Nam or Lee Kyu Won.

Shin Hye: Hmmm…

Jung Shin felt that Shin Hye is uncomfortable to answer Min Hyuk’s question so he changed the topic.

Jung Shin: Yah, Min Hyuk! What’s with that question?

Jung Shin then looks at Yong Hwa who is also looking at Shin Hye who seems to be curious also on what will Shin Hye replies.

YH’s POV: Good question Min Hyuk. Shin Hye I also want to know who you prefer...

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lorelene2118 () says about chapter 102:
Thank you!! I have another pov time.. :)
I think the dress is just too revealing for her.. but it still looks good on what she wears..

lorelene2118 () says about chapter 101:
Omg!! I hope yh will not agree because neither of the two options is not good we are not going to see their sweet sides again.. T_T so i hope not..

lorelene2118 () says about chapter 100:
Wow!! Thank you for letting me give my suggestion i think you should continue this fanfic and it will be better if it is another fanfic because i like its story author nim.. :)

elinaelina () says about chapter 102:
hye authornim...thanks for your updates..really fall in love with yongshin..but i need more coz recntly a lot of news about our dooley...yh n sh...fighting for your love and fate....
However regarding sh dress...for me even i don't like her appearance this time but as her an actress she should be professional to their sponsor rite.. i do hope this issue will not effect yh n sh relationship...really hope their love will more stronger than ever..YONGSHIN FIGHTING!!!!

Eppas05 () says about chapter 102:
She is a professional actress, if the sponsor wants her to wear the dress, which by the way she was beautiful and elegant, she has to wear them. Shin Hye don't worry too much, as long as your happy and you know what is right and wrong, decent and not.... Fighting... Still love you no matter what. ;). Thanks for the update ;)

diehard_yongshin () says about chapter 102:
it's too revealing but she looks good on it...she is a woman now and not a little it's ok...Yongshin fighting!!! <3 <3 <3 fighting authornim :D

stoneflower () says about chapter 102:
By the way, thank you so much for the update authornim... please update again soon... it saddens me to see a rift in the relationship of yongshin but I am hoping that the reel is real... anyways I would keep supporting them... if they are meant for each other, then in the end they will be together for REAL!!!

stoneflower () says about chapter 102:
That dress is out of the norm... being a very conservative person,for me that dress is shocking and too revealing and I am not sure if that is her way of saying she has turned from a girl to a woman... and if she was asked to wear it, then that's part of her job so she probably had no choice... being popular in the entertainment industry does have its price!!!

pholhyn () says about chapter 102:
she looks nice in that dress but i think it's too revealing .. psh is an actress and thats the part of her job she have no choice .. however she handle it she look desent and elegant as always . . thank you for the update :)

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