My Dumb Damn Darn Diary


Typical diary for teenagers. It's OFF LIMITS!



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tiffany_hwangmiyoung #1
Chapter 1: Aaaaaaa sequellll pleaseeee
clairewright01 #2
Chapter 1: Omg ! This story needs a sequel !!
yuutoo #3
Chapter 1: Sequel pleaseeee it's really good haha XD
exohunter #4
Chapter 1: sequel sequel sequel sequel!
zzb016 #5
Chapter 1: Sequel sequel sequel
nerdcanread #6
Chapter 1: So did Tae's Jong Jong died? Haha. I want to know more =(
Ravenfell24 #7
Chapter 1: This needs a freaking sequel~! Like really :3
Seuel pleasee~~~
buttaefly_309 #9
Squeal plz
purehell #10
Chapter 1: Damn i love your story author
I need a f sequel ^^