Love Me, or Kill Me



"Target has been spotted."

He aimed at his target ready to fire.


"Target is down, task has been complete."



Bang Yongguk

Ok Taecyeon

Kim Wonshik

Choi Siwon

Kim Jongwoon

Kim Himchan

Park Chanyeol


"Never get to close to your target emotionally, or else you can never complete your task."




Second Baekyeol story! Lol, too much feels! Couldn't resist or I would die!

Btw, this story has guns, violence, and ofcourse Baekyeol! Lol

Isn't the poster pretty? I got it at

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Smiggletastic #2
Chapter 4: I just started reading this and I was like this seeing it wasn't updated :O Update soon! I love this story <3 :D
Leina1996 #3
Chapter 4: Love it, please update soon :)
byunbaekpotter #4
love d story!!! please update soon n Hwaiting authorniM!!
roselain #5
Chapter 4: I totally agree with the comment below!
Chapter 4: Wowowowow
I am really enjoyinh this story omg!
I simply love it!
Your writing is awsome, the story is exactly the thing i love to read and the characters are soooooo gooood :***
Can't wait for the next chapter ♡♡♡
*sends you love*
iKitsuNeko #7
Chapter 4: Chanyeol look weird. Hmm. But Baek is cute ♥
strangeneko #8
Chapter 4: Oho what's with the compliments baek ? ㅋㅋㅋ
Polarbear_ice #9
Chapter 4: Love is working its way into the mix >w<
I can't wait for what's next <3
Thanks for the update<3 <3
justwatch #10
Chapter 4: Chanyeol looks suspicious to me >_>
strangeneko #11
Chapter 3: Eeeeeeh where did the pieces of glass come from ??