Do Me A Favor



"Nothing is weaker than a person's heart..."


Hanah is a girl who has fallen into the trap of love. Her best friend Sehun is fully aware that she is head over heels for him, and takes advantage of her by asking for a favor. Blindly agreeing, Hanah strolls down a path of deception and lying. Will doing this be worth it for Sehun?






"What is the favor that you want me to do?"

"You know who Luhan is, right?"

"Of course I do. Who doesn't?"

"I want you to make him fall for you."


"And then, you will crush his heart into a million pieces."





Dear Readers,

Hello and thank you for checking out my story!

I've been reading fanfics on AFF for a while and decided that it was about due time to begin my own real story. With 'Do Me A Favor', my original goal was simply to test out my writing style and go on a roller coaster ride with the plot. I didn't really know where I was headed with it, and wanted to use it as a sort of experiment. However, as time passes, and I'm beginning to receive more feedback, I will try to take it more seriously. New promises are made nearly every chapter about when I'm going to update but, the truth is, I'm a big fat liar. Updates from me are never consistent, but I do try to maintain a decent length and quality per chapter.

But anyways, I hope that this story will present to you a new side of many characters. In this character-driven fanfic, I will begin by using as many clichés as I can: the love-blinded naive one, the bullied one, the cold kingka, the perfect one. But here's the twist: every one of them has a mask. Somebody once said, the only normal people are the ones you don't know well enough. It may seem full of "normal" characters in the beginning, but as the layers begin to peel and I introduce you more to the characters' true selves, I will try my best to show my readers that nobody is normal and nobody is cliché. Because, let me tell you, "normal" and "cliché" are just words: and, often, they can disguise some pretty odd secrets.


PS. Oh, and do me a favor? Please make sure to comment, if you can forgive the pun


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Chapter 48: EVERYTHING'S GETTING DOWN! ? Can't wait for them to be siblings ?
Chapter 48: Oh my Luhann
Chapter 48: Man i'd choose Lu in a heartbeat
SakunoEchizen #5
Chapter 48: Oooh so Soomin and Baek are siblings!

ahm I'm worried for Luhan :(

Anyway, Sehun's coming back~ yehet!
kpopsterr #6
Chapter 48: Please let her meet Luhan in the next chapter I'm dying to see what will happen next
cheerme #7
Chapter 48: Luhan! where are you?! please make her meet Luhan! ?
Chapter 48: Please give luhan a chance
1 points #9
Chapter 48: I sincerely feel for Hanah tbh she's got way too much on her hands right now and I feel like a lot of people are overlooking how much she's gone through in the span of one school year and how traumatizing all of that is. In one school year she reconnected with her first love who forced her into a relationship with a gang member murderer with both of them lying to her about the truth (lying or just not fully explaining, both are pretty terrible), and then forced into an uncomfortable, confusing situation where she practically went head first into understanding who Luhan was. She didn't get to just dip her feet in and slowly piece everything together until it all made sense, one second she realized he was in a gang, and in the next second she hears that he's a murderer. That's hella traumatizing. And throughout all of this she has no one to fully talk to about everything happening and it's all weighing down on her. I'd love for her to talk to Baekhyun and learn more and get closure, but that's just me and myself wanting to know what's going on. But take a step back and think about Hanah, I can't blame her for avoiding him and not wanting to learn anything more. Her junior year was one hell of a mess and hella traumatic. And while I'm not a fan of how easily she forgave Sehun and is being stubborn towards Luhan I also can't hate her for that either. Luhan has much more trauma to him than Sehun. Luhan is a part of a gang that Hanah personally encountered, a gang that also wants to get back at Hanah for ruining their chance to mug Ms. Lee. That alone is terrifying, knowing a person you were close with is in a gang that almost harmed you. Multiply that terror by a hundred when you realize said person also killed a guy. And while we're all aware that Luhan isn't proud of it, to Hanah, she saw people praising him for it, and him looking proud as hell to have committed murder. Now go back and think, kissing a guy like that, dating a guy like that, hell no. And while yes, Sehun put her in that situation fully knowing who Luhan was and what he has done, Hanah was free to leave the bet at any moment in time. She was told to make Luhan fall for her and break his heart. It was more than obvious than Luhan had fallen for her halfway into the story, she could have broken his heart before things got too far. But she let it drag out. In her mind, she is part of the blame. She cannot completely put the blame on Sehun for that. Not to mention, Sehun was her first love and was finally getting his senses back and accepting Hanah into his life again fully as a friend and potential lover. When Hannah's choices are between a gang member ex boyfriend and her distant ex best friend, first love, there is a bit of an obvious choice.
I dunno I was reading all the comments and got triggered by seeing comments of people being frustrated with Hanah for her behaviors and actions. I admit while I'm not a fan, I can't hate her or feel annoyed with her for it. Because I feel like at least, in her mind, everything is justified, and if I were in her shoes, I might have done the same.
Anyway, I hope she gets to meet Baekhyun and Soomin as Taesong's children soon. Though I can't say that will end up reflecting well on that family as a whole. I sincerely feel as though the drama could just be beginning even though I also feel like the end should be nearing sooner or later
And cheers to the longest comment I've ever written I am so sorry to anyone who read this entire thing through and please do not hate me
1 points #10
Chapter 48: Hanah is too stubborn tbh. Idk why but she got me soooo frustrated. I might flip her someday.