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Tao and his pack are attacked by another pack called exo. Tao is now on the run from then. What happens when he his cought by the alpha of exo. 

My first taoris fanfic!!! Yayyy!! I hope you enjoy it!!! :) <3 

WARNING!!!! and a . 


The pic do not belong to me I found them on google. :)


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Amby9318 #1
Chapter 5: Amen!!!! Totally agree :D though apparently there's a rumor lay and tao are leaving to but that one doesn't seem legit >_>
Its_j-nopes #2
Chapter 4: OMG! those pictures though!
silvermist1116 #3
Nope not fake. If SM would just be fair, then this wouldn't have happened. Hopefully SM will give him a new contract to fit his needs, so he doesn't leave the group.
kiyomaknae #4
it happened since yesterday. and honestly, it's pretty chaotic right now.
[deactivated] #5 <--- This explains the Kris ordeal.
silvermist1116 #6
Chapter 3: Ahh D.O! I love him. Tao in just a dress shirt is hot.
noya_couple #7
Chapter 3: hello,new reader here!!!
the picture is so HOT!!! >.<
and i like your story...
update soon please...
valleycheergirl21 #8
please update
serenity2012 #9
I agree with the person below me this does seem similar to the plot of beast within me ummm there are differences so I won't say anything but be careful