EXO Reality Show with Apink (Chorong , Bomi Eunji) { h i a t u s }

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EXO REALITY SHOW ft A Pink (Chorong , Bomi , Eunji)

The three girls , Chorong , Bomi and Euni who are the members of A Pink will be joining EXO's reality show . The producer though it was boring if it's only EXO because they never had any experience in any realiy show . He decided to add a girl grop member on his show .


Due to A Pink experience in their reality show , A Pink News , the producer think that it would be interesting . Plus , the three oldest of A Pink are the funniest and they are the members who made the reality show interesting . 


In this show , they will be taking care of the EXO members . Their role here is to be the mothers , managers , cheographers and stylist of EXO . They will also create some interesting activities for EXO . 


Can the three girls take care of EXO ?













"Annyeonghaseyo !"


"Yah !"


"Don't be so formal"


I will started this next week . I'm not promising but please wait for it . 

I need poster u__u ~ . It will looks more interesting if I have a poster . I hope you can tell me where I can find a poster or any  photo editor I can use to create a poster. 

 Please do not plagiarize or steal anything belongs to me . This story and ideas are from my own imagination . I write this for fun and bc I have the ideas . But please don't plagiarize . I will be very very very sad ya know  u__u . Maybe I'm a bit mad but still very very sad . Your cooperation is greatly appreciated .

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KShowJjang () says about chapter 19:
new reader! update soon~

YooRiNa () says about chapter 19:
Im so curious now. Please update soon! *^*

crazy4xiu () says about chapter 19:
Haha, chorong will look like in cat mv which is made by bomi on apink news pft, I can imagine it alrdy. And I saw my name there xD

eternalspring () says about chapter 19:
This really fun to read !!
let see, will the girls success to scared them haha
update soon :D

KimYuuna () says about chapter 19:
Oh! Please update soon author-nim! Curious what will going on in the next chapter !! ^^

Cookiezzz () says about chapter 18:
omggg I love baekji moments here PUHAHHA so cuteee <3
Oh yeah, my rank for exo courage,
Chen, xiumin, lay, sehun, kris, chanyeol, kai, d.o, suho, baek, luhan, tao XD

hazy93 () says about chapter 18:
good chapter..:) hwaiting...

Mischievousgirl () says about chapter 18:
I found this chapter fun :) It's not boring author-nim. I love the BaekJi moment there^^ "Please pray for me so I can go home safely". OMG! Thanks for sharing! More BaekJi moments author-nim please? *o* Thank you!
Author-nim hwaiting!!

Blaster8799 () says about chapter 18:
lol this chapter remind me of Ranking King Infinite.. or is that where you got your ideas from? xD ~ It's great anyway!!

Syxo67 () says about chapter 18:
Chen. Xiumin.lay.sehun.Yeol.Kai.kyungsoo.kris.Suho.Luhan.Baek.Tao

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