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Smiggletastic #2
Chapter 458: I'm so happy to see he's doing better :')
DOchan909 #3
Chapter 458: He so looks so.... CUTE!!!! ♡_♡
Karenkwan01 #4
Chapter 458: he looks likes so free and careless in the picture~ FREEDOMMMMMMM lol so cute and innocent~
exosaranghae0 #5
Chapter 457: Peoples ←_←
skyssi_drgn #6
Chapter 457: Lay's update tho
SuKiShi #7
Chapter 457: yeah! Luhan and Kris will always be a member of EXO, for me its just 2 members resting + 10 members who will cover up those two while resting cause EXO can never hate Kris and Luhan, they all love each other <3
dawnxiamara #8
Chapter 457: It hurts so much for Luhan to leave EXO. As a fan, we can't do anything about it but cheer and encourage him from afar. We all have seen what is his condition during their TLP in Beijing. He is really sick and his company doesn't care. It's so sad really...... Luhan..JIAYOU.....
v-kookiee #9
Chapter 457: We support you Luhan, even if it hurts :')
v-kookiee #10
Chapter 457: <3 <3 <3 <3