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wufengfeng #2
Chapter 455: Please like mine! >.<
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Chapter 453: Lay is diabetes sweet I swear XD
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Chapter 455: http://exo.mcmworldwide.com/EN/message.asp?EE_SEQ=20675
otl mine had 9 likes but there was something wrong with my message so i deleted it ;_; </3
I UPVOTED YOURS :D upvote mine too? c: thanks for telling me about it by the way ^^
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Chapter 455: I sent it ;)
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Chapter 455: what password are they talking about? Should we be registered on the website or what? Somebody help meee!!!
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Chapter 455: Here is my author-nim, I upvoted yours and it was an amazing message as well! Please help me out! <3
Thank you so much!
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Chapter 455: Author-nim, here's my message. I would like to help you <3

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Chapter 455: I will write something to my oppas
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*thumbs up* Hehee.. thank you for made this!!!
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Chapter 454: he is also leaving roommate because of his busy sched.