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Chapter 23



Minho touched Sulli’s cheek. Brushing it lightly. It sent an soft gentle warmth on Sulli.

“I mean that…I have fallen in love with you Sulli…And it took me a while to realize it.” Said Minho

Sulli can’t believe what she’s hearing. Mr. Minho is in love with her? How did that happen?

Sulli shook her head. “No…that can’t be true.” Said Sulli

Minho lifted Sulli’s face so that she could look at him.

“I mean it. I don’t know when it started…But I had always been attracted to you…even when my mind tell me I hate you…even when you were in that Karaoke club, I had been drawn to you for some reason…it might have started physically…but…but the way you melted my heart towards my father…the way you make Kevin enter my heart…the way you take care of Kevin and sacrifice everything for him…By just the way you touch my life…I have completely fallen for you.” Said Minho

“I love you, Sulli.” Said Minho

Sulli can’t contain the way her heart is exploding with each word she hears form Minho. All the questions, all the doubts in her head fading away. And all she could think is Minho, the way he makes her heart race, the way her heart is in chaos…everything…is not just hers alone…he was feeling it too…He loves her too.

Sulli lifted herself on tiptoe and reached for Minho’s lips with hers.

Minho was surprised. Sulli’s lips on his…Sulli reaching for him to kiss him, melted all Minho’s defenses. He let himself go and enveloped Sulli closer to him until he could feel Sulli’s heart beat with his.

It felt warm…gentle and sweet…it was as if they were saying all the feelings they have for each other..only that no words are needed.

Suddenly they caught fire.

As soon as Minho deepen the kiss, he can’t stop it anymore. It feels like fuel is being poured on them and the fire just gets hotter and hotter.

Minho put his hand on Sulli’s nape pulling her closer to him. He wrapped his other hand around Sulli’s waist leaving them no gap between.

Sulli felt like she’s floating. She leaned on Minho because her legs could not keep her standing anymore. Her hands wrapped around Minho’s neck.

Minho pushed Sulli onto the kitchen table. Sulli leaned on the table to support her.

Minho started kissing Sulli’s neck. The heat surging through his body.

Sulli felt like she’s going to explode with the way Minho  is touching and kissing her.

Minho went back to Sulli’s lips like a mad man who was drinking water for the first time in his desert years.

And Sulli quenched Minho’s thirst. She gave everything she got and kissed Minho back fiercely.

Minho pulled back.

“I’m sorry…” said Minho “If we continue this…I won’t be able to stop.” Said Minho

Sulli’s eyes widen in shock at Minho’s words. Minho took a step back.

It was always the case for Him and Sulli that whenever they would touch like this, it’s hard to stop…it’s dangerous…way too dangerous.

Sulli cleared her throat and walked a few steps away from Minho.

“Ehem…I think we need to know what happened to Kevin. We left the party just like that…” said Sulli

“Let me call Sohyun.” said Minho

“I’ll call GD.” Said Sulli

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kdramafan #1
Chapter 30: I don't think I'll ever get tired of re reading this .. No matter how many time I already have - and that is quite a lot
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Chapter 30: woaaaahhh...
a beautiful story author.. wait for your another story ^^
CuteAnimeLover #3
Chapter 30: Love this story so much!!! From the very start it was obvious that they just belong together. Minsul is just sooo perfect. Can't wait to read more of your story's = )
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Chapter 30: waaa....bagus banget ffnya thor...q suka ff minsul.. wah...baby sull disini...... :-D
aku suka bgt ff ni..lain kaliq akan baca dari awal.... :-)
samsomnear #5
Chapter 30: It's beautiful beyond word. I just really miss minsul and back to reread your stories. Thank you authornim.
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Chapter 30: Happy ending !!
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Chapter 28: Jessica crazy !!
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Chapter 30: This one of the most story i liked the most that you write authornim ^_ * Also 3rd of your story i read :) its good in just 1 day i just finished reading 2 of your stories
MINSUL w/ happy people around them <3 nice ending.
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It's daebak.. One of my fav stories in here ..
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Chapter 30: just rereading it authornim,
really can't imagine why is it not yet a movie, though with the situation now, wonder if minsul is still possible to do even inthe movies or series only?
thanks authornim