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My 8 Stepsisters


Tiffany is a happy girl who lives with her single dad. She is an only child and has never minded that.

However when her dad gets remarried and she was told that she would have some new stepsisters to meet and get along with, she never expected EIGHT!

How will Tiffany adjust from being an only child to being in a family with NINE children?


Name: Tiffany/Miyoung Hwang (Look how I used pink :P)

Age: 18

A cheerful, happy girl who wants to get along with everyone. She is confused by Jessica who acts cold towards her and so tries to get close to her. Finds herself spending a lot of time with Taeyeon who is really nice to her and looks after her.


Name: Jessica

Age: 18

Very cold towards Tiffany for (an unknown reason that will be revealed in alter chapters) and doesn't accept her into the family well but is very cute and playful once you get to know her. 


Name: Taeyeon 

Age: 18 (What? You're probably wondering how Jessica and Taeyeon are the same age and if you read the prologue you would know that they aren't twins. Don't worry you will find out soon :D)

Is cute and kind. She likes Tiffany straight away and spends the most time with her.


Name: Sunny

Age: 20

The oldest in the family but has the most aegyo. Does very crazy things when she gets drunk. 


Name: Hyoyeon


Always breaking up and getting back together with her boyfriend Eunhyuk. Sometimes have very severe mood swings.


Name: Sooyoung


Is a shikshin and would sometimes even choose food over family. Is a happy go lucky tpe of girl and gets along with everyone... unless they try to steal her food. 


Name: Yuri

Age: 16 

Is twins with Yoona and likes playing pranks on people. 


Name: Yoona

Age: 16

Is twins with Yuri and also likes playing pranks on people. 


Name: Seohyun

Age: 15

Is the maknae of the family. She doesn't like things to be disorganised and is a study freak. 


This is just so you guys won't get confused to who's older and who's younger. Some of the personalities have been changed a bit and ages mixed around. 




Hello! This is my first snsd fanfic!!

I have another account but I made this one especially for soshi fics so hope everyone will support me ^-^

Thanks and hope people will subscribe, comment and upvote!! 

and also the ages will be mixed up!




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Locksmith_13 #1
Chapter 24: Update soon ~
nathanchen #2
It's awesome story author :)
Please update this story soon :D
Panda0068 #3
Chapter 21: Hi author-nim! So nice of you to include me here. Thank you. I like your story. ^^
AnisZulkifli #4
Chapter 26: please, update this story..
Jennshire #5
Chapter 21: I'm.reading this again after a looping time and... You wrote "jennshire" ?! O.o how how how? This is my creation.... Wow. Haha. Anyway, I miss this story :3
milkywayway #6
Chapter 26: Update soon! Jeti lost haha poor Sunny... Anyways, I want to see the plan... It's kinda scary lol
Waynoni418 #7
Chapter 9: Author pls make jessica be the hobby. Im looking forward to it. Thanks
shane137 #8
Chapter 21: hahahha... i was reading this chapter and suddenly a name made me startled... i know it must be some random name but cant help it... i just got startled..
btw this is a nice story... hope u will keep updating.
i pity Tiffany sometimes. her house is really crowded. and Jeti moments are really nice.. its kinda cute..

author-ssi... pls keep on update.....
jokers-trick #9
I haven't read this but I surely will! Sobs ALL HAIL TIFFANY *^* my smiling angel..
AsukaEnergetic #10
Chapter 26: Hahaha.....JeTi lost in the woods....JESSI'S JUST A CUTIE PIE and Tiff the brave hubby! >~<
Ya can tell me that f(x) are just STALKING SNSD XD

I do know ya must HATE SUNBUNS THAT MUCH to STRESS her out 'til she wakes up in a hospital RIGHT?! XD