The 7th Demon

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My soul was sold to a demon by my parents since I was a baby just for me to continue living. I am the one who’s going to complete the seven demons that will finish the guardian race and rule, But…

That demon fell for me…

A guardian wants to kill me…

This is my destiny, and you can’t ever avoid destiny.


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Spanish by Soomyun: here
Russian by Emergency666: here
Arabic by Rayoung89: here



They describe demons as frightening, dreadful, has thorns, tail, and red skin, but no. These demons are fragile like vase, handsome like statues, chiseled face and perfect skin. Black wings behind their backs and loyal more than anyone else.


They are my demons. I am their human. I am the 7th demon. 






Shim Eun Joo will represent Wrath. Human.


Byun Baekhyun represents Envy. Died 1992 at the age of 21.

Suho represents Pride. Died 1991.

Chanyeol represents Greed. Died 1992.

Do Kyungsoo represents Gluttony. Died 1993.

Kai represents Lust. Died 1994.

Sehun represents Sloth. Died 1994.


*Sorry if the dates and the deaths were mentioned. I didn't really intend to offend anyone or feel bad.*


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Chapter 14: AWWW... I'm glad they feel the same towards each other, have been enjoying this :)
db2620 #2
Chapter 41: I just read this and this is....breath-taking! Invite me in order to read the special chapters please please please with cherry on top, please!
Chapter 42: Your story is one of my favourites! Keep on doing the hard work author-nim! :)
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Chapter 41: I rearead this story a couple of times now but I still love it like when the first i read it. I wish I can read the sequel to it tho. but great job authornim❤
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I'll always go back to read this. I love it
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Chapter 2: Thanks to my lovely sister @kholoud-exol ,i read this fiction and i 'm really into this story. It's really adiction
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Chapter 1: i had read this fiction 2 years ago and i decided to reread it because it's the first fiction that impressed me and still in my head
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Chapter 41: Hello authornim I've read this ff 2 years ago from my old acc but now i am using another acc and i couldn't read the 7th demon forever i want to re-read it can you please invite me? Thank you so much
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i love this so much!!!
i love it so much; and wow...I love this!!!
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this is definitely my cup of tea.. *grins*