Apart Part I

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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“I can’t believe you were staring at my wife—”


“Baek, I wasn’t—”


“Not to mention, you were staring at her —”


“What, would you have liked it better if I was staring at her s instead?”










Oh my God, you bury your face in both hands, wanting to just stop walking entirely and cry in the corner of the sidewalk because this is just too goddamn embarrassing.


“ByunBaek, for the ten thousandth time, I wasn’t staring at her —”


“Yes, you were, you ! You were totally checking out my wife’s round, squishy —”


“I don’t want to hear you referring to her like that ever again and for God’s sake, Baek, I was not checking out her !”


You send a glance to each man, sighing inwardly as you do so because this whole thing is stupid. “Guys, I’m right here,” you say, “And I’m flattered to hear how fond and protective my husband is over my but can you two do me a favor and just shut. the. hell. up?”


But, of course, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are still busy arguing with each other without giving a bull’s crap about your existence. Talking about your and who’s salivating over whose wife’s are apparently the most important things to be discussed in Baekhyun’s poor narrow life.


Your husband is walking with angry stomps in his feet, just half a meter ahead of you. The other man—our poor, giant victim, Park Chanyeol—tries to match his steps and surely it comes easy because have you seen his long legs? Baekhyun needs to take two strides to beat every step he takes.


“You’re imagining things, Baek!


“Oh sure, you giant-eared ! Let’s just pretend that the drool that dripped down your chin like a freaking waterfall was purely my imagination—”


“But that’s true!”






“BOYS, ENOUGH ALREADY!” You scream when those retarded men begin to yank on each other’s hair—or to be exactly clear, Baekhyun was trying to do so but the other guy is taller than him so he ends up trying to land a few punches to Chanyeol’s stomach while the other man is busy trying to push him away by placing a hand on his head and pushing back. You push Chanyeol to the side and back hug Baekhyun to stop him from leaping out to assault his best friend.


“BYUN BAEKHYUN, ENOUGH!” You shout, face flaming red from the bubbling anger and the second embarrassment you have to endure from having your husband fighting in public with his best friend over your pregnant —which, by the way, is not something you can be proud of lately because ever since you got pregnant, you’ve been gaining a bit weight and it makes your look, well… less magnificent than how it used to (Baekhyun’s words, not yours). “Baek, I’m gonna bite your ear off Luis Suárez-style if you do not stop acting like an idiot right now, I swear to God, I will!”


This has been going on for a while. To be more precise, Baekhyun and Chanyeol have been bickering about your magnificent pregnant since last night after the three of you went home from your prenatal yoga class. To keep your body in shape, you’ve always been doing yoga by yourself. You used to go to this private yoga class downtown nearly everyday after your tutoring session ended—but that was before you got knocked up with tiny evil baby byun. Taking yoga classes was refreshing and healthy, and unlike Baekhyun who spent his day munching off potatoes while watching re-runs of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you liked to keep your body in check so you did it pretty often. Of course, ever since you got pregnant, you haven’t been exercising properly and that is why, you decided to take a prenatal yoga class last night. Baekhyun didn’t want to let you go by yourself so he tagged himself along, but because he was a cocky , he thought that it would be lame—and perhaps, embarrassing—to be the only guy there being surrounded by a bunch of pregnant women. Thus, he dragged Chanyeol along with him to accompany his misery. The poor dude had to close his bar early that night. The things he did for his friend…


The yoga class went well, actually, if you ignored the fact that Baekhyun was endlessly busy throwing glares and scolding Chanyeol to “Stop staring at her !” for approximately two hours you were there. Considering the lack of spaces, Baekhyun and Chanyeol had to bring their borrowed yoga mats to the end of the room, just a meter away behind you. Baekhyun wanted to be beside you, of course, but the yoga instructor was a middle-aged lady with a scary- unibrow and Baekhyun was too much of a wimp to actually dismiss her order to do yoga at the back of the room. So he was there, sitting on his mat just beside Chanyeol, while kept on checking your condition just in case you exercised too hard.


When the instructor told you to limber up and stretch your muscle, you did just that. You started on all fours, lifting your back upward in a stretched, arched position, and exhaled after taking a deep breath. Of course that move provided the two wolves behind you a perfect scenery of your but you didn’t care much about it because a) this was one of the perfectly normal limber-up exercises; b) you did not intend to make this look ual whatsoever; and c) Baekhyun was your husband so clearly, you didn’t have a problem with him ogling his eyes at your , and you thought Chanyeol was too much of a gentleman to be checking on his friend’s .


But things went to hell when Baekhyun—according to his assumption and his assumption only, of course—caught Chanyeol drooling over your . There were insults being thrown between hisses, and the instructor was just a second away from throwing those two dorks out of the class. You tried to defend Chanyeol, because really, he wasn’t the type to be checking out some girl’s , right? If it was Lu Han, you would’ve agreed with Baekhyun right away—hell, you would probably be the first one to kick his balls to Timbuktu—but Chanyeol? The man who still couldn’t get over his wife even after he signed their divorce papers—that Chanyeol?


“You keep on taking Chanyeol’s side,” Baekhyun said that night as he slipped under the covers, ready to go to sleep after a hard day in yoga class. “I don’t like it when you keep taking his side.”


You didn’t say anything and just lay down beside him after turning off your bedside lamp. You placed an arm over your forehead, facing the ceiling and closing your eyes.


Annoyed because he was being ignored, Baekhyun turned to you and lay on his side. “Hey, I’m talking to you.”


“I heard you,” you replied, almost like murmuring in the middle of your sleep from the way your voice sounded so slurred and lazy. You were just so tired and you felt like there was no more strength left in your body to keep you away from sleeping till morning. But of course, your husband wouldn’t shut up until he got what he wanted to hear.


“Then why don’t you answer me?”


“I thought you were just mumbling out stuff.”


“I wasn’t mumbling out stuff! I’m pissed because you keep on defending Chanyeol when it’s obvious he just spent two hours staring at your !”


“He wasn’t staring at my .”


“He WAS!”


Baek,” you sighed, shifting your body so you begin to lie on your side as well but facing the opposite direction. “Honey, I love you, but I’m so tired right now. I can barely open my eyes so… Can we please let this go?”


Baekhyun was scowling at your back and you could feel his gaze boring at the back of your head. He soon gave up with a huff, pulling the duvet up until it reached his chin. “Whatever,” he said, “You know, I understand that you feel sorry for him for the he’s been through, but it doesn’t make it okay for you two to be that close with each other.”


“Baekhyun, we’re just friends…”


He didn’t say anything back after that, but you swore you heard him murmuring something along the line “Friends don’t stare at one another like that.”


And that’s dumb, right?


It’s like Baekhyun is talking about how you have a huge crush on Chanyeol—when you absolutely don’t—and as if Chanyeol was crushing on you as well—which, you assumed, he certainly was not and will not for like, ever. It doesn’t make any sense. The three of you are just friends! Sure, you’ve become a lot closer to Chanyeol in the last few days but that’s just because a) your girl friend is almost unreachable at all times; b) Lu Han is having, apparently, the busiest time of his life and it was impossible to contact him too; and c) Baekhyun’s schedule has turned into a giant pile of unorganized crap because his concert tour starts in less than a month and he hasn’t even finished planning his rundown, let alone packing and so, it’s impossible to have a nice quality time with your husband like how you used to be. Having no other decision, you turn your head to Chanyeol who always greets you with a smile and a glass of healthy orange juice whenever you come to his bar.


You’ve always thought that spending time with Chanyeol was like a win-win solution where you could say and complain everything about the ups and downs of being pregnant, and you could help him feel less alone too. He really needs a friend at times like this, right? And it seems like you’re his only option too.


So why is it so wrong to befriend someone who has become a great part of your life for years?


And today, on this beautiful Sunday morning, Baekhyun is still not letting go over that matter because, well, he’s an like that. You feel sorry for Chanyeol and you feel absolutely thankful that he still wants to come along with you and your dumb husband to meet up with your doctor. Today marks the nineteenth week ever since you first knew you got pregnant and that means, you can find out the of your precious little baby Byun today.


“Guys, can we just—” You slip yourself between the two men who are about to start shoving—or tickling?—each other over their silly argument. “Can we just please stop talking about my and just focus on the baby instead?”


Baekhyun keeps scowling at Chanyeol but he soon huffs and wraps a protective arm along your shoulder. You could’ve sworn you just saw Chanyeol rolling his eyes on the side. You throw Chanyeol an apologetic look and the tall man returns it with a small, amused look on his face. You’re glad he’s not that upset yet.


“What do you think?” you ask, leaning your head against your husband’s shoulder. “Do you think we’re having a boy?”


“A boy sounds great!” Chanyeol chimes in, walking beside you. “I can already imagine little baby Byun playing together with his favorite Uncle Chanyeol—”


“Shut up, Yeol, no one cares about your goddamn opinion,” Baekhyun hisses back and you poke him on the side of his stomach because, “That’s not nice, Baekgu. I won’t let our child hang around you if you keep talking like that.”


“And Uncle Chanyeol will keep him company instead~” Chanyeol sticks his tongue out to the other man and Baekhyun almost leaps out to grab his collar. The taller man ends up laughing because teasing Byun Baekhyun is always cute, no matter how old they already are.


“But what if I want to have a girl?” Baekhyun asks, a moment later after he successfully landed a low kick to the back of Chanyeol’s knee (your husband moved too fast for you to stop him). “What if I want to have a baby girl and name her—”


“We’re not going to name her PoongPoong.”


“But just think about it—”


“We are not gonna name her PoongPoong!”


“But PoongPoong is like hella adorable—”


We are not gonna name her PoongPoong!


“Okay, okay!” Baekhyun shouts, wincing as he covers both of his ears with his hands. “Jesus Christ, woman, you’re gonna bust my eardrums!”


Chanyeol hums, thinking over it. “I think PoongPoong is cute thou—”


Don’t. You. Dare,” you hiss back before he can even finish his line. Chanyeol presses his lips tightly to each other and makes a zipping move over his mouth to assure you that he’s got his mouth shut for the rest of the walk there.


“This stings,” Baekhyun grumbles, pouting as he walks with his head down beside you. “I thought as a married couple, we would talk about this and be considerate to each other’s interest.”


“Oh my God,” you groan, exhaling impatiently. “We’re talking about you wanting to name our child PoongPoong so you can call her ‘My PoongPoongie’ to satisfy your Cheon Song Yi fanboy needs. Stop making it sound like I’m the only one who gets to order craps around here, okay, I’m not that mean!”


“But I’ve fantasized of having a child named PoongPoong for so long—”


“Five months ago you didn’t even want to have a kid—”


“Now, now, Sweetheart, let’s not be too concerned with the details, okay?” Baekhyun says, pecking you on the cheek and you just roll your eyes in return because this is so Byun Baekhyun: providing ual favors for you so he can get his way. “Honey, just imagine this for me, all right?” he says, his eyes full of wonders. “Imagine us, going to the park in a Sunday morning. Imagine me buying you an ice cream and as you take a little break on the side, you’ll see me there, running along with our child, throwing Frisbee and tells her to go catch it—”


“Our baby is not a dog!”


Baekhyun’s imaginative eyes quickly transform into a scowl. “Well at this rate, I’m gonna buy myself a dog and name it PoongPoong because you’re a mean woman who won’t even let me live my fantasy for real!”


“We are not gonna name her PoongPoong, Baek, and that’s final!”


Baekhyun squints his eyes at you, his eyebrows knitting in disapproval. “Fine,” he says, “You can name her whatever you want. But if we’re having a boy, then I get to name him and you can’t say anything about it.”


You think about it for a few seconds. Well, it only sounds fair that way. “Deal,” you say, shaking the hand he’s offering you and Baekhyun looks simply satisfied. “As long as you don’t name him Elvis, I’m good.”


“Well, me!” he curses, throwing his face away and stomps one foot to the ground. “Can’t a man have a little freedom around here?!”


“Face it, Baekgu. Your naming sense .”


“What am I going to name him then? Byun Elvis is the bomb—why can’t you understand that?!”


“Sorry, but no,” you reply, smiling and patting his cheek. “And keep belting out the F word, honey, and we’ll find out whether it’s more comfortable to sleep on the floor than on the bed.”


Chanyeol seems to be having a great time listening to your bickering. “Oh my God,” he comments, chuckling like a creep as he walks beside you. “You two are hilarious. One thing, though. Has ByunBaek always been this whipped around you?”






You can sense a headache coming. Today is going to be a long day.




You’re having twins.”


There’s a long pause, filling the room, and all you and Baekhyun could do at the moment is just stare at the crazy fifty years-old woman who sits in front of you with your sonogram photo in hand.


Baekhyun closes his gaping mouth and asks again, worried if his ears had defied him before. “C-come again, doctor?”


“I said, you guys are having twins,” she repeats, busying herself with writing down some prescriptions for your nausea and vitamin needs. She says her line as if she were a news anchor, telling a boring fact like more dolphins were dying because of humans’ tardiness in protecting the environment. No smile, no “Ay-yo, congratulations, you lucky heads!”, no “I am sorry to say this but you two look like you don’t have enough money to spend on a single baby—but oh, would you look at that? You have another baby on board! CONGRATULATIONS!” Nothing.


But holy crap, that news almost knocked you down to the ground.


“We’re…” Baekhyun swallows, his voice sounds too quiet as if he was scared to speak. “W-we’re having twins?”


The doctor lifts up her head, staring flatly at Baekhyun with two, immensely bored eyes and says, “Honey, you’re cute. But I don’t have forever to keep telling you the same thing, so I’m just gonna say it one more time and that’s it. Yes. You are having twins. And they’re both girls.”


“I…” Baekhyun blinks twice, a breath getting hitched on his throat. He tilts his head to the side, looking at you and gripping your hand tighter in his. “D-did you hear that? We’re having twins… B-both girls, she said…”


Of course, you heard. You’re kind of wishing you could unhear it, actually.




Two babies…?


Two little baby girls…?


That means you have to re-count everything, right? Twice the expenses, twice the responsibility, twice the pain you have to endure during labor. And double the chance of failing in becoming a good mother.


You can actually hear the tremble in your voice. “Y-yeah…” Baekhyun’s gonna freak out, you scream inside your mind, he’s gonna freak out, he’s totally gonna freak out—I’M FREAKING-OUT right now! We’re not ready for this—oh my God, Baekhyun’s going to be—


You finally have the courage to lift up your face and stare directly at your husband’s eyes, anticipating the anxiety attack that’s probably going to hit him like a storm in about a few seconds from now.


Except not, because Baekhyun is radiating with joy.


“I can’t believe this,” he says, his face splitting in half from how wide he smiles. His voice trembles as well but it sounds like nothing but a pure bliss. “We’re having twins—oh my God, Sweetheart, we’re having twins!” He leaps out from his seat and tackles you in a teddy bear hug. “We’re having twins—we’re—” and he begins to produce these tiny little sounds between a sob and a laugh and it’s all new and unfamiliar to your ears. “I can’t believe this… Two little baby girls, oh God…”


You embrace him back, rubbing his shaking shoulders to soothe him down. Eventually he starts to pull away. His eyes appear to be a bit watery but his grin still blooms wide on his face. He tries to speak but he fails halfway and just goes back to hugging you again. The way he squeezes you is almost like a little boy, finally getting to meet his favorite soccer player in person. You can hear his laugh, flowing from his thin lips but weirdly, it isn’t contagious enough to keep you away from the fact that you’re still freaking out of your mind right now.


“Y-yeah,” you say, wincing as your heart thumps faster. “I… can’t believe this too…”


“God, I feel like I’m gonna explode!” Baekhyun says, pulling you away from the hug just so he can lock your gaze together as he speaks. “I’m just so… I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy—this is unbelievable!”


You try to smile back and you don’t know if it’s because of how happy he is or just how a good liar you are, but Baekhyun doesn’t seem to notice the horrified feeling you have bubbling inside your chest.


Everything goes so fast, you can’t seem to understand anything that the doctor tells you about. It’s like your soul is flying out your body, leaving it in a co-pilot mode where all you can do is just sit there and breathe. Baekhyun seems excited and he sincerely takes notes of what the doctor says, making a few reminders in his phone to keep your and the baby’s health in check.


You can’t focus. All that you can think about is that you’re going to give birth to two babies and that changes everything. You’re ready for one. You know your family can manage to have one baby on board. But two? You already feel like you’re on the verge of throwing up just by thinking about how you’re going to pay up for their education at the same time; or how you’re going to handle them with no experience in being a mother for two. This takes more responsibility and that scares you.


“Thank you so much, Doctor,” your husband says, standing up to shake the doctor’s hand and bows her goodbye. Baekhyun’s words startle you and you nearly fall from your seat before he takes your hand and pulls you up to your feet. You didn’t realize how anxious you were until he touches you.


“You okay, Sweetheart?” Baekhyun asks, frowning in concern. “You seem a little… jumpy.”


“M-me?” You say, faking a laugh. It sounds horrible. “I’m just… I’m still getting used to the news, I guess…”


“Such a great news, isn’t it?” Baekhyun replies, his wonderful smile appears on his lips again. “I can still feel my heart racing. Come on, we need to tell Chanyeol. He’s gonna be so psyched!”


And you let him pull your hand, dragging you away with him in a hurry. You can still feel how your knees tremble beneath you. Your stomach swirls in uneasiness and you won’t even be surprised if you start having a cold sweat at this point.


“CHANYEOL!” Baekhyun shouts loudly as soon as he exits the check-up room. Everyone in the waiting room immediately starts looking at him with curious gazes or disturbed frowns on their faces. Baekhyun can’t care any less.


Chanyeol was drinking half of his banana milk when Baekhyun suddenly erupted from the room. Surprised, he spilled his drink on his shirt and coughed loudly for a few times. “W-what?!” he asks, wincing but getting up from his seat just in case something bad happened. “D-did something happen to the baby?”


Without uttering a word, Baekhyun ditches you and your two soon-to-be little baby byuns to run to his best friend’s side and shrouds him with a giant hug that’s successfully crossing the “Normal Bro Hug” line. “WE’RE HAVING TWINS!” He says, clutching his hands along Chanyeol’s neck and pulls the other man close to his chest. It’s not manly in the slightest—and people would probably think they’re a gay couple that just hired a random woman with good genes to mix their together with her egg so they could have their own baby, but Baekhyun decides he doesn’t give any crap about it. His just manages to land two fetuses on your belly in one try—if that’s not a freaking manly- thing to do, then what is?


“We’re having twins…?” Chanyeol asks, mouth agape. “W-we’re having twins?!”


“YES! TWO BABY GIRLS!” Baekhyun says and that does it. Chanyeol screams, so loudly and so happily, and embraces the other man in a tighter hug. “OH MY GOD, BAEKHYUN, WE’RE HAVING TWINS!”


“WE'RE HAVING TWINS CHANYEOL CAN YOU BELIEVE IT WE’RE HAVING TWINS!” Baekhyun continues yelling without taking a pause. The two man suddenly forget their actual age and begin jumping around like two hyperactive kids seeing PlayStation for the first time. Somewhere in the corner, though, there’s a little boy, probably not more than ten year-old, pointing at them and asking his parent, “How can two guys have a baby together, Mama?”


You want to smile and join them in their own, weird, celebration dance, but you can’t. Maybe you can lie to everyone—even to your own husband, but to yourself? It’s impossible. You know you’re happy—of course, you are. You’re so glad to have not one, but two healthy babies inside of your stomach but all you can really feel right now is fear.


You begin to fear the future.



It’s by 11.50 a.m when you finally reach your apartment. You feel mentally drained, and your nausea just keeps getting worse. It’s probably acting up due to stress you’re having. This is not good.


“I’m going to take a shower,” you say, taking off your coat and closing your eyes for a few seconds when you feel a head-splitting pain entering your mind. It comes and goes as more seconds pass by.


“You okay?” your husband asks, closing the front door and making sure it’s locked.


You throw a smile over your shoulder. “I’m fine. Just craving for some hot water on my skin.” The situation seems familiar. You can’t believe this is happening all over again to you, being swallowed by your own fear and anxiety like this.


“Okay,” you hear him says. You don’t want to stay in the same room with him at the moment, afraid that he’ll notice how worried sick you are with all of this. But before you can walk away, Baekhyun has one hand reaching out to grab yours. In a swift movement, he twirls your body around until you end up in his embrace with your hands placed on his chest.


“You are…” he starts, his voice softer than a whisper when he stares at you with an adoring gaze. His lips are constantly pulled into a smile, looking so proud and handsome that way. “...the best thing that ever happened to me.”


You freeze. His words feel like a javelin, striking through your heart in one try.


Before you can even blink or blush over his unexpected comment, Baekhyun cups one of your cheeks with his palm and lifts your face up to kiss you. It’s soft and gentle, the way he presses his lips to yours—something that has become one of his habits these days. It doesn’t always happen every time. He rarely kisses you like this because your husband is more like a man of passion rather than affection. So it’s not too much for you to say that this still makes your skin tingles in response.


But it doesn’t feel right. Not right now.


You are the first one to break the kiss. You give out a futile attempt in creating small chuckles as you begin to look away, patting his shoulders with both hands. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me too, Baekgu,” you say and that’s not a lie, but even you can hear the blandness in your voice when you speak. You quickly give him a peck on his cheek and turn around, wanting to be apart as soon as possible. “I’m—I’m just going to take a shower first, okay?”


Oh God, that was so awful. He’s gonna find out.


“Hey, wait.”


See? You sigh and turn around, nibbling on your lower lip because it’s obvious that you’re going to disappoint him with this. You’re not the best thing that ever happened to him. You’re the worst.


The absolute worst.


Baekhyun hasn’t even said anything and yet, you find yourself crying as you stand there alone, feeling like the world is falling under your feet. “I’m sorry,” you say, emotions going out of control. “Baekhyun, I’m sorry—I’m so sorry—”


“Hey, hey, hey,” your husband quickly runs to your spot, holding you around your waist with one hand while the other one is checking on the expression you have on your face. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”


“I’m scared,” you confess, wrapping your arms around his neck as you sob to his chest. “I’m scared. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, Baek—I—”


“Hey, calm down,” he says and you can practically feel the panic that starts to creep up in his voice as well. He probably notices how your body is shaking right now. “Hey, come on, honey, breathe okay? You’re scaring me.”


You begin to sob violently, losing half of your breath every time you try to breathe in. Baekhyun frowns in concern, finally taking a decision to sweep you off your feet and carry you in his arms until he can lay your body down to the bed. “Come on, talk to me,” he says, placing some pillows near the headboard so you can rest your head there. You curl into a ball, burying your face in a pillow and cry to it because you don’t think you can explain this to him well.


“Sweetheart, I’m not gonna be mad at you,” Baekhyun says in the gentlest voice you’ve ever heard. He’s displaying a soft smile on his face, tenderly pushing your hair away from your tear-streaked face and stroking it to soothe you down. “Whatever it is you have to say to me, I won’t get mad at you, so please… Talk to me, okay?”


It takes a few more minutes for you to recollect yourself before you can speak properly. “I…” You swallow, your tears threatening to fall again everytime you try to talk. “I’ve always prepared myself to have a child w-with you—I’ve always w-wanted to, Baek, y-you know that, right?”


“Of course, of course,” he says, nodding and tucking a few strands of hair to the back of your ear.


“I—I think…” You take a deep breath and you can feel your body shuddering as you do so. “I think we can manage to… to raise a baby together… I’m sure we can do this… But I never t-thought that we’d be h-having—”


Twins,” he finishes, realization falls upon him. “And you’re scared we’re not going to be able to handle this.”


You nod, your lower lip trembling. “We haven’t planned this, Baek… We never planned to have twins…”


Baekhyun stares in silence before he finally looks away from you with a pair of sad eyes. He turns around, sitting on the side of the bed so that all you can see is his back, looking broad and strong but also tiny in a way. And that already makes you want to kill yourself because how could you hurt him this way?




“You know, I…” He says, abruptly disrupting himself with a small laugh in the middle of his line. “You know, I’ve been trying to deal with this all day in my head. About us, having two babies in the near future. About us, having to live in an apartment with one bedroom when we’re supposed to have at least three. About me, not having a permanent job to support our family—”


“Baek,” you quickly says, sitting up and immediately hug him from behind. “Baekhyun, I’m sorry, I—this is not because of you, I’m just—”


“But, you see,” Baekhyun untangles your arms from his body. You panic but it slightly wavers away when he tilts his body slightly to see you face-to-face. “I don’t care.


“W-what…?” you ask, another tear falling down to your cheek. Baekhyun smiles with his lips pressed tightly, wiping your teardrops away with his thumb.


“I don’t care,” he repeats, “I’ve made up my mind when I agreed with you that night that we were gonna have a kid together. Having twins doesn’t change anything for me, Sweetheart. Yes, we’ll have bigger expenses. Yes, we need a bigger house. Yes, we’re gonna have a much greater responsibility, but I’m having kids together with you. I’m not alone and that’s why I’m not worried.” He palms your cheek, and you sigh at the familiar warmth he provides. “We’re gonna have two adorable little baby girls. Just let that sink in into your head. How do you feel?”


You don’t even need time to think. “Happy.”


“Exactly,” he agrees, smiling a bit wider. “The thought of them makes me unable to worry about anything else at the moment. Just like you said, I’m just so, so happy, right now.”


“Me too,” you whisper, biting your lower lip to stop you from sobbing hard again. After you tried to put aside your concerns and anxiety for a second there, you realized that Baekhyun is right. The thought of having two beautiful babies, sitting on your lap while playing with your hair, and throwing smiles that will look exactly like Baekhyun’s, make your heart burst in a new, unfamiliar joy as if you never got to experience happiness in your whole life.


“Sweetheart, I know this will be hard,” Baekhyun says, voice filled with reassurance. “And it’s perfectly normal for you to feel like this, it’s okay. But you know we’re going to be fine as long as we have each other’s back, right? You still trust me, don’t you?”


With my life,” you say, smiling earnestly for the first time today. “I trust you more than anything in the world, Baekhyun…”


He mirrors it with a boyish grin. “Well, then we’re gonna be fine. There’s a will, there’s a way, haven’t you heard of that saying? If we’re gonna do this, I need to know that you want to do this.”


“I do,” you immediately reply, nodding thrice before Baekhyun chuckles and leans in to kiss your temple. “Of course, I want to, Baek. They’re our children.”


“Good,” he whispers, keeping your forehead pressed to his. “Now tell me you love me so I can kiss you and press my ear to your belly again. Our daughters are waiting for me.”


You laugh, eyes crinkling at the ends. “I love you,” you say, leaning into the kiss and you can practically taste his smile. “I love you so much, Byun Baekhyun.”


“I love you too, but Sweetheart? You’re a ,” he says, kissing your cheek once before he crawls forward until you find yourself lying on your bed. “You should say thank you to God for giving you such a strong-hearted husband like me.”


“Yeah, you seem way more mature than me today,” you reply, half-giggling between your sentence. “Why is that? I thought you were gonna freak-out about this whole thing.”


“Oh I freaked-out, all right?” he says, pecking your nose before he kisses you lower and lower, not stopping until he s your shirt and presses a final kisses to your navel. “But I figured I’ve had enough amount of freaking out back in my old days so maybe it’s time for me to be the stronger one in our relationship—just for a change.” He kisses your stomach a few times again before he blows to your skin, making you giggle. “Hello, little byuns, Daddy Baek is here~”


“Remember that we’re having two girls,” you say, glancing at your husband who’s busy pressing his ear to your stomach to listen to the bubbly sounds behind the skin. He once said it was his way to communicate with the baby inside your belly—well, now, babies.


“I don’t think I’ll be able to forget.” He closes his eyes and listens to the sound of your stomach. “Oh what’s that? You think Baekhyunnie-appa is the most handsome guy on earth? Oh you little flirty cutie pies, you~”


You chuckle, shaking your head in amusement. “You know that one day, these girls are going to grow up into two pretty ladies and have their own boyfriends, right?”


Baekhyun freezes before he lets out a grunt. You can see him pouting over the topic. “They're not gonna get boyfriends, okay, don’t be silly,” he says, mouthing to your tummy again. “You two will be with daddy forever, right? Yes, you will~ Of course, you will~”


“You sound ridiculous.”


“We still have many years ahead of us, Sweetheart, don’t get too hasty,” your husband says, winking at you. Baekhyun begins to blow raspberry on your bare skin, resulting in a tickling sensation that makes you giggle. “PoongPoongie~ Daddy’s here for you~”


“I thought we weren’t gonna call our daughter ‘PoongPoong’—”


“Honey, we get two girls, okay? We can have one for each of us and you can take one and go name her whatever you want. You can even name her something like G-Dragon and I won’t even complain—”


“Who the hell’s gonna name her daughter G-Dra—”


“And I’m gonna name her PoongPoong, so it’s a win-win solution for all of us. Yaay~”


“One day that PoongPoong is gonna kill you in your sleep.”


“She’s gonna love me.”


“For naming her ‘PoongPoong’? I doubt it.” And your line continues with a train of laughter because Baekhyun doesn’t hold himself back from tickling you until you cry again from laughing too much. “I give up, I give up!”


“Weren’t you going to take a shower?” Baekhyun says, sitting up and hopping down the bed. He runs a hand through his hair once before it goes down to his white shirt. “I thought you had a promise to go see someone this evening.”


You prop a hand to support your head, enjoying the sight of your husband undressing himself in front of you. “Yeah, strip for me, baby~”


“Shut up,” he laughs, throwing his shirt to your face. “I can’t believe you just sobbed like a donkey half an hour ago.”


“Hey, a girl can appreciate a nice good looking man stripping in front of her anytime she wants, okay?” you say, sitting up on your bed. “And it’s not just someone. I’m meeting Mrs. Park.”


“Oh, you are?” Baekhyun blinks in surprise, standing shirtless in front of you with his jeans ed. “I’m meeting Chanyeol too tonight. You think we can get them to see each other at the bar?”


“I don’t think they want to, Baek…” you sigh, uneasy feelings swirling inside your chest. “I mean, think about it. Would you want to see the person you’re planning to divorce?”


Baekhyun dwells in silence for a moment, quietly taking a fresh new towel from the cupboard. “I just want them to be okay, you know?”


“Me too,” you reply, eyes drooping down. “I’ll ask her if she wants to see him anyway. Worth a shot, right?”


Baekhyun smiles, walking closer to the bed with his towel hanging around his neck. “Right,” he says, taking your hand and pulling you down from the bed. “But for now, let’s talk about us and how I want to have a nice hot shower with my wife.”


“Will I get a shoulder massage in there?”


“Maybe~” he winks and it takes you less than a second to jump into the shower with him. Shoulder massage or not, shower time with Byun Baekhyun is always something to look forward to.




“Hey!” You wave a hand the second she comes into your vision. “Over here!”


Your one and only girl friend since high school almost leaps in joy when she spots you sitting in one of the back tables at a small, cute café that just opened three weeks ago in Seoul. She quickly runs to your spot, her long brown hair getting unruly under the wind of the late spring. She wears a baby pink coat with a white pleated chiffon dress underneath it, matching the colors of her pale cheeks that begin to blush from the weather—she always has a weak tolerance against cold. She looks just as cheery as always, exactly the same like how she used to be back in college when she was still dating Chanyeol. Her smile is still the same; her eyes are still round and pretty, wide with affection and hidden excitement. It’s until she walks closer and blankets your body with a hug that you begin to realize how thin she really is under that fluffy coat she wears. There are still dark circles that appear faintly under her eyes even though you know she’s been trying to conceal them with her make-up. Her cheekbones are more protruding now despite the fact that you used to call her ‘big baby’ because she still had her baby fat on her cheeks.


She greets you with a small peck to your cheek and begins to tell how much she missed you and how sorry she is for not being able to see you for months because of her work. You try not to look too suspicious whenever she starts talking about this so called concert she’s having but she probably notice how you’re getting better at reading her lies. It doesn’t make her stop bluffing though. It only makes her feel more guilty by the second.


You’re already beginning to look so worried over her condition so that’s probably why she immediately changes the subject. “Oh my God, you’re already this big!” she says, looking at the bump on your stomach. “How old is your pregnancy today?”


“Almost five months old,” you reply, trying to mask your worried face better. You know how much she wants to pretend that everything is okay with her and for some reasons, it still hurts you to know that she doesn’t trust you enough to ask for your help. But at the moment, you just really want her to be okay. “Hey, I’ve missed you!” you say, “How are you?”


“I’m good,” she says with a smile, nodding as she takes a seat in front of you. “I’m feeling great. My work has been going so well.”


“Yeah, you told me that already,” you smile back and just stare for a few seconds, trying to identify the lie underneath her words. “But you’re… happy, right?”


Her jaw clenches, looking frozen just for a split second before she breaks down into a smile again. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”


She really doesn’t want to tell me anything, you think, sighing inwardly. She begins to look uncomfortable, continuously smiling to make up what’s lacking in your conversation. You quickly clear your throat, sitting up straighter on your seat. “You want to order something? I heard that the green tea latte one is the most recommended drink here.”


“Well then, I’m just gonna try that,” she says, pushing back the menu book you offered her and just decides to trust your choice. You call the waiter and order it for two. “Congratulations on being pregnant, by the way,” she says, taking your hand that’s been lying idly on the table and giving it a squeeze. “I’ve never said it to you directly so… Yeah, I’m very happy for you, sister.”


You smile back. “Thanks.”


“Have you asked the doctor whether it’s a boy or a girl yet?”


“I just did this morning, actually.” You let out a small laugh, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. “The doctor said they’re both girls.”


They’re?” Your friend frowns before realization hits her like a wave. “Oh my God! You’re having twins?!”


“I am,” you say, laughing at her excitement. “I’m still freaking out a little bit because of it.”


“This is AMAZING!” She almost jumps off her seat. “Oh my God, honey, I’m so happy for you!” This time, she does fall out from her chair, running to embrace you like how she used to do back in college and all of a sudden, you feel like you’re back in your young days—just two girls, having fun, laughing together at what the future has in store for them. You’re torn between feeling sad and happy because you know that despite all of her affection towards you, she’s broken inside. It tears you apart to know you’re having so much joy while all she gets to taste is the harsh side of reality.


You stand up and hug her back, not intend to let go anytime soon but then her joyful laughter begins to decease into small sobs. It takes you two more seconds to realize that she’s crying. You call out her name, frowning when she begins to hug you tighter and cries to the crook of your neck. Her whole shoulders tremble; her fingers clutching tightly to the back of your coat.


I’m getting a divorce,” she confesses between small sobs, loud enough for you to hear but quiet enough to not gain attention from the people around the café. A shiver runs down your spine. This is the first time she ever sounds this heartbroken.


“Hey, it’s all right,” you immediately say, running your hands up and down her back to calm her down but it doesn’t work at all. She’s breaking apart.


“I don’t know what to do…” She crumbles, crying softly but the amount of pain you can witness in her voice is the same as if you were hearing her sobbing her heart out. “Everything is ruined… Why is everything so ruined?”


You can’t even ask questions without being afraid that you might be tearing new fresh wounds to her heart. How can you help her when you don’t know what the problem is? You want to scream, force her to sit down and make her tell everything that happened to you, but of course, you can’t. It doesn’t work that way.


“I’m here for you,” you can only promise her that as you rub her back. “Whatever happens, I’m on your side.”


She begins to sob a little louder this time, hanging on to you like she was holding on for dear life. “I’m so scared…”


Oh God, you shut your eyes, stroking her hair as you hold her close. Just please let her be okay. There’s nothing you can really do. “If there’s anything,” you say, pulling away to look at her eyes. “anything I can do to help you, please tell me.” She’s crying so much, it almost scares you that she won’t be able to stop. She only nods and hugs you again, muffling her sobs against the fabric of your coat.


When she’s finally able to find her voice back, all she can ask for is, “Can you please take me away from here?”


You immediately nod. “Where do you want to go?”


She pulls back from your embrace, smiling softly even though her tears are still falling. “Tomorrow will be the last day,” she says, wiping her own tears away between small laughter. “I know it’s dumb, but… I just want to see him for the last time, you know?”


And without asking for anything else, you her back to the place where she used to belong.


It rips you apart even more everytime she tries to be strong and keep herself in silence but if this is what she wants, then you have no objection for it. Because sometimes, people are not ready to tell about their pain because they don’t want it to be true. Seeing how she comes all the way here to see her husband before they part ways tomorrow, is clear enough for you to notice that not only is she running away from the fact that their marriage is ending, she’s also still holding onto one thing: hope.  She doesn’t want to be apart from him.


But life, as they say, doesn’t necessarily go the way you want to.




“Hey, buddy,” Baekhyun says to one of the waiters, looking all fresh and nicely dressed in a plain white shirt and a semi-formal black blazer. “Where’s your boss?”


“Good evening, Mr. Byun,” the younger boy quickly gives him a polite bow. “Mr. Park is still taking his break. He’s supposed to be back here an hour ago, actually… But you can probably see him back in his office. Do you want me to make a call and let him know you’re visiting?”


“Don’t worry, I know where he is, thanks,” Baekhyun smiles, tossing him some money. “Go get something to drink from the bar, Kid. You need to loosen up a little bit.” The young boy’s face light up in a grin.


“Thank you, Mr. Byun! Have a good day, sir!”


Baekhyun waves a hand over his shoulder before he goes to the end of the bar, opening the door that separates the place with the small alley behind it. Chanyeol rarely spends his free time in his office. He once said it made him look like he was much more superior than the others—although technically speaking, yes, he was the owner of the place, but he never liked to be treated differently.


“I hope you’re not ing over there, Yoda~” Baekhyun says the moment he spots Chanyeol squatting beside the exit door with a cigarette between his fingers. The taller man jolts in surprise and something falls out his grip. Baekhyun narrows his eyes, trying to figure out what it is and it’s a bit hard to do so considering the sun is already an hour away since it set and there’s really only one streetlight above them to make up for the lack of lighting.


“,” Baekhyun can hear Chanyeol murmurs under his breath. The tall man quickly kneels down, not caring if the ground was wet from the earlier rain, and begins to search frantically for the small thing. Baekhyun walks closer, his curiosity getting ahead of him and when he’s about to ask what is it, he sees something glinting under the dimmed light.


It’s a ring.


“Oh thank God,” Chanyeol breathes in relief, clutching the round object into his chest. His cigarette gets thrown to the ground but he can’t care about anything right now. After taking another deep breath, he wipes the gold thing with his shirt’s sleeve and quickly tucks it back inside his pocket. “Hey, ByunBaek,” he calls out, smiling at his friend as if he didn’t just witness the whole thing. “What’s up?”


Baekhyun blinks twice, staring at him. “Was that your wedding ring?”


“No,” Chanyeol hastily says, creating a series of awkward laughter to conceal his horrible attempt at lying. When Baekhyun starts to fold his arms on his chest and looks at him with his eyebrow raised, Chanyeol sighs, “I mean, yes… Yes, it’s my wedding ring. Well, not for long anyway…”


Baekhyun just stares for a few seconds, making Chanyeol’s skin tingle in discomfort. Baekhyun knows well that Chanyeol isn’t fond to be questioned about his personal life—especially when it has something to do with his wife—and Baekhyun respects his privacy. He really wants to help, though, and that’s what makes him frustrated because he can’t really do anything if Chanyeol doesn’t give him permission to do so.


“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun says, “I’m not gonna ask you why you’re here in the alley, smoking while staring at your wedding ring when you’re supposed to be back in your bar an hour ago—”




“I said, I’m not gonna ask,” Baekhyun repeats, tucking his hands inside his pockets. “I know you’re hurting, Yeol. I don’t know what kind of crap you’ve been through and I’m so mad at myself for how ty I am for not being able to help you—”


“Baekhyun—” This time, Chanyeol gets stop by a palm being raised to his face.


“Let me finish,” Baekhyun keeps going and his selfishness makes Chanyeol smile a little bit because it feels familiar. Even after all these things that happened, that trait of his still stays the same. “You’re my best friend, Yeol. You’re already like a family to me, man. But I can’t do anything for you if you won’t let me so I’m just gonna stand here and watch, because apparently that’s what you want me to do. Seeing my best friend fights against his misery alone.”


Chanyeol obviously can tell the sarcasm and the hidden meaning behind Baekhyun’s words. He’s forcing Chanyeol to talk to him about everything again, but only a bit subtler this time. It’s still hard for both men, though. Especially for Chanyeol, considering he doesn’t even know where to begin, so he says what he’s supposed to say—at least, according to himself.


“I appreciate what you’ve done, Baek,” Chanyeol says, taking his ring back from his pocket and staring at it with a pair of broken eyes. “You know why I haven’t told you yet about this?” he says, pointing the ring at his friend. “It’s because I’m not supposed to talk about it. It’s in the past. It doesn’t matter anymore. Tonight will be the last day I can refer to her as my wife, Baek. Tomorrow, everything will be settled. Tomorrow, we’ll be like strangers and that’s okay. It works for the best.”


Baekhyun gapes, the feelings of being hurt and shocked are gleaming in his eyes. “It’s really gonna be over?! It’s all gonna be settled tomorrow and you’re only telling me this now?!


“It’s not really something I want to announce to the world, you know,” Chanyeol timidly smiles, nodding once. “But yeah, I’m gonna be officially single again tomorrow.”


The way Chanyeol smiles sickens him. And before Baekhyun can re-evaluate his choices, he already has one hand around Chanyeol’s collar, pinning him to the wall. “Stop smiling, you !” Baekhyun screams, his tight grip nearly chokes the other man. “Don’t you dare go and pretend everything is all right, you’re making me sick!”


Chanyeol just stares back, not even lifting a finger to fight him back. “I’m sorry for that,” he coldly replies.


Baekhyun’s head nearly blows up. “I can’t believe—How can you let this happen?!” he yells, pinning him even harder to the wall. “What the heck is happening?! Why aren’t you trying to stop this?!”


Chanyeol’s gaze is dark and cold, but in front of Baekhyun, Chanyeol has never been a good liar.  He can always tell. “We’ll be happier this way, Baek.”


“The hell with that, Yeol!” At this point, Baekhyun nearly chokes his own friend. “I’ve seen you happy. And this?” he made a gesture to point at Chanyeol’s whole being. “You can’t fool anyone, Yeol. You were happy with her, and now you’re throwing all of it away?”


Chanyeol’s breathing begins to grow heavy. “I can’t fix this, Baek!”


“But I thought you loved her!”


I did!” Chanyeol roars back, keeping Baekhyun motionless on his feet. Baekhyun still has a scowl displayed on his face but the force he has around his hands begins to lessen. Chanyeol brings his gaze to the ground, not wanting to witness the disappointment Baekhyun has in his eyes. “I did love her, Baek... It’s just… It wasn’t enough.”


What wasn’t enough?”


“Everything.” And the way Chanyeol says it is not louder than a whisper—a small, broken confession from a man who has lost everything. “Love, faith, compassion—everything, Baekhyun. It’s all gone. She doesn’t trust me anymore.”


Baekhyun begins to loosen his grip. “What exactly have you done, Yeol?”


There’s an anger, gleaming in Chanyeol’s eyes for a few seconds there but it’s gone before his friend can decipher it well. Baekhyun can’t tell if it’s directed to anyone else or himself. Chanyeol doesn’t answer even when Baekhyun stands in silence and waits for him.


“Do you want to?” Baekhyun asks, taking his hand off Chanyeol’s collar. “Do you want to have everything back? To be with her again like how you used to?”


For a split second, Chanyeol has enough courage to stare at Baekhyun’s eyes but he soon looks away again. Even under the dimmed lighting, Baekhyun can see his friend’s eyes glinting with unshed tears. It’s a shame that Baekhyun can’t tell whether it comes from the pain or the anger that keeps building inside his chest.


“At this rate,” Chanyeol breathes out, “I don’t think it’s possible to fix things—“


“I’m not asking you whether you want to fix things or not,” Baekhyun says, almost growling considering his patience has become thinner and thinner over time. “I’m asking you whether you want to or not—”


“I have my wedding ring inside my pocket, Baek!” Chanyeol yells, suddenly bursting with uncontrolled temper once again. “I keep staring at the ring my wife once gave to me as a promise. I keep carrying it around with me, so what the do you think?!”


Baekhyun steps back, pulling away slowly from him with unblinking eyes. He’s still just as confused as before but somehow this time, he feels much, much worse.


It’s so obvious.


Chanyeol is still very much in love with her.


Then… why?


Why is he abandoning all of his happiness away?


“Since when, Yeol…?” Baekhyun asks, his posture seems rigid. He takes another steps back, letting his friend breathe. “Since when did you two begin to lose everything?”


Chanyeol freezes, almost looking like he’s not even breathing. Then he brings his head down, rubs a hand over the side of his face and closes his eyes. After a few seconds of trying to calm himself down, Chanyeol takes the ring out of his pocket.


“All I ask for, Baek…” Chanyeol says, taking Baekhyun’s hand and placing the ring to his friend’s smaller palm. Without staring into his eyes, Chanyeol closes his palm, leaving the ring to Baekhyun’s possession. “… is to forget and move on. Tonight will be the last time I’m going to remember her.”




“Baekhyun, please!” The grip around Baekhyun’s hand grows firmer that it begins to hurt. Chanyeol notices the way Baekhyun flinches in pain and he hastily lets go of his hand. Chanyeol looks taken aback, his irises quivering before he tears his gaze apart from the other man’s eyes. “I can’t…” He slides down the wall, sitting down on the ground with his hands yanking on his own hair. “I can’t sleep, Baek… I can’t rest—sometimes, I can’t even breathe… If I keep on thinking about this, I think I’m about to lose myself…”


Even from where he’s standing, Baekhyun can see the little fresh cuts Chanyeol has around his wrists. “Is that why you’re resorting to drugs again?” Baekhyun asks, and it scares him to hear how much disappointment he has in his voice.


Chanyeol surely notices that too. “Just so I can sleep,” he admits, biting on his lower lip so hard, he can almost taste copper in his mouth. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I won't do it again, Baek, I’m so sorry…”


“Jesus Christ,” Baekhyun exhales loudly, running a hand through his hair. Chanyeol looks so terrified of himself right now and Baekhyun is still very much clueless in finding ways to help him.


Baekhyun goes down to his knees as well, looking helpless and frustrated when his friend begins quietly sobbing to his own hands. Chanyeol used to cry loudly, like a little kid wanting to gain his parents’ attention; or a teenage girl having her heart broken for the first time because her boyfriend ended up cheating with her own friend. Chanyeol was never one to cry in silence, but today, Baekhyun can only hear soft sobs and sniffles if he really keeps his ears open wide. It somehow sounds ten times more heartbreaking than the other one.


Baekhyun waits for a few seconds more just to let Chanyeol breathe and keep his emotions back in a cage. “I thought you’ve gotten better, Yeol…” Baekhyun says, waiting patiently for the other man to be ready to speak again. “I really wanted you to get better…”


“I am,” Chanyeol says, laughing once though his voice still cracks with a muffled sob. “I am getting better, Baek. It’s okay, I only used it a few times—I won’t get addicted to it—”




“I won’t inject myself ever again, Baek, I promise—”


“You don’t have to promise me anything, goddammit,” Baekhyun says, sounding tired rather than angry. “Yeol, you’re not doing this for me. You’re doing this for yourself. You have to want to get better, not for my sake but yours. Go promise yourself that.”


Chanyeol seems a bit petrified for a moment before he weakly nods. “Okay…” he murmurs, closing his eyes again. “Okay…”


When Chanyeol appears to be better in holding himself still, Baekhyun lays the ring back to the other man’s hand. Chanyeol tries to refuse but Baekhyun strictly shakes his head no.


“Moving on doesn’t mean you need to throw everything away, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun says. “In fact, you’ll realize you’ve moved on for good when one day, you can take out this ring, look at it with your own eyes, and smile because all you’ll be able to remember is the good part that has become a part of you. Moving on is trying to get past the hardest thing in your life, and just think of it as another memory that’s worth remembering for—or at least, worth forgiving yourself for.”


Chanyeol stares back, his eyes wide in astonishment. “Forgive…?”


“Forgive,” Baekhyun nods, grinning as he places his hand over his friend’s head. “And if it makes you sick by thinking about it, then just don’t. Just stop thinking and talk to me. I’m probably not gonna help much, and there’s a fat chance where I’ll be making dumb, sarcastic comments over your problems but that’s what you need, right? A good, old friend, making jokes over your misery?”


Chanyeol gives a broken chuckle between his small sobs, smiling with an open mouth as he wipes his tears away with the heel of his palm. “You’re such an ,” Chanyeol says, his voice still cracks at the end of his line. “Why am I even friends with you?”


“Because I’m adorable, of course,” Baekhyun muses with an arrogant smirk. After giving Chanyeol’s head a few playful pats, he stands up and huffs loudly. “Now come on, Yoda. If you still want to be the uncle of my babies, you need to stand up, wipe your snot off your nose, and go back inside the bar because we have a show to start.” He pulls Chanyeol up to his feet by force, and the tall man almost trips over his own feet when his friend drags him forward, nearing the exit door.


The golden ring begins to feel warmer and warmer in his hand and Chanyeol figures that it may take a little while for him to stand by Baekhyun’s words, but it’s not impossible.


One day, he’ll get to smile again. Just like how he used to.


That’s the promise he’s going to hold for himself.




So this angsty crap is what you get for forcing me to write a new chapter when I have no exo feels whatsoever (because I'm so into Royal Pirates these days HAHAHAHA) but yeah, just to clarify something here, I don't give a crap about Baekhyun's dating life, okay? I didn't update for a while not because I was upset over his scandal but more because I was worried that you guys, my lovely precious readers, would be having a hard time in reading Baekhyun X OC fics when it's clear that Baekhyun already has his real 'sweetheart' and he doesn't even call her by that nickname. I was so worried you guys wouldn't read my story again so I decided to postpone it for a while. Sorry for that.

Sorry this chapter feels rushed and like, crappy as always, BUT WHO'S EXCITED FOR THE TWINS RAISE YOUR HAAAAANDSSSS BABIEEES~


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