Reunite Part II

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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You stand abruptly from your seat, almost knocking the chair down while you’re at it.




The Chinese man looks up with wide, surprised eyes before his mouth forms an equally excited grin that’s wide enough to make a dimple appear on one of his cheeks. Zhang Yixing literally screams your name out of excitement as he runs toward your spot, not caring how high class the place he’s in right now (you notice Kris face palming at the side of the table because of that). The bag he’s carrying gets thrown helplessly to the ground when he scoops you up in a bone-breaking hug. You can’t help but to laugh when he lifts you off your feet and spins you around in his embrace.


“Oh my God!” Yixing exclaims loudly when he puts you back down. “Am I dreaming?! Are you seriously here in front of my eyes to see?! Oh Santa, Christmas has come early—”


“Yixing, please tone your voice down,” Kris states, almost sounding too coldly even though you see a hidden smile on his lips.


Your giggle quickly turns into a laugh when Yixing ruffles your hair just like how he used to do to you back in that first year of high school. “Yes, Silly,” you reply, ducking away from his hand. “I’m really here.”


“Well, buy me a freaking unicorn so I can ride it and run into the sun,” Yixing blabbers and you almost roll your eyes because he still hasn’t changed at all. “Look, Kevin! She’s actually here! With us!”


“Yes, Yixing, I’ve noticed,” Kris replies with a sigh. “And I’ve told you to stop calling me that.”


“Look at him,” Yixing mocks, pointing his head to Kris’ direction. “Still grumpy as ever. He’s like a yeti with more stylish hair.”


You shake your head in amusement. “You haven’t changed too, you know. You’re still annoying.”


He leans close, a mischievous gleam appears in his eyes. “Am I really?”


You cheekily smile. “Only partially.”


“That’s my girl.” He ruffles your hair even more. “Come here, you little goofball,” he says before he crushes you with another hug. “Oh man, I missed you so much!”


“Yixing, I think you’re killing her.”


“Aaw, come here, Kevin. I’ll give you a hug too.”


“No, thank you.”


“Why so grumpy, Ben Ben~”


“Be quiet.”


When Yixing finally releases you, he takes a seat beside Kris, which makes him sit right in front of you in this huge, round table. He can’t keep his smile off his face and it’s really making you feel nostalgic and sad at the same time because you used to spend time with them together for so long and your gang would be complete if only Lu Han was here. It was unfortunate that he isn’t here now.


“So, what,” Yixing starts, “Did you two plan to have a dinner together? I thought it was just going to be you and me, Kris.” Then he realizes something. “Oh I’m sorry, how rude of me. I meant Kevin.”


Kris deeply sighs and rubs his temple. “You’re never going to stop calling me that, are you?”


“If you buy me cheesecakes for a week maybe I might.”


“Guys, seriously,” you say, holding back a laugh. “But no, I actually met him by coincidence today.”


“Ah, coincidence,” Yixing says dreamily, laying his chin on his palm. “Who doesn’t love coincidences? Is it a coincidence too that you happen to look like the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on?”


You roll your eyes. “Now you’ve become greasy too? What happened to the world? Are all guys that cheesy now?”


“But it’s true, though!” Yixing exclaims, looking to his side for support and pokes Kris on the cheek. “Kevin, tell her she’s the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”


“No.” Kris ducks his head away from his best friend’s hand. “And get off me.”


“Okay, say that she’s the most gorgeous girl you’ve ever laid your eyes then,” Yixing sneers, putting up that -eating-grin. “I know you think sooooo, Ben Ben~”


Kris’ blush is apparent but he only produces a heavy grunt before he pushes Yixing away from clinging too much around him. You don’t miss the way Kris shyly steals a glance at you but you try to ignore that fact.


“So what did you initially want to do anyway? Before you met Kris, I mean,” Yixing questions again, already looking around the table for some food. “Oh! Choco truffle! Yum!”


“I was going to have dinner with my husband,” you reply matter-of-factly and Yixing seems to be too busy munching to even listen to your words. You’re not surprised when he finally understands your line a few seconds too late.


“Hold your unicorns,” Yixing says, making a stop sign with his hands and Kris groans because Yixing needs to stop with his recent obsession on unicorns. “Did you say ‘husband’?”


“Err…” The way he asks that question somehow makes it a bit awkward for you to answer. “Yes?”


“No way!” Yixing makes a dramatic gasp. “You’re married?! And I wasn’t invited?!” He turns his head to Kris with such amazing speed. “Were you invited to the party?!”


“No, I wasn’t,” Kris answers in a monotone voice. “But keep screaming at me and maybe I’ll invite you to your early funeral.”


Yixing gapes before he pouts and munches another Choco truffle. “Well, I can’t say I’m not hurt by that, Kevin.” And Kris only gives him a helpless look in return.


It’s really not the time for you to laugh but you’re doing it because it’s hilarious how Yixing can always bring out the childish side of Kris with his attitude no matter where they are. “Guys, I’m really sorry for not inviting you,” you say. “I lost your contacts and well, I just thought it would be awkward for all of us if I invited you.”


“Why would it be awkward?” Yixing asks. “Is it because of the dimple? It is, isn’t it?”


Kris frowns. “Why would your dimple be the reason?”


“Because my dimple seems to be everything these days,” Yixing answers with a casual shrug. “You know how I went to Starbucks last night and I suddenly got another cup of Americano for free?” Kris is about to answer with something that sounds highly logical but Yixing stops him with a stern gaze. “It was because of the dimple, Kevin.”




“It’s definitely because of the dimple.”


Or maybe—”


It’s. Because. Of. The. Dimple.”


Kris gives up with a sigh.


You just wait until the two boys are done with their immature argument before you speak. “Yixing is right. It was because of the dimple,” you say just for fun, and Yixing makes a see-I-told-you-I-was-right gesture with his hand and Kris is busy staring at you with a why-are-you-doing-this-to-me look. You laugh and continue, “But other than that, it was also because we had a history together.” It should’ve been awkward talking about your past relationships with your ex-boyfriends like this. And it would probably have been so when you were left alone with Kris, but with Yixing now, everything becomes easier and more casual.


“Oh, right,” Yixing responds, “I forgot we used to date.”


Kris bleakly sighs. “Of course, you forgot.”


“I was just joking, Kevin.” The said man sends a scowl to his direction, though Kris isn’t certain that he actually remembers about it. “Of course I remember. Just like how I remember that you like to play golf in your past time.”


“Err…” You carefully make your way in. “I believe Kris likes to draw.”


“No , really?” Yixing looks surprised before he retracts his focus back to Kris. “Why didn’t you tell me?”


Kris looks like he has no will to continue living. “Just when are you going to start remembering things I tell you, Yixing?”


The shorter man snorts. “And just when are you going to give me my own suite room, Kevin?”


“When you stop calling me that.”


“Okay, then when are you going to give me my own suite room, Kris Wu oh The Mighty Canadian Demigod?”


“When you behave like a proper guy.”


“Well, you. I hope you get kissed by a seal in your sleep.”


“How on earth will I get kissed by—”


“So, Goofball,” Yixing says to you, ignoring Kris like it’s the most favorite thing he likes to do. “Where’s this special guy who gets to spend eternity with you?”


“In the bathroom,” you reply, becoming worried once again. You glance to the door, noticing that it’s been a while since your husband has been gone. “He didn’t look so well after he ate those—oh, there he is!”


The three of you have your eyes glued to the figure that just walked in through the door. Baekhyun’s face still looks a little pale but he doesn’t look as horrified as before. You stand up from your seat and quickly approach him with worried eyes.


“Are you okay?” you ask, unconsciously placing one hand on his shoulders to comfort him.


“No,” Baekhyun grumbles, looking like somebody just stole his entire joy and left him with eternal pain.


“I’m sorry,” you say and squeeze his hand. “Is there anything I can do?”


“Can you blast his head off with a nuclear bomb?”




“Then no.” He pouts again, eyes locked to the ground.


“Let’s just go back to our seats and order something else, okay?” You try to persuade him even though you’re seriously worried about him. “I think I just saw various kind of puddings in the menu.”


He continues pouting, though he looks a bit hopeful. “Is there a green tea one?”


You grin. “I think so.”


He thinks about it before he agrees with a sigh, “Fine, okay.”


But Baekhyun doesn’t look any better. His mood is shot down to the ground and you don’t particularly know anyway to lift it back up. “Do you want to leave?” you finally offer.


Baekhyun still has his lower lip jutted out when he stares at you. You don’t know what he sees in your eyes but whatever it is, it makes him sigh and mutter, “No. Let’s just get this over with.”


“I’m sorry,” you say, stroking the skin at the back of his hand. “I’m sorry for ruining our night.”


Baekhyun’s grumpy pout slightly turns upward, curling into a small smile. He raises one hand and presses his palm against your cheek. “Will it mean a lot if I stay through the whole dinner?” he asks.


You mirror his smile, nodding. “Of course. I want you here. If you take off, I’ll leave with you too.”


“Even ditching Kris?”


“Of course.” You gently play with his fingers, smiling shyly. “Stop comparing yourself to him, Baekhyun. You’re better than him in any way possible.”


Baekhyun’s innocent smile turns into a smug smirk. “That jackass Wu should’ve heard what you just said.”


You huff, shaking your head in amusement. “My husband,” you say, imitating his usual playful tone, “Always so cocky.”


“You love me for it,” he says before he leans down and steals a kiss from your lips.


“Maybe I do.” You chirp merrily and kiss his cheek. Pulling him by the hand, you make your way back to the table.


“Ah~” Yixing says, sounding a bit too gross to be simply excited. “So this is the lucky guy.”


Baekhyun furrows his eyebrows and stares at him a bit too rudely for your liking. “Who are you?” he crudely asks.


“Zhang Yixing,” he answers in a friendly manner, but Baekhyun’s eyes glint dangerously when the realization of Yixing being your other ex-boyfriend falls like a bucket of cold water on his head.


“Huh, interesting,” Baekhyun mutters, looking at you with a smile but you shiver under his overwhelming gaze. “Is there any other ex-boyfriend of yours I should greet tonight, Sweetheart?”


You can’t help but to feel a bit guilty over all of this. “N-no,” you stutter, shaking your head. I hope not.


Yixing doesn’t seem to notice the annoyance in Baekhyun’s tone (or maybe he does, but just simply ignores it). “Oh! So you’ve heard about me?” he asks, eyes gleaming in delight. “That’s awesome! Oh and forgive me—” Yixing suddenly pulls Baekhyun’s hand too hard until your husband leans forward and almost crashes down face first on the table. Your hand goes straight to cover your mouth before you can yelp in surprise. One of Baekhyun’s hands fall to the table, propping himself up in reflex to stop him from falling but he accidently knocks his wine glass off the table by doing so. The sound of the glass meeting the marbled floor makes you cringe in surprise. Kris absolutely looks displeased because of it because that wine glass probably costs more than your apartment’s rent.


“Dude, what the hell—” Baekhyun’s protest gets redeemed by Yixing’s next actions. The Chinese man suddenly cups Baekhyun’s cheek with one hand and lifts his face up, examining his face thoroughly.


“Are you…” Yixing narrows his analyzing eyes. “Are you wearing eyeliner?”


“Jesus Christ,” you can hear Kris mutter, burying his face in his hands.


The astonished look you have on your face is similar to Baekhyun’s, but in a matter of seconds, your husband’s expression falters into another level of irritation.


“Yes. Now get your hand away from me,” Baekhyun states—almost growling, really. He swats Yixing’s hand away with a slap and the said man backs away in return.


Yixing is actually laughing, looking like he’s stoned as he claps his hands repeatedly. “Oh my God, this is so fun! Look how feisty he is, Kevin!”


Your husband falls back to his seat with a deep scowl appearing on his upper face, probably trying to figure out why Yixing is so happy being snapped back like that.


“I’m sorry,” you whisper, taking Baekhyun’s hand in yours and the skin at the back of his hand with your thumb. “Yixing is… special in a way, I guess.”


“I think what you mean is retarded,” Baekhyun mutters, still scrutinizing Yixing’s behavior (he’s now giggling and shaking Kris by the shoulders excitedly).


“Kevin!” Yixing chirps again. “Tell me, how does it feel to be replaced by someone that’s much shorter than you—”


Baekhyun almost leaps out of his seat. “Hey!”


“Yixing,” Kris joins in, his voice rumbling deep in anger. “Be quiet.


Yixing knows a threat when he hears one, so of course he pulls back with a huff and actually be quiet… for three seconds anyway.


“So, pretty eyeliner dude! What’s your name?” Yixing calls again, smiling with his dimple showing up. He offers his hand again but when Baekhyun doesn’t take it, he leans closer until he has half of his body hovering above the table and takes your husband’s hand by force. “I’m Zhang Yixing! Have I mentioned that already?”


Unlike Kris, Yixing isn’t one to be affronted easily just by a simple glare (he probably isn’t going to be offended even when you throw an obvious insult right to his face since he’s always being that carefree and positive toward people). The man with the adorable dimple offers his hand and Baekhyun takes it after waiting for a moment too long. “Byun Baekhyun,” he says and it’s immensely impolite when he rubs his palm to the side of his pants just right after Yixing lets his hand go. But when you glare at your husband, he only responds with a simple, “What? His hand is sweaty.”


Yixing laughs when he hears his words. “Wow, you’re so straightforward. I think I like you.”


“Don’t,” Baekhyun snaps, scowling at him again.


Yixing only cackles again like a maniac. “Oh my God, you’re so adorable. Tell him he’s adorable, Kevin.”


“I’m this close on calling the security on you, Yixing—”


“So Byun Baekhyun, Baekhyun Byun, Baby Byunnie,” Yixing drops in again, smoothly ignoring Kris’s threat. “Tell me, how is it possible to have those cute baby cheeks?”


Yixing.” This time, it’s you who takes the matter in your hands. “Can you please stop harassing my husband?”


“I’m not harassing anyone,” Yixing claims but when he notices Kris is glaring at him, he adds, “Well, anyone but Kevin anyway.”


“Why is he calling Kris ‘Kevin’?” Baekhyun whispers to you.


You shake your head. “This is one of those no-question-asked moments, Baek. Just let him be.”


Baekhyun gives him another analyzing look before he loudly comments, “You’re a weird guy.”


“Weird?” Yixing asks. “Is it because of the dimple?”


“No,” Baekhyun say. “It’s just… I don’t know, you’re just weird.”


“It’s okay. I know it’s because of the dimple. No need to be shy.” Yixing nods understandingly, even taking Baekhyun by his hand and the latter looks grossed out by it. “Oh my! You have such beautiful hands!”


You and Kris groan out in unison, almost banging your head to the table.


You exchange similar helpless looks with Kris but then ends up smiling at each other. The atmosphere seems to become warmer with Yixing’s random comments and spunky attitude and you’re grateful for his presence.


The rest of the dinner goes by with nobody talking much except Yixing, who is now discussing about how awesome it is to see a human fighting a robot in a wrestling match. Baekhyun slightly looks amused when he sees Yixing trying to imitate some robotic moves, but you don’t find any joy in it because you’re too busy trying to keep your husband’s anger in check.


“So,” Yixing starts another conversation after a waiter hands him his dessert (vanilla ice cream in a white chocolate shell with white beer foam and a strawberry purée). “Baekhyun-ah. Can I call you Baekhyun-ah?”


“You called me Baby Byunnie a moment ago.”


“So is that a yes—?”




Yixing doesn’t notice Baekhyun’s constant glare even though it stands out so vividly, thus he continues speaking like the world awaits him to do so. “So how does it feel waking up to the sight of her beautiful face every morning?”


You blush and you know you should just say something to cut the conversation short but deep down, you’re actually curious about what your husband is going to say.


Baekhyun steals a glance at you and you quickly avert your gaze away before he notices how hopeful you are in hearing his words.


You aren’t fast enough to witness how Kris hastily brings his eyes down to the root of his wine glass when he notices the way your cheeks grow red just from one look of your husband.


Baekhyun puts on a small smile when he spots how stiff you are and interlinks your hands again under the table. Somehow, he doesn’t look so pissed off for a second there.


“I won’t tell you,” he says to Yixing. “The only one who deserves to hear that is her.”


The way Baekhyun says those words makes your cheeks grow in heat because he makes it sound like it’s really something worth hearing. You make a note to yourself to ask him about it the second you get home.


“Aaaw, isn’t that romantic?” Yixing coos. “You two look like you’re living in your own world. I’m starting to feel left out here.” He playfully elbows Kris by the side of his stomach. “And I know Kevin here feels that way too.”


“No, I don’t,” Kris immediately corrects him, trying to look as indifferent as possible.


“Aaw, you’re just shy~” Yixing says again, giggling on his seat.


Baekhyun exhales impatiently. “So, Zhang Yixing,” he calls and the said guy claps his hands once at Baekhyun’s perfect pronunciation of his name. “Can I ask you something?”


“Of course!” He chirps excitedly. “What do you want to know? My birthdate? My original nationality or—”


“Will you ever shut up?”


Oh dear God, you scream internally. “Baekhyun, please,” you say, squeezing his thigh under the table. “That’s not nice.”


“Oh no, it’s perfectly fine!” Yixing answers cheerfully. “I got asked about that a lot. And yes, I do shut up once in a while, Mr. Baby Byunnie. But not right now and do you want to know why?”


Baekhyun continues glaring. “No.”


Because,” Yixing resumes anyway, “If I stop talking, Kevin here will start speaking to your wife again—probably reminding her about these little cute things he did for her when they were together—because that’s what he’s been intending to do all night long and then you’ll get pissed off because you feel insecure about yourself after you found out about Kevin’s huge company and good looks and yada yada yada so you’ll snap at him and then things will become awkward where you two won’t be able to stop exchanging death glares to one another and your wife and I are just going to be like ‘oh God, not again with these immature brats’.” Yixing finishes that sentence in one breath so he ends up gasping for air at the end of his line. “The end.”


You stare at your ex-boyfriend with your jaw hanging slack on your face, while Baekhyun and Kris stare at him with unblinking eyes. The table becomes quiet.


“Oh crap,” Yixing mutters, laughing awkwardly. “I’ve made things awkward myself, haven’t I? Well, okay, maybe that’s my cue to shut up.”


Not one of you dares to say something after that.


Kris is the first to recover from that sudden blurt of honesty from his so-called friend. He clears his throat, trying hard to maintain his calm posture and forbid himself to plunge a fork down Yixing’s throat right then.


“Thank you, Yixing,” Kris says, voice filled with sarcasm. “For being so concern about our interactions with one another.”


Yixing grins at him, either not knowing the sarcasm in Kris’ words or just wanting to ignore it completely. “Always glad to help, Kevin.”


It doesn’t take a genius to notice the heavy tension between you, Baekhyun, and Kris. “It’s…” You start, sounding uneasy. “You know what, it’s probably better for me and Baekhyun to leave and—”


Nonsense,” Kris says, giving you a smile but his eyes are hard and impenetrable when you lock your gaze with his. “I’d like you—and your husband—to stay and chat with me for a little longer.”


“But Kris—”


“So, Mr. Byun,” Kris cuts you off and glances away from you. He drags his smile away too before he sends it to Baekhyun’s direction.


Your husband stiffens a little but his next words are still as snarky as ever. “Yes, your majesty?”


Yixing giggles at that. “Your husband is so cute.”


“I’m wondering,” Kris manages to keep his voice steady. He’s probably used to Baekhyun’s impolite behavior by now. “What do you do for living?”


Oh no, you know where this is going. Before you can say something to prevent anything bad to happen, Yixing joins in again.


“Oh right! I’m curious about that too,” Yixing says, grinning wide. “Can I guess? Can I guess?”


Your husband doesn’t look any less stiff than he was before even when you give him another comforting squeeze to his thigh. You know how sensitive he is over this issue.


“Baekhyun is a composer,” you say, smiling too wide to be natural.


“Aaah,” Yixing whines, groaning loudly. “Not fair, Goofball! You didn’t give me the chance to guess!”


“He creates songs and sell them to some music companies,” you continue without responding to his words. “He also performs once in a while. He’s a fantastic pianist.”


“Wait, you’re a composer?! Like, a professional composer?!” Yixing looks like he almost flies out from his seat. “Dude! I’ve always wanted to be a composer! I mean, I’ve written some songs on my own a few times. In fact, Kevin here used to write one with me and he also rap—”


“Stop,” Kris says and Yixing drops that fact obediently (perhaps because Kris is looking at him like he wants to murder him in his sleep), but he continues talking nonetheless.


“So you must be a genius,” Yixing adds, looking at Baekhyun with pure adoration in his eyes. “Do you sing too?”


Baekhyun doesn’t know how to respond over his genuine excitement so you help him with it. “Oh yes, he does,” you say, smiling at your husband while you take his hand in yours. You don’t notice how Kris’ eyes has dropped down from your face to your interlink hands with Baekhyun’s on the table. “Baekhyun is a fantastic singer as well. He’s just shy from times to times so he doesn’t really dwell in it that much.”


“If you don’t mind me asking,” Kris says, joining in the conversation. Baekhyun huffs loudly at the sound of his voice but the taller man doesn’t stop. “Do you get insurance from having a job like this?”


Baekhyun freezes about a second or two. It looks like Kris’ words have hit home.


“No,” your husband answers bitterly.


“I’ve figured,” Kris says, almost like he’s proud with himself. “Well, don’t you think it’s a little bit risky nowadays?”


You feel slightly irritated with that look. You know he isn’t fond with Baekhyun but trying to make him feel bad about himself is out of line. “It’s not a problem for us,” you say, voice clear and firm. “The payment is good and also, we don’t really have to spend that much money to begin with so it’s perfectly fine. We’ve saved some on our own.”


“True,” Kris responds, not wavering even under your heavy gaze. “But, Mr. Byun, you don’t always get to be hired to do these performances, do you?” Kris says matter-of-factly.


Baekhyun stays silent for a while, just exchanging heavy glances with the other man.


“No,” he finally mutters and somehow, Kris looks like he just won their entire argument, if there’s any.


“B-but that’s good,” you say, mentally cursing yourself for making your uneasiness that obvious. You slip your fingers between Baekhyun’s and assure him with a squeeze. “It’s actually great that he doesn’t get to do performances everyday. He’s able to spend more time with me because of that.”


“Sure, but what about the money?” Kris presses again. “And without the insurance, what happens when you get into an accident and you can’t perform anymore?”


Kris,” you say, pressuring him to stop talking with that one call of his name. The said man looks at you with careful eyes, perhaps noticing that he’s about to cross the invisible boundaries.


“Well, I say it’s great,” Yixing chimes in, “’Cause it’s like, most people nowadays are getting divorce because their husbands don’t have enough time for them or vice versa. But you have little Byunnie here by your side whenever you need him—I mean, what can be sweeter than that?”


If it weren’t Yixing who said it, you would’ve taken it as another sarcasm. But that ex-boyfriend of yours is smiling at you and your husband with sincere eyes. You can trust the fact that he’s being genuine with his words and you also notice that somehow, Yixing’s true intention is getting Kris upset by losing his own provocative argument. You know how their friendship has become a little edgy since the day you broke up with Kris.


“Oh, but there is something I’m curious about,” Yixing adds, suddenly looking a tad more serious. “You’ve been married for how many years exactly?”


“Two and a half,” you answer, “Well, almost three, actually.”


“Hmm, interesting,” Yixing comments nonchalantly. “And you guys are just like… here, having a dinner with each other.”


“Y-yes…” The way Yixing states that line makes you feel uncomfortable.


“Just you and your husband.”




“Oh okay,” Yixing smiles though his eyes are filled with secrets. “Well I’m done asking questions. Now, shall I entertain you with another story of how human first knew about—?”


His sudden change of topic irks Baekhyun. “What do you really want to say?”


Yixing becomes surprisingly quiet after that, looking back and forth from you and Baekhyun. When he finally decides to tell, it starts with a sigh. “It just… feels a bit off to me. See, Goofball, I know you’re actually hopeless romantic inside—like you believe in true love, wanting to get married as fast as possible, having kids and whatsoever. You’ve always been like that. Well, too bad Kevin here kind of ruined that for you.”


Kris almost chokes on his own wine.


“But now,” Yixing continues nonetheless, “I see you’re so deep in love with Byunnie here, and I’m wondering why after almost three years of marriage you said, you guys are still…” he tries to find a word that’s not too hard to hear. “Alone.”


Kids, you shout in your mind as you feel a shiver running down your spine. He’s talking about kids.


You’re not sure Baekhyun catches his real meaning, though you guess that he does, considering that new glint of shock in his eyes. Before you can say anything to avoid that topic, Kris’ voice comes through again.


“Raising a child and build your own family is a big responsibility,” he says, not sure to whom he’s directing his words to.


Baekhyun narrows his eyes almost menacingly when he asks, “What are you getting at, Mr. Wu?”


“I’m not getting at anything,” the older one answers calmly. “I’m just worried. We live in a world that’s filled with uncertainties, Mr. Byun, where one thing can change into another in a matter of seconds. You’re having a family. Your wife is your concern now. And if we’re talking about raising a child then it’s a whole another level of responsibility to take on. Don’t you think having that kind of job is a little bit… unstable?”


The more Kris speaks, the more Baekhyun’s fingers curl into fists. You flinch and break your hand away from his.


Kris runs his long fingers through his hair before he exhales and looks at your husband with bored, bland eyes. “I’m just trying to show you the risk of not getting a permanent job like me.”


That line shoots straight home.


Kris,” you call and he turns to look at you. You shake your head, begging him to stop blurting out this kind of questions and drop the matters immediately. “Enough. This is not your business.”


“I’m just worried about you,” he answers with concerned eyes but you only reply him with a glare.


“So, what?” Baekhyun tempts, cheeks reddening in anger. “Are you trying to say I’m incapable of providing my wife with enough money to keep us alive everyday? Is that what you’re referring to?”


“Baekhyun—” you just barely reach out to touch his wrist to comfort him but Baekhyun already snatches his arm back before you can do so. “Baek, let’s just—”


“Go on, then,” Baekhyun demands, glaring tauntingly. “Go on and tell me how great you are when you compare yourself to me.”


“Ouch,” Yixing mumbles, nudging Kris with his elbow. “Back off, dude. Back off. Do not tempt the midget.”


“That is not what I’m trying to say,” Kris corrects him with even sterner gaze. “I actually wanted to inform you that there’s probably a place in my office for you, if you’d like to have a permanent job—”


“Thanks but no thanks,” Baekhyun answers sharply. “I can find my own job.”


“Of course,” Kris says, “I don’t understand why you’re getting so upset about this, Mr. Byun. I just wanted to help you—”


“I don’t need your help.” You can almost hear the gritting sound of Baekhyun’s teeth.


Kris stares silently before he casually waves a hand. “Well, I just thought that—”


Stop thinking about what I want to do with my life and mind your own goddamn business!


Baekhyun’s statement is clear and sharp as a thunder.


“Oh my God,” you sob to yourself, placing your elbows on the table and bury your face in your hands. Things are getting bad and you’re feeling embarrassed over everything.


“See~?” Yixing sing songs. He’s certainly the only one on the table who’s pretty much still smiling to everything. “I knew this would happen. You guys should’ve listened to me and let me talk more about unicorn~”


“Can we just…” You sigh, rubbing the skin above your eyebrow. “Can we just, please, talk about something else?”


“Oh! Oh! Let me tell you a story about that giant gorilla that can play baseball—”


“Now, tell me something, Mr. Wu,” Baekhyun suddenly cuts in, folding his arms on his chest as he leans back to his chair. Yixing pouts when he gets cut off just like that. “And this time, I want you to cut the crap and be honest with me for once.”


“Kris,” the taller one responds, successfully managed to keep himself calm and composed a few seconds faster than you. You know how much he tries to stay polite and friendly to Baekhyun—as friendly as Kris Wu can be anyway. “Just call me Kris.”


Baekhyun doesn’t even try to let him call him by his name just to be polite. Your husband just shrugs and continues with his questions. “Okay, then, Kris. I’d like to ask you a question, but I want you to not take it personally. If you can, that is.”


Kris raises an eyebrow, but he smiles and nods. “All right.”


“Just how long are you going to continue being in love with my wife?”


A silence.


A dead, cold silence enters the room as if the time just stops. It honestly feels like you’re in someone’s funeral rather than being in a private room of a fancy restaurant with beautiful orchestra music playing in the background.


This is the first time you’ve ever seen Kris looks utterly shocked and possibly has no clue about what he’s going to say.


Yeah, leave it to Baekhyun to create the worst situation ever.


“Love?” Yixing asks, tilting his head to the side before he looks at his friend. “Wu Fan, I didn’t know you’re still in love with her.”


“I’m not in love with her,” Kris immediately says, and you’re certain that he’s impeccably angry right now. The way he almost crushes his wine glass beneath his hand is a clear indication. You just hope that he won’t be doing that to Baekhyun’s neck. He should just leave all the killing to you.


“Apologize,” you say, craning your head to the side to lock your gaze with Baekhyun’s. “Apologize to him, Baek.”


Baekhyun never looked this insulted before and you can tell how much he hates you at the moment for taking Kris’ side on this conversation but you stand your ground. Because no matter how you look at it, Baekhyun is at fault here. You’re just trying not to be biased at the time. “You have no right to talk to him like that, Baekhyun. Apologize to him.”


Yixing starts twitching on his seat, stealing glances to the other three people on the table. He’s never fond of uncomfortable situations like this, even though he likes drama. “Guys,” he calls, chuckling awkwardly to ease the tension. “What are we even fussing about? Clearly, Baekhyun-sshi here was just making a joke and—”


“If there’s something you want to discuss with me,” Kris suddenly says, his words sound heavy in your ears. “I suggest we talk somewhere else in private. But you must know that I’ve treated you and your wife with nothing but respect. It isn’t my concern if you can’t stop yourself from deluding your own mind with selfish thoughts.”


Respect?” Baekhyun repeats, scoffing loudly. “What respect? This whole dinner has been about you and how well you do with your life, and your constant complain about me not having a job that suits your goddamn taste.”


“That is not true,” Kris replies, eyes as dark as the night. “I was just making suggestions for you because your wife happens to be one of the most important people in my life that I can’t risk getting hurt. I’m just trying to make both of you happy—”


“And how are you doing that exactly?” Baekhyun tempts. “By comparing yourself to me? By letting her know how much she’s been missing out since she decided to choose me over you?”


Kris looks like he’s about to stand up and grab Baekhyun by the collar. “That is not what I meant,” Kris says, voice rumbling dangerously low.


This is getting too overwhelming for all of you and you’re actually scared to the bones imagining what can happen next if both of them keep continuing this. “Baekhyun, please just—”


“You left her once, Kris,” Baekhyun declares and both you and Kris paled when his words reach your ears. “You left her and broke her to pieces. I was the one who fixed her back up so don’t you dare say anything about what I do with my life. I’m trying my best to make her happy and I won’t let her slip away from my hands, just like how you did once.”


Kris is frozen to his feet. Yixing stares at your husband with a gaping mouth. And you, on the other hand, are too distracted with so many complex feelings. You know you should be angry for letting Baekhyun run his mouth like that, making Kris feel bad over everything that happened once between you two all over again. And you should probably feel sad for your husband too, because Kris is constantly pressuring him with that one thing Baekhyun has always been insecure about. And then you feel so immensely flattered to hear your husband say those last words, even though he also hurt Kris by those words on the other side.


So many emotions, so many thoughts, so many feelings. And yet, all you can do is just sit around on your seat, thinking of what action you should take instead of actually doing something.


Baekhyun stands up from his seat. His chair makes a screeching sound when it gets dragged a few inches back on the marbled floor. “Send the bill to my address,” he says as he throws the napkin to the table. “Enjoy the rest of your dinner, Gentlemen.”


When Baekhyun takes his leave, he doesn’t even spare a glance at you to know that you’re following him. He’s probably too clouded with rage to even care about your existence for the moment. But that’s okay, because between Baekhyun and Kris, the choice is clear. You don’t even need to think about it.


Baekhyun is a selfish, demanding, harsh and insecure person who doesn’t have enough fortune to support his family. Kris, on the other hand, is a handsome well-known businessman who can guarantee to spoil you endlessly not only with love, but also his wealth for the rest of your life.


The difference is: one left, one stayed.


“I’m sorry,” you softly say to Kris as you stand up from your seat as well, placing your napkin carefully to the table. “Thank you for the dinner. I wish we could meet again soon.” You send a smile to Yixing’s direction also before you stand up from your seat.


“Wait,” Kris says, stopping your movement with a secure grip on your wrist. “You don’t have to go. He just left you here without even looking back at you. Don’t you think—”


“No,” you answer before he can even finish his question. With a smile, you gently tug his hold away from your hand. “It’s nice to see you worrying about me, Kris. But if there is one thing I’m sure of, is that my husband will never leave me. No matter in what situation, no matter what problem we’re facing, he’s going to stay. And that’s all I need.”


Kris’ jaw hangs slack on his face and he just stares at you with focused eyes. It’s after a few seconds have passed by that you notice he’s trying to see the honesty in your eyes.


“Well, Goofball,” Yixing says again, swallowing down his wine before he speaks. “At the end of the day, there’s only one question that should be asked. Are you happy?”


Kris fixes his stare so hard on you that you start wondering why your head hasn’t exploded yet.


“Yes,” you say, “I’m very happy. Of course we struggle everyday to keep ourselves alive. And yes, we fight almost every night but there are also morning kisses to share. We may say harsh words to each other but we never really mean them. Our relationship isn’t perfect but that’s okay because we’re willing to work on it for every second of our lives. Maybe you guys don’t see it—maybe you think I need more than this—more than him. But I’m satisfied. I’ve made my choice and I’ll gladly stay with him till the end. Just like how he stayed for me.”


Blood is drained from Kris’ face as he brings his eyes down to the bottom of his wine glass, looking utterly defeated.


Yixing smiles so, so widely and there’s clear joy in his eyes. “Well, that’s all what matters, Goofball,” he comments, raising his glass in the air. “I think that deserves a toast. To Mr. and Mrs. Byun, may they live happily ever after.”


“I’m sorry,” Kris finally says, slumping back to his seat. “I’m sorry for tonight. And for… everything.”


You can tell he’s referring to the time where he abandoned you without any proper excuse and with that one apology, you finally can really move on.


Touching his hand for the last time, you murmur, “Thank you, Kris.”




“Goofball, wait!” Yixing calls, right on the second you step one foot of Kris’ private dining room. You turn your head around, noticing him walking towards you with that goofy smile on his face.


“Yeah?” you ask, fixing back your coat.


“There’s one thing I want to tell you,” he answers, standing a little bit too close for comfort but you don’t protest because somehow, he looks like he wants to keep whatever it is he wants to say next as a secret between the two of you. With a raised eyebrow, you listen to him intently.


“About Kris, I—uhh…” Yixing lets out a small awkward chuckle. “You know he didn’t mean no harm. Like, the dude sure looks scary and arrogant but you know he’s a good man, right?”


You frown but your lips curve up into a smile. Is Yixing actually trying to fix Kris’ image? “What are you trying to say?” you question.

“It’s just that…” Yixing sighs. “You see, when we broke up, we ended things nicely, right? Like, we both knew it wouldn’t work out so we decided to be friends and I’m glad for that.” When you send him a look, he immediately corrects himself. “I mean, not that I’m glad we broke up—I mean, girl, you’re as lovely as a daisy with a hot piece of —”


“Ugh!” You groan loudly and Yixing almost jumps on his feet. “Can people not talk about my tonight?”


“Look, I’m just happy that we can still be friends,” Yixing continues when you’re too busy muttering harsh words to yourself because your dress still makes your back (and your ) sweat. “Kris, though. He still feels sorry for leaving you so suddenly. That’s why he’s been trying to make it up to you all night. He’s worried about you, Goofball. Yes, maybe he was jealous for a second there but he only wanted to make sure that your husband could make you happy and replace the blanks Kris couldn’t fill.”


“Yixing, I’m not even angry at Kris,” you reply, assuring him with a soft smile. “You don’t need to cover his .”


“Yeah, but…” He kinds of look a bit guilty. “I guess I kinda feel sorry for him, you know? You realize that he really wanted to offer Baekhyun a job, right? I mean, we’re talking about Kris Wu here. The owner of one of the biggest companies in Asia. He’s always been very selective when choosing his employees, and now you got him offering your husband an empty spot on a platter.”


“I know.” You nod once. “It’s really sweet of him, but see, I don’t want Baekhyun to work in that kind of environment. He’d rather die than work under Kris’ nose and I know well, Baekhyun is passionate about his current job. Sure, the money is not much, but I can see how happy he is whenever he plays music on stage. I can see him smiling to himself whenever he hums a new song and writes it down to the music sheets. I can’t take that away from him.”


“Yeah, I understand that but…” Yixing’s shoulders slump forward. “Well, at least have some time to think about it, will you?”


“Of course,” you say and lean closer to give him a friendly hug. “Thank you, Yixing.”


“No problem, Goofball.” He chuckles, patting your head.


“It’s nice to see that you still care about Kris so much.”


“God, if only he cares about me enough to let me stay in one of his hotels too.” Yixing huffs, jutting out his lower lip. “And hey, shut up, I don’t care about him that much.”


“Sure, you don’t~”


Yixing knocks your head playfully with his knuckles. “Don’t hesitate to give us a call, okay? Talk to Kris again soon. He misses you everyday. I miss you everyday too.”


You giggle lightly, breaking away from his hug. “It’s funny how you keep mentioning his name properly when he’s not around to hear you. You’re just doing that to annoy him, are you?”


“Well, I eat on Kris’ misery to live.” Yixing puts on that mischievous smirk that you used to love so much.  “Sorry, I meant Kevin’s.”




You’re worried that Baekhyun has left the restaurant without you and you don’t have enough time to catch up with him. But when you step one foot out of the building, you see Baekhyun waiting for you with his hands buried in his coat’s pocket and his back leaning against the wall.


“Oh…” you mutter unconsciously, puffs of warm air appearing from your mouth. “I thought you’ve left.”


Baekhyun just silently glares in return and moves away, walking to your apartment’s direction with anger in his steps. He doesn’t offer his hand to you, which probably indicates that he’s upset with you too but you don’t really put it in mind. What really matters now is that you’ve told Kris and Yixing the truth, even when Baekhyun wasn’t there to hear it in person.


You follow him with a smile, wondering how cocky Baekhyun would’ve been if he were there to witness the whole thing.


When you two reach your place, Baekhyun doesn’t bother to keep the door open for you to come in. It’s really cute how he still behaves like a child that doesn’t get to have his first toy whenever he’s upset.


You just can’t help to joke around to ease the tension. “Okay, I’m ready to have my clothes ripped off by you, Mr. Byun~”


Baekhyun shrugs his coat off his back and throws it to the floor, not giving you any respond more than that.


Well, . Baekhyun is a little bit more pissed off than you’ve imagined.


“Baekhyun, please,” you say as you follow his trail to the bedroom. He keeps shucking off his clothes one by one, throwing his shirt, belt, and socks to every corner of the room. “Baek, can we just—” Your line abruptly ends by the sound of Baekhyun slamming the bathroom’s door.


You sigh, bending down a little to pick up his clothes off the carpeted floor. Seems like there’s no other way than to wait for him to calm down on his own.


When you check at the clock, it shows that it’s still an hour early for you to go to sleep, but seeing the situation you’re in, you decide to just give up and sleep this off. Things will probably get better in the morning.


You take a seat at the edge of the bed with a huff, shrugging your own coat away from your shoulders. You feel overly tired—mentally, not physically—as you drag yourself out of your dress and find something more comfortable to wear. You choose to wear one of Baekhyun’s shirts again tonight, wishing that you could melt his heart a little by doing so. You stroll down toward the bathroom—even though you know your husband is still in there. You just really want to wash your face clean and brush your teeth before you go to bed and pretend everything’s all right for the night.


It’s a known habit that Baekhyun doesn’t like to lock the bathroom’s door whenever he’s in there. He said once that it was pointless since the only two people living in this apartment were you and him, and well, you guys had seen each other a lot of times before so there would be no surprise there.


When you go inside the bathroom, you notice Baekhyun is taking a shower in the shower box, though you can’t really see anything because the glass that separates you from him is clouded with steam of hot water. The sound of the spraying water meeting the tiles are clear and loud, and you don’t bother to call him over the sound of that. He’ll probably pretend not to hear you anyway.


So you turn away from the shower box and face the rectangular mirror that spreads widely above the sink. Not bothering to tie your hair in a messy bun, you twist the faucet on and splash your face with fresh water. Your bangs start to get wet and you pout when you lift your head and stare at your own reflection.


Do I really have to say sorry and explain to him again? Well it’s not like I don’t want to, but I know he’ll get all proud and cocky and he won’t stop teasing me about how he’s all better than Kris in my eyes and… You huff, almost in a childish way. I’m not sure I’m mature enough to face his bratty comments.


Before you can find the answer to your subconscious question, Baekhyun climbs out of the shower box, wearing just a white towel wrapped around his waist. You stare at his reflection, silently admiring the sight of him pushing back his drenched bangs out of his eyes. Baekhyun isn’t all muscles and toned abs but his shoulders are broad and you always love the way you can see veins underneath the pale skin of his neck and alongside his wrists. He’s dripping wet from head to toe and you almost think that the warm shower has calmed him down but then you meet his gaze in the mirror and realize that he still has that hidden fury in his eyes.


You gulp and immediately bring your head down, pretending to be busily washing your hands.


Why am I even avoiding his eyes?


You don’t know for sure the answer to that question, but you have a feeling that it has something to do with how tense his stare is. His eyes are heavy, pressuring, and you feel somewhat breathless when you lock your gaze with his.


“Umm, s-so…” you try making a casual conversation so you can get away from that hazy eyes. “I’m p-planning to take a day off tomorrow, and—”


Baekhyun suddenly hugs you from behind and wraps his arms along your waist, pulling you closer to his chest. You can feel the water starts seeping through the fabric of your shirt and you shiver a little. You almost yelp in surprise when he kisses the back of your neck, lingering and sensual, but he stops before it gets too much. With two protective arms hanging dangerously low around your stomach, he places his chin on one of your shoulders and for a moment there, just stops moving.


When you look into the mirror again, Baekhyun’s eyes are looking straight into yours. Somehow, the way he looks so possessive right now, suffocates you a little.


But not entirely in a bad way.


“Listen,” he says, voice surprisingly soft and soothing despite how hard his stare is. His breath tickles your neck and you try not to squirm under his arms. “I’m not angry with you, so just… stop looking at me like you’re scared of me.”


You relax a little bit, almost sighing in relief. “I’m not scared of you, Baekhyun.”


He doesn’t comment on that and he slowly drags his eyes away from your reflection. Baekhyun takes both of your hands and laces your fingers together with his before he guides your arms down and wrap them over your stomach, alongside with his.


“You’re mine,” he murmurs in your ears, peppering wet kisses on the skin below your ear, before he on a spot at the side of your neck. When you let out a soft whimper, he curls his fingers underneath your chin and lifts your face up so your eyes meet his in the mirror again. “Aren’t you?”


You shudder under his touch and the pressure of his words; a new kind of warmth swirling in the pit of your stomach. “Y-yes,” you answer, biting on your lower lip and lean back closer to his bare skin. Baekhyun exhales softly and his hands are moving a lot more tenderly and slower this time, just caressing your skin and placing soft kisses as if he worships your entire body.


Somehow, something feels a bit off.


“You know,” he whispers, staring back at the mirror again. But his eyes when they meet yours are softer now. At that moment, you realize how amazing you fit together with him; your bodies in perfect complement to each other. When Baekhyun continues, he doesn’t smile but he appears to be a little less angry. “Meeting Kris today makes me realize something.”


You wait until he resumes his words on his own but he never does. “And that is…?”


“How easily it is to lose you to someone else.”


You can’t lie and say that your heart doesn’t shudder at his words, because it does. But instead of feeling shocked, you actually feel annoyed more.


“Baekhyun, enough with your insecurity,” you say, almost turning around in his embrace to face him directly but he doesn’t allow you to move. “How many times should I tell you? I’m happy with you.”


“I know,” he nods, kissing your shoulder once before he speaks again. The confidence in his eyes is washed away along with the one in his voice. “I know. And I’m thankful for that. I just… I want you to know that you always have the chance to choose… you know?”


“Choose?” You repeat, raising an eyebrow. “Choose what? Choose between you and Kris?” You don’t mean it to be real but seeing Baekhyun suddenly becomes so quiet, you realize your random guess turns out to be true. “Baekhyun, Jesus Christ, I—”


“No, Sweetheart, listen to me,” he says, finally turning your body around and let you see his eyes directly. You can’t really describe the feelings that he hides behind his dark brown orbs. “I love you. So, so much. But I’m not going to force you to stay with me when your heart isn’t here for me anymore—”


“Baek, goddamn it, I’m not going to—”


Baekhyun suddenly tilts your face up and presses his lips against yours so abruptly. The kiss is desperate, as if he’s trying to glue the pieces of his soul back with that one kiss. You really can’t protest when he has control over you like this. After a few seconds passed by, he gently break away from you—a stark contrast from how he harshly kissed your lips a second before. You’re left breathless with your eyes closed and Baekhyun cups your cheek and press his temple against yours.


“Just please,” he says, “be quiet and let me talk so I can explain this properly.”


You slowly open your eyes and when you witness the desperation in his eyes, you give him a nod.


“I want…” he heavily exhales before he continues with his words. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And I promise you to do just that in the altar. But if you ever feel like you don’t love me anymore—”


You violently shake your head and he kisses your temple to calm you down.


If,” he repeats and you try to listen better this time. “If someday you ever feel like you’re making the wrong choice of choosing me, of marrying me, or even loving me, I want you to know that you always have the chance to choose to leave and find someone else. Someone who’s much better than me.”


You don’t know how, when, and why, but you find yourself crying softly under the soft of his fingers along your cheekbones. It’s probably the way he speaks, as if he’s ready to let you slip away from his hands. You’ve heard that tone before. Once, on a day after you rejected his first marriage proposal. And just the thought of him letting you go just like that makes you scared to your bones.


Why are you telling me this?” you ask, voice breaking into a small sob.


“Because I don’t want to be unfair to you,” he answers and tenderly wipes your tears away with his thumb. “I don’t want you to feel like you’re forced to be with me because you promised me that once in the altar. Sweetheart, if I were going to hell, I wouldn’t want to drag you there with me. I want you to be happy, and if the only way to make that happen is you being with someone else then so be it.”


You lean closer and embrace him tightly and you keep shaking your head because there’s no way you can agree with his words. Baekhyun pets and kisses your hair before he hugs you back.


“But you must know,” he says, his lips just an inch away from your ears. “I won’t let you go just like that. I’ll try anything to keep you safe and sound with me. I’ll do anything in my power to win you back. I know I don’t have much, but you loved me once so I’m sure you could love me again. No matter what happens, no matter how hard it is, I’ll try to get you back and I won’t ever stop trying unless you can face me in the eyes and say that you don’t feel anything for me anymore.”


You feel like your chest is about to explode.


Noticing how you keep on sobbing violently, he breaks away from the hug and bends his head down a little so he’s now standing eye-to-eye with you. “But maybe even then,” he says, smiling softly, “I’ll still keep on trying. Maybe I’ll kidnap you and go to some scary island so it can just be you and me.”


You laugh a little at that joke and Baekhyun playfully ruffles your hair before he pecks your forehead and embraces you again.


“There’s no way I can ever tell you I don’t love you anymore,” you mumble quietly. “I can’t… I can’t even imagine it happening.”


“Good,” Baekhyun whispers, smiling into your hair. “Because I doubt I’d be kind enough to let you be with another man. You know how selfish I am.”


You throw a punch to his chest though tears keep falling from your eyes. “Then why are you telling me this?!” you shout and he takes your hand and kisses your knuckles.


“I just thought you should know what I’ve been thinking today. Come here,” he says, gathering you in his arms again. “I love you. And as long as I’m still able to hear these three words back from you, I will never let you go. Do you hear me?”


“Yes.” You press the skin of your cheek to his chest, nodding. “Damn it, Baekhyun, don’t scare me like that.”


“Scare you like what?” he asks, voice almost teasing as he your hair.


“I thought you were going to leave me or something.” You don’t realize you’re pouting.


Baekhyun laughs and it’s rich and pleasant. “Why would I ever leave you?”


“I don’t know,” you respond, shrugging though you’re still sobbing a little bit. “Maybe because you’re too scared of Kris’ close-up awesomeness?”


Baekhyun snorts loudly. “That jackass. How dare he talked to me like that.”


You giggle a bit at that. “Admit it though, Baekgu,” you say, wiping the rest of your tears away with your own fingers. Your husband pulls away from the embrace to see the teasing look on your face. “You were scared, right?”


He pinches your cheek and scrunches up his nose. “That cocky Kris Wu doesn’t have you wrapped in his fingers so I think I don’t really have anything to be scared of, right?”


“You just said you were scared of losing me.”


“I said, I realized, not scared,” Baekhyun snaps back although his cheeks are going a bit red. “Try to actually use your ears and listen.”


“Don’t you use my own line on me!” You poke him on the ribs and he retaliates by kissing your cheek.


“Whatever~” he utters. “I have you and I win. Kris Wu zero, Byun Baekhyun one!”


“Yah~” you whine but it quickly escalates and turns into a yelp when Baekhyun sweeps you off your feet (literally) and carries you in his arms, bridal style. “I’m not a prize to be won, Baekgu!”


Baekhyun just laughs and you notice how you just easily fall more and more in love with him with that one sound. He carries you toward the bed, teasing you by purposefully almost dropping you to the ground so you can do nothing but shriek and clutch tightly to his neck.


When he gently puts you down to bed, peppering kisses alongside your jawlines before he ends it on your lips, he whispers, “You’re right. You’re not just some prize to be won.” When you kiss him again, deeper this time, he mouths his next words against your warm lips. “You’re a piece of my soul I can’t afford to lose.”


You pull back with narrowed eyes and wrinkled nose. “Can we make out without you being so gross?”


He smiles in a way that is too romantic and honest to be playful. “I love you,” he says, caressing your cheek with tender fingers before he leans in and whispers in your ear. “And Kris Wu can kiss my .”


You laugh out loud, slapping his chest and giggling underneath him. “You’re such an ,” you pinch the bridge of his nose just a second before you circle your arms around his neck and bring him down until your lips meet again. “But yeah, he can it. So stop feeling so insecure about yourself because there’s no one better than you for me out there—”


Baekhyun breaks off from the heated kiss. “I’m not saying he’s better than me,” he corrects, “I’m just saying that you always have the choice to leave if you don’t love me anym—”


You slap a hand against his mouth and he winces a little at the harsh move. “Mmm!” The skin of your palm muffles Baekhyun’s growl and his glare is intense enough to melt your entire hand.


With your other hand pushing his shoulder, you flip your position and press your weight down on Baekhyun’s stomach the second he falls on his back. You pin both of his hands down to the bed and straddle his hips until he’s locked under your grasp.


“Listen to me!” You say, tightening your grip around his wrists. “There is no way—no way in hell—I would ever want someone other than you. I’ve promised to stay with you for the rest of my life and that’s what I intend to keep because that’s what I want. There are no second guesses. I’m here, laughing, and crying, and screaming in frustration because of you and you only and I want to keep it that way. I will never trade you for anyone else. Do you hear me? Never.”


Baekhyun looks startled as if he just saw a ghost passing through his eyes.


“Do you hear me, Byun Baekhyun?” you ask again, making him realize that it wasn’t a rhetorical question.


He nods once.


“Say it.”


“Yes,” he says, softening his gaze and reaches up to your cheek. “Damn it, woman, that was a hell of a greasy speech you just gave me. And you call me cheesy? Really, Sweetheart?”


“Shut up,” you bite back before you kiss the inner side of his palm. “I hate you. Have some confidence in yourself, you .”


Baekhyun laughs like a child and you kiss him, wanting to have a taste of his joy. Carefully, he switches your position back, laying you down to the bed and presses his body down for an embrace without letting his weight crushes you down.


“I’m so glad,” Baekhyun whispers between kisses, “that you vomited on my shoes that night when we first met.”


“Me too,” you reply, giggling when he pecks the tip of your nose.


When Baekhyun’s hand travel down to your stomach and starts wander under your shirt, he realizes something important enough that makes him pull away from the passionate kiss.


“What?” you ask, frowning a little.


“Oh, I…” He chuckles out of awkwardness. “I was about to go and find some —”


“Oh, right,” you respond with an impatient sigh. “Sure, go ahead if you don’t want to see little baby byun pop out of my va—”


“—But then I realized I won’t be needing it,” he ends with a shy smile which is slightly unfamiliar to see it written on his face.


“You…” you find yourself gaping. “You mean we can—”


“Yes, yes,” Baekhyun hurriedly muffles your next word with another scorching kiss. “Just don’t say it. You’re going to freak me out again.”


You laugh against his mouth, feeling like you want to explode from having too much joy in your heart. “God, what am I going to do with you, Byunseung?”


“Not that nickname again!”



HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR! So yeah I've decided to stop being a troll and post this chapter today because you guys have waited long enough. Special shout out to kkiaahh for guessing that Yixing would team up with Baek against Kris. Hahaha you guessed correctly, my dear! Though deep down, Yixing loves and cares about his Ben Ben a lot okay~

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this chapter because I won't be updating for a while. I'll try and write another chapter for unnerving but I can't promise you that I'll post it within this week. Thanks for reading and please leave some comments when you have time :D SARANGHAEEEE~

ADDITIONAL NOTES: If you guys read Unnerving as well, you'd probably notice that the OC (Baekhyun's wife) here still hasn't noticed that Lu Han is back in Seoul yet. She doesn't know that her Lulu is now working together with Kris and Yixing. She'll find out later when she goes to Jeju with Baekhyun and decides to give Lu Han a call. You can read that part over here. Just a quick reminder so you won't be confused ;D Oh and also, I didn't have time to re-read this from the beginning so if there are some typos and grammatical errors please forgive me :'(

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