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Please Verify Your Age [M] Completed!

Trigger Warning
by purpleskies
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Tags   exo   kai   kyungsoo   kaisoo   | Report Content | A A A A

Please Verify Your Age - main story image


Kai, Kyungsoo, some EXO members


Do Kyungsoo likes to dwell on his dreams. He spends hours dreaming, finding them a better place than reality.

But what Kyungsoo fails to realize is that not all good dreams are what they seem to be.



"Aren't you the boy from my dreams?"
"Wow. That is the cheesiest pick-up line I've ever heard."
* * *
Author's Note: I'm just going to give up on writing a foreword on all of my stories forever. And a description for that matter. I don't want to write anything on it that might give everything away >.< So, yes, let me use that description for now.
This is KaiSoo. Because I love them. And this fic is rated M for mentions of drugs, sex and suicide. Also this is is angst *because I live off of KaiSoo angst*. So if you feel uncomfortable with these, you know what to do.
Grammar... still working on it. :( Really hoping I've improved over time. Any corrections, typos... you all are free to correct me ^^
Also, I wasn't going to mention this until I've reached a certain chapter but people have caught on already so yes, this has some Inception references ^^. Not a lot though, just the small stuff.

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untouchablehae861015 () says about chapter 16:
omygod i have no say in this holy crap it was so beautiful beyond words T A T i will just imagine baek and kyungsoo getting an apartment fit for 4 people and jongin and chanyeol living with them :')

Shibalyo () says:
This is so amazing! The plot, the characterisation... Ugh, I wish I can write like you Author-nim! You're Awesome!

missFAYLEY22 () says about chapter 16:
Omfg T_T the moment I've finished this hella awesome story, my heart is beating really fast because.. ;A; they've seen each other in real life, not just in Kyungsoo's dreams T_T even though I can't get enough and the ending left me hanging (yeah haha because I want more xD) I seriously want to say how awesome this fic is ;A; I love this fic, A LOT. Great job author-nim *le draw hearts xD*

kimchita () says about chapter 16:
This fict is just... wow. Seiously. Wow. The romance, horror, mistery, all of that, god. How can you be so creative about the plot and so great about the character author-nim? I envy you:( anyway this fic is the best. Thank you so much for made this story author-nim! Look forward for ur next fic;))))))

cosmicboy () says:
Wow. This fic is one of the most creative, imaginative, beautiful stories I have ever read- and not just in the exo fandom! How did you come up with the storyline??? I'm so curious ;;

Fulmileciu () says about chapter 16:
Just finished reading this story and.... wow. Really, it was so beautiful. Thank you so much for this amazing story <3

marieshiki () says about chapter 16:
aand now im here! these stories are just too good to put down for breaks.. im satisfied and all giddy with this ones ending.. everything is just perfect not a single question remains..although i was expecting the other members to have appearances XD but its okay since hunhan and baekyeol are there, i can imagine their side stories.. you did it again author-nim... kudos! ^_^

noona87 () says about chapter 16:
Wow! That was amazing! I'm so glad I found this fic! I feel so happy now. Thank you soo much!!!!

shaneukissexo () says about chapter 16:
PPS. I rarely comment on stories I read but as for this story.. I put all my feelings and thoughts. XD this fic deserves it. <3

shaneukissexo () says about chapter 16:
You are so amazing author-nim. T.T I loved Revolution and I loved this too. Your stories are unique and really great. At first, I had so many questions but as the story progressed, I finally understood it. It was really heartbreaking.. but very beautiful. Ughh. ;-; I really liked the ending. I thought they would NEVER be together because of the circumstances and I was heartbroken because of that. But when I finished the story, I was really happy. Reading this fic made me think that I'm not in the real world. I felt like I was in the story too. Everything is perfect about this story that I just want to cry. You're a REALLY awesome author. 738392625288463733936 claps for you ;-; Ps. Sorry for the long comment ._.

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