Nocturna Suppressio

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Do Kyungsoo likes to dwell on his dreams. He spends hours dreaming, finding them a better place than reality.

But what Kyungsoo fails to realize is that not all good dreams are what they seem to be.



"Aren't you the boy from my dreams?"
"Wow. That is the cheesiest pick-up line I've ever heard."
* * *
Author's Note: I'm just going to give up on writing a foreword on all of my stories forever. And a description for that matter. I don't want to write anything on it that might give everything away >.< So, yes, let me use that description for now.
This is KaiSoo. Because I love them. And this fic is rated M for mentions of drugs, and suicide. Also this is is angst *because I live off of KaiSoo angst*. So if you feel uncomfortable with these, you know what to do.
Grammar... still working on it. :( Really hoping I've improved over time. Any corrections, typos... you all are free to correct me ^^
Also, I wasn't going to mention this until I've reached a certain chapter but people have caught on already so yes, this has some Inception references ^^. Not a lot though, just the small stuff.


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KimHyunaTaeyeon #1
Chapter 7: When can i read the rest? I absolutly love it!
nesi0806 #2
Chapter 9: I spent my all night reading this and oh my little heart! It was beautiful ~

The fact that I couldn't guess where it is going, what will happen next was such a surprise as It is hard to find a story full of unexpected details ~ It kept me awake and curious ~

And oh those strawberry cakes ~ I cried for poor Kyungsoo at the first few chapters but no, real emotions were at the end ~ I was sobbing so bad when they find each other again ~

Thank you for such a good story author-nim!
dazzlingkai- #4
I found your fic yesterday and I've been reading everything in one go! When I tried to sleep, my eyes kept drifting back to this fic and I couldn't put it down (ironically) lol I had to compete it. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful masterpiece! I loved the way everything was written; the character growth, interesting/unique plot, intense build-up with lots of plot twists. This is definitely one of the best fics I have ever read, it was life changing. The only thing I'm a bit sad about is that I wish you'd write about their 'fists' in the real world. Like, I can imagine them gripping onto each other, to be finally able to touch, really touch, each other and the first kiss. But I'm glad you wrote 'Anchored to You,' for Kaisoo day so thank you for that :') It made me feel a bit more at ease.
100sad100 #5
Dear Author
I just wanted to let you know,that I really love this story,I really really do! It's so beautifully written and the subject is so perfect,how did you have this idea even?! All your stories are great I read all of them the complete ones and the on-going ones... I wanted to ask if you can explain what nocturna supressio means? Thank you so much for this I really appreciate you sharing this with us all,have a lovely day~
Exodus2K15 #6
This is one of my favorite kaisoo fanfics. What a rollercoaster, and thank you for making this. I really wish there was a sequel though. X
kimmml #7
Chapter 2: just read the first chapter and I alr like it, it feels like I'm in a dream too. beautiful :)
alamela040401 1 points #8
Chapter 16: WOW!!! this is just WOW!!! I just finished reading chap16 and it feels like it's not the end yet...that Kyungsoo's ending spill was just....whoa, thank you so much for this...this is a beautiful story worth another reading time :)... but, do you have plan of writing an epilogue for this, if I may ask? I know the ending was good and beautiful but I just feel like you can even make it great and more beautiful :D...(greedy much, me)... I'm sorry, I'm kinda like desperate to know how they lived outside their dream world... I just love this story that is why I crave for more but you need not to if you feel not like doing it...please write more, you have a great talent there...thank you again...God bless! :)