Soul Eater


Soul Eater AU


Author's note:

But also not entirely Soul Eater AU. Not everything in Soul Eater* is applied in this story. I made up and added a bunch of things.

No heavy . Only small mentions of it. And I don't know whether this belongs in the fantasy or supernatural category. Maybe in between. Definitely a love story. Don't let the poster fool you.

*Soul Eater is a manga and has an anime based off of it


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HunHanChanBaekKaiSoo #1
the character development was a++ and i must say i love every element of this story ♡╥﹏╥♡ *no need to point it out one by one * twas so beautifully written ~ thank you for writing this #blessed
MeAndSehun #2
Chapter 20: Oh gosh... This is one hell of a story and I have to praise every single part of each chapter because it is not just great and awesome but breath taking and made me go throw a roller coaster of emotions. Thanks for writing such a story with a wonderful plotline like this one. Good luck!
MeAndSehun #3
Chapter 7: My heart is seriously aching, I feel like I'm the one left in the dark and not Sehun.
sheakaluvsjungjihoon #4
LAboy25sz #5
Chapter 13: Amazing story author! Kudos!
I just love this! Oh i love this! It has action, romance, fantasy, mystery and a time frame i cant believe youve managed to do so perfectly! And its so sweet, oh so sweet...
Thank you for writing this. (And many other stories). 
Getting a chance to experience hunhans bond was just beyond my expectations and it has made me very happy! You, Purpleskies, have made me so chipper that you can never imagine how estatic i am!
Hope you keep writing, always. And i wish you luck!
alamela040401 #7
Chapter 20: I want to fall in love.... lol :) but seriously, I really do...I just don't know when...yay! :D

Anyway, thank you for this....I just love how you play with words that makes everything simple yet beautiful...I'll start with another one :)
Princess #8
Chapter 20: I've so far within 24 hours read all your hunhan stories. I'm addicted to your writing. I loved this fic so much. Soul eater was one of my fav Manga/anime.
The character development between the boys seemed so real I was really hoping they did get together in the end.
I'm happy that xing and lu moved on from each other.
Now I need more au of this. I was so bummed it ended so fast. Curse me for being glued to your fics
; - ;
Chapter 20: Oh my, I fell in love with this story so deeply, I just wanted to read more and more, can I have an anime of it? (★ω★) I would love it because, you know, Soul Eater is one of my favorite animes, I just love that fascinating universe and I've seen the anime three times (perhaps I'll see it a fourth time, reading this gave me a great desire to watch it again) and I must say that the details of the story inspired by the anime in question were very good, very original and with your own touch, it was very unique and I liked quite a lot the differences, it was very interesting reading it with all that and even with the development of the characters, you do it so well that I wonder how you get it ⊙_⊙
Luhan's development on this story it's beautiful, he grows and changes a lot during the course of the story almost without him himself knowing it and realize what he's feeling at the moment. Sehun also grew a lot, especially in relation to his meister, his goal and his feelings, he also became more adult and responsible but his stubbornness and defiance is still there x'D There were even times I hate myself for not knowing what to feel about LayHan, seriously, I almost wanted them to solve things between then because they seemed to be so in love but at the same time I just wanted Luhan to fall in love with Sehun really quickly and deeply, it was just so beautiful to see the development of the feelings of those three but I was sooooo happy at the end, HunHan's confession was, oh my, marvelous (*ω*)
I really enjoyed that little appearance of Make an Soul on that ceremony, you should have seen me almost crying like a fangirl just because of that small cameo of them but it would be awesome if Death The Kid was there too (but I've a feeling that the "Death" here may be him)
Well, what I really want to say with all is that you have created here a masterpiece, an amazing fanfic, thank you for sharing it with us author-nim, never stop writing HunHan for us, you're amazing (~_^)♥