The Walking Dead II: Ashes of Remembrance (REMASTERED)

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(Psychological thriller/Mystery/Drama)
The spin-off sequel to The Walking Dead: The Dead Among Us (REMASTERED)]

Lifting off ten years after the events of the first, this story would focus on a more weary and fatigued Taeyeon as the primary protagonist. With a hard blow to the head, a severe concussion and a cracked memory, she awakened in a grand hotel to a stranger who claimed to be a friend. It was up to her to piece back together the scattered shards of clues and uncover the truth of what actually happened. 

The answers lay within the lapses of time; the inaccessible depths of memory lane.

How would you decide what was real if you had lost your past?




This story is a COMPLETE rewrite, meaning I'm starting from the ground up, with a brand new plot and characters compared to the old TWD2. 

I have already begun rewriting this sequel and it should be ready by the end of this year. As per the first story, I'll write the entire story out first to be able to condense the story as a whole before uploading. Please be patient and subscribe to receive updates on the progress of this story as well as the release date :)

This story would improve upon the first in many ways possible too. As this series was to be one that was character-centric, there would be even more character development with an abundance of intimate and emotional moments that would shape their personalities, with a plot that hopefully would be even better than the original.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Jujeju #1
Chapter 1: YES! I’ve waited a long time, I’m sure I can wait a bit longer
KimTY_99 #2
Chapter 1: Patiently waiting, sensei. U v U
Chapter 1: Can't wait for it! I'll continue reading the first one.
P/S: 2018 , please come hurry. I wanna read your new story!!
Jujeju #4
Sooo... Jessica won't be here? Doesn't matter, I'll still read this, you're an amazing writer ;)
1 points #5
*subscribing right away*
KimTY_99 1 points #6
Kent weyttt
Chapter 1: Ok first chapter here i come. I just read the first walking dead! O_o and was soo shocked ! But yeah im also waiting for the remastered edition woohoo ! You go author!
jeonghanism #8
This was really good like the first one. :D Imma go read the last one now. :3