It's a SHINee Facebook


What happens when the members of SHINee create Facebook accounts? Chaos. 


I don't own SHINee or Facebook. Sadly.

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Warning: Unstoppable laughter will ensue. Be prepared.


Taemin sat on a nearby couch and watched as Key typed away on the keyboard. He sighed. Key, Onew, Jonghyun, and Minho were always on one particular webpage. What was it? Something book? Oh yeah. Facebook.



Lee Jinki The problem is really easy, Kim Jonghyun! I have 4 bottles

in one hand, and 5 bottles in the other. What do I have?

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            Kim Jonghyun A drinking problem?ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ           

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            Kim Kibum NO, you butthead! He has beer!

            about an hour ago · Like 

            Choi Minho ...

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keekala #1
Chapter 7: I literally just rolled off the bed, ran around and derped out in the front room before giggling to myself like a mad woman derped some more on my bed.

I am loving this so far, it's sooooo funny I stay laughing. I felt bad for Onew since they ignored his jokes but laughed when he yelled at them all.....poor eggplant

I look forward to reading the rest.
Rukia_Yui216 #2
Chapter 1: Years passed by and I'm still going back to this story to cheer me up xD
BaeLeeAhn #3
Chapter 6: so funny XD i'm glad find your story
blingershinee #4
Seems that its gonna be fun...
sandrajin4396 #5
Chapter 7: Whoa how did you add my username in this chapter??? Thats so cool O.O omo so many feels when I saw that
infinite7girl #6
Chapter 18: my feeellllllzzzzzzz ! i have so many feeeeellllllzzzzz !
rusticaura #7
Chapter 3: Lol I like it how Minho says "..." and he gets 24 likes for just that! XD
AthleticShawol #8
Chapter 11: This is super late but I'M A HUGE HARRY POTTER FAN.

Sorry, that was weird, but I just thought I'd mention that since you asked xD
RubyMoon123 #9
Chapter 5: OMG i love this. Hilarious! XD thank you, made me happy today :D
RubyMoon123 #10
Chapter 1: Hahaha xD that was pretty funny :)