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a whimsical, young romance with a touch of melancholy. Combined with the elements of mystery and morales, a story of growing and changing yourself. A tale of enchanting lies and beautiful scars.

ft. Minstal





the wing guide
  • wing 1 :  lost
  • wing 2: elegance
  • wing 3: whimsical
  • wing 4: changeover
  • wing 5: passion
  • wing 6: doubt

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ImAKpopLlama () says:
Can I just say how much I absolutely love this title!!! ^^
I hope you can start it soon :D

whitechocolatte () says:
Eeeeeeeeeeee I want to read the first chapter!!! <3

Yunikon () says:
can't wait for the story to start c:

sarxkyu () says:
not a minstal shipper,
but this sounds good so why not? ^^

ilovewufan () says:
please update soon :)

SMtownaddict () says:
looking at the title, it reminded me of To Kill A Mockingbird~

baekyeols () says:
Looking forward to it!

idticd () says:
oooooo looks interesting! :D

BabyXingXing () says:
Looking forward to it

minstal_1 () says:
Minstal <333

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