Touch of Fear

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Can a heart that is hardened towards this world love?


Park Ara hates rich people who don't know the toughness of life, but unfortunately she attends a prestigious school, that is filled with spoiled adolescents, with a scholarship because certain circumstances force her to do so. That is something she can still endure, though, by ignoring the existence of the other students. However, things change when her little sister transfers to the same school and falls for one of the so-called Kings of her school ...

While trying to save her little sister from a heartbreak, she's met with the those Kings more than she'd like.
Especially one of them. Before Ara can grasp what's happening, she finds herself doing something she has never wanted. Falling in love.

But can a heart that is hardened towards this world love? How can one easily trust another person after years of being cautious and suspicious?

A story about the struggles of life, and within it, a girl who can't afford to fall in love, and yet, still does.



Spin-Off: Bittersweet





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Started: January 3, 2013

Finished: July 30, 2013





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Author's Note
Hey guys! This is dreamyflower and here I am starting my next long story. Okay, I know I am not good at descriptions, but please bear with me, haha. The actual story is better, believe me. Since my main story Heart of Ice is ending soon, I decided to put up the foreword of my next big story first. This is not going to be like my fluffy shortstories with no plot and only romance, but it's not going to be like Heart of Ice and play in a fictional world and deal with politics, either. This will be a serious, yet romantic story with realistic aspects regarding life set in the real world. 
This story might seem very cliched and boring at first - because come on, how often have we come across a plot about rich kingkas and a poor girl mixed with romance and schoollife?
Too often, if you ask me -  BUT trust me, I will try to create a good pace, good development to make the cliches believable and unique in their own way. It's still going to be cliched, yes, but with little twists and development that will hopefully cause you to feel less as if you're reading and more as if you're living the story.
The idea is mine, but I don't own the characters besides my own. I put much effort into my story, so please don't plagiarise.
Hope you will enjoy it!
Subscribers and comments are always loved. ;)
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Park Ara






Oh Sehun




Park Hyejin




The 'Kings'





Attention: No, the main girl is NOT Krystal and her sister is NOT Yoona. I only used pics of the two of them because they can easily pass as sisters and both possess the features that fit my characters.



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min2me 0 points #1
Chapter 79: Wow.
I love you authornim!!!
The plot, characterization, setting and detail.. everything is awesome!

At first, i thought this is BOF!au.. but.. this is so different. This is TOF!au.. i love it.

I love how you make sehun and ara so different yet so perfect for each other. I love how their character and relationship develop in each obstacle.. i love them.

And hyejin. Thank you. With your mistake, sehun can see the uniqness in Ara.
But, i believe.. in another universe, even hyejin didn't make a mistake that night.. sehun and ara will mean for each other.

Thank you for making this fic!
min2me 0 points #2
Chapter 45: The last 3 chapter give me a heartbreak. T.T
0 points #3
Loved this so much. So well written x
ChoRaeHee #4
Chapter 79: I love this story. So well writen and beautiful <3
ChoRaeHee #5
Chapter 43: And theeeen i laugh. Lol such a tease
JiYanLee #6
I love this story
JiYanLee #7
I love this stories
tanshian #8
Chapter 76: Ugh this story is so amazing!! Reading long stories have never really been my forte but I managed to read ToF in less than 3 days =) Love you for writing this <3
toniluv #9
So the words finally sunk in the bully's head. Instead of reeking green eyed jealousy and herassing ara for his failures. He finally put on his big girl and work on his flaws. This is his senior year. Can't blame others out in the real world. Nothing is handed to him. Ara worked her arse off with her grades. Heck she's earning a living already working. What's he done with his spare time. Just a stubborn, pompous child.

Mr. Oh is right. He notice his son changes. Grew a back bone, honor his role n responsible, rational, young man. All due to this girl who showed her world as he gave a glimpse of his too. They understand each other. A good influence instead of distracting. Ara shows no signs being a gold digger. Even if mrs.oh bad past experiences left her wary of lower classes. It'll take time break down her walls and gain trust. For now leave mrs.oh be. She'll come around.. as for kia and gang yes it's good his friens inform ara about these shin dig parties. Ara took it well. Their life, love life path that leads them only up to them. For now they're happy and at peace. Good story by the way. Shame you left out luhan... did he finish his internship and moved on?
toniluv #10
Chapter 26: Here's something Poster 1 : and Poster 2 :